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  1. Me thinks if one , with a serious illness left off at at a foreign port, would nowadays get much sympathetic response , much less, help.
  2. It was a question. It seems, since many of the crew are food workers, they show the highest number being infected.
  3. My Dear Wife, who works with prevention care , also did not know what “MRB” meant. Please explain.
  4. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6911e2.htm Seems food workers were the main spreaders?
  5. WE are having a (big) issue. Imagine, taking a youngster to a fair, and then telling them cotton candy is not good for them. We are still thinking about cancelling our September cruise and are looking/waiting for more information/advice. I am sometimes accused of being "nonsensical" so disregard what I write.
  6. We have a long way to go, since our cruise is not until September. However, We have not yet received anything from Celebrity. Just hoping Celebrity is not bankrupt by then. 😯
  7. Jim, Thanks for your time and effort of posting this Celebrity information. We hope this all will pass come September.
  8. Who is “They”? (Sorry, but I have short-term memory loss)
  9. Thank you for the tip. I am sure it would be more convenient for my family to have my heart stop at home. 🙂
  10. Then it would be shame on us when they claim bankruptcy; a very common business practice.😎
  11. The “industry” has its own insurance, or, at least they should have. They will lose nothing.
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