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  1. We had one before they reclassified them as suites. Absolutely loved the cabin. I never have issues with motion on ships and did not in this cabin either. I did feel the movement a little a couple of times but it did not bother me. A few in my family who are not so lucky in these manners said they felt the movement more in the cabin but not to the point that they felt ill at all. What we did notice a few windy nights is you can get some wind noise being up front and so high on the ship where the wind hits some of the apparatus (horns, lights, etc.) outside the cabin. We have booked a panoramic cabin at the front corner of the ship for our next cruise in March again. Absolutely loved it and I am sure you will as well.
  2. Thanks for the review. We sail on the Adventure in March and are looking forward to it. You may not have seen the link I will post below regarding Vegan options in the MDR. But take solace in your experience with the issues you had about vegan options in the MDR. Maybe YOU were the ones who finally made the following decision for RCCL. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4313/
  3. If you have enjoyed your servers the first evening, you can always request the same table with the same servers for the remainder of the cruise. We have done this every cruise except one because it is nice to have the same servers. They get to know you, what you like, what you do not like. They will bring you or offer you what you may normally eat or drink without you having to ask for it. We also talk to the head waiter when he comes by on that first night usually and make special requests (for things not on the menu like cold soups) and he ensures that those requests are met every night after the first evening. The service and guest/crew relationships are one of the key factors in enjoying the MDR. The one time we were not happy with our servers we simply sat in a different section of the MDR the second night and were happy with those servers, so we requested that same table the remainder of the cruise. My Time Dining is the best in our opinion. We consistently have great service this way.
  4. As others have correctly responded (entire wave surface is open without a divider and you get to choose if you want to do stand up or ride boogie board). Additional info though - you decide when you get to the front of the line each time which activity you would like to do. However, to do try stand up, you must have a different band on your wrist (you used to get this by just signing a different waiver, however, it has been reported the past few months that you must "pass a boogie board test" before they will permit you to have a stand up band now - even if you have been riding stand up for a decade).
  5. We had what is now considered the Panoramic Oceanview Suite prior to it being reclassified as a suite. It was wonderful, both spacious and incredible views. You will enjoy it.
  6. Bailey's Banana Coconut (done RCCL style). https://www.shugarysweets.com/bbc-drink/
  7. There are websites where you can pay $1 for the website to monitor the pricing on a cruise for you. A friend of mine has used it and got a price drop that way. I personally just check daily myself. Only takes a few minutes of my time. I do not know for the websites that monitor price drops how often they check, if they email you right away or not, or even if they are capable of knowing discounts that apply to you (senior, military, kids sail free events, etc)
  8. As mentioned by Ourusualbeach, there are rooms from what I have seen on the Oasis class ships that hold 5. We have not been in one of them but I was curious how crowded they would be given the space of the cabin RCCL lists. We have a family of 6 and have traveled several times with RCCL in a single cabin. They do offer family cabins that hold six people. There are different variations on these cabins. They have interior, interior with a promenade view, oceanview, and panoramic oceanview (which are now classed as suites - we sailed in one of these before RCCL changed it into a suite designation). We have been in all of the types I listed above, except the basic interior family cabin. We find them very spacious and great for a family who wants to all be in the same cabin. To get pricing for any cabin for 5 or more people, you need to contact RCCL directly or have your travel agent do it. Their website does not permit booking a family cabin for more than 4 guests and does not show the total price for 4 or more guests in a single cabin. Another option we have done is put the children in a cabin beside our cabin (this give the advantage of having an extra bathroom, more privacy, and even more floorspace, though not as nice and open as the family cabins). Prices can sometimes be cheaper for 2 cabins than one of the family cabins depending on the particular cruise.
  9. We chose Oasis for our March 2021 cruise. The price was far better than Symphony and Harmony and the week we can travel (March 14th), we liked the western ports far more than those offered that week on the Allure (Eastern ports). We are excited to see the AMPing of the Oasis since we sailed her about 6 or 7 years ago. We also hope they ditch Cats, but if not, we will just skip the show and do something else.
  10. I feel sorry for all those in your situation. Only issue I see with grandfathering clause (which the government likely would not permit anyways) for those who paid could be that if the ship has 50% paid in full and 50% not, that means RCCL would have to run the ship half empty, which they obviously would not do.
  11. Must be distortion on the camera because the 2 photos were taken the same day in the same cabin. Taken with a GoPro or my Tokina 11-16 mm lens on a cropped sensor but put through a filter (guess it did not correct the distortion in that case but I never noticed in the past) Well because if you photograph it with a non-wide angle lens it looks like a regular interior cabin due to the limited field of view. The wide angle may distort in some areas but it really captures how spacious the cabin feels, not like a standard lens, which does not do the cabin justice. Felt a bit of motion there one night but did not bother me one bit. As mentioned, we did hears some wind noises 2 of the evenings when winds were strong.
  12. No need to purchase a lesson unless the lines get too long. Best to try it early (embarkation day). The lines typically just get longer the cruise goes on. Early morning sessions are often a lot less busy than the afternoon sessions. If you try it and do not like it, you do not do it again. If you like it, get out there early each day.
  13. If you like those photos, you may like these ones I took when we were in 1804.
  14. Just to confirm, you are referring to the Ocean View Panoramic SUITE (1854 or 1804) that can hold 6 as opposed to the Spacious Ocean View Panoramic cabin that holds only 4... I can only comment on the suite because that is the one that we have been in before. We LOVED the cabin. We had it prior to it being changed to a suite (much lower price and none of the suite benefits). I would love the opportunity to sail in that cabin again. 1 1/2 washrooms, sleeps 6, SO MUCH space, incredible view. I am the type of person who would not sit on a balcony since I am usually active around the ship and love the service eating in the dining rooms, so a balcony for me would not be money well spent (though I do realize many others live for their balconies).
  15. We did a 5 day cruise on the Navigator March 2018 and no lobsters were served. I asked about it and they told me they serve them on the 2nd formal night only in the MDR. Just passing along what they told me in the MDR (though you know you cannot always trust the messenger).
  16. They are served on the 2nd formal night. A 5 night cruise only has one formal night, so unfortunately you will not have lobster served on that cruise unless you pay for it.
  17. I just wanted to make a couple comments on your scuba experience in Barbados. I have dove those wrecks 3 times now. I have been certified for about 25 years now to dive. The last dive I did in Carlisle Bay was this past March with 4 of my relatives, including 2 of my daughters (15 and 10 years old at the time of the dives). They were both doing their final two openwater dives to complete their PADI certification. The five wrecks are really quite amazing for saying how close to shore they are and what you can find down there. Every time I go, I find hundreds of garden eels, so you must have been looking in the wrong spot. As for the method you mentioned to equalize the pressure, I was never told to put the tongue to the roof of my mouth, but that is just what I do naturally. It works really well. Now that I realize that is what I have been doing all these years, I will mention this to my daughters to try on their next dives. Thanks for pointing this out. As for the skill of removing your mask totally, I have never known any operator to have someone on a Discover Scuba program do that. They do have you let in a bit of water and clear it, but do not do full mask removals from what I know. Now, you do have to do that as part of your PADI training though. I have videos of my daughters doing it in 30 feet of salt water at the bottom of Carlisle Bay during their checkout dives. They were good for about 20-30 seconds without the mask but then put their heads back and took water up their noses, panicked and had to put the mask right back on. You are supposed to be able to do this for a full minute in open water at depth. I tried it myself while watching them, but truthfully it was the first time I had done so since being trained 25 years ago. I managed to do it, but definitely see how it makes many people uncomfortable. I am sorry to hear about all the issues you had diving there. I have always used Rogers Dive Shack for my 3 visits to Barbados and have been very happy all 3 times with Roger. It is nowhere near as luxurious as your facilities looked, but the service has always been top notch. He picks you up AND takes you back to the ship when you are done diving. The cab ride to Carlisle should cost $5 US per person each way otherwise. My 10 year old was very nervous doing one skill and in tears over having to do it (going to a depth of about 25 feet and having to surface with no regulator in your mouth while remembering to slowly exhale - a required emergency accent practice). Roger was FANTASTIC with her and took almost half an hour to work with her and encourage her until she finally did it. He is a great guy and I recommend you try diving with him if you decide to dive again in Barbados. Don't expect a 5 star facility, but you will get 5 star service with a decent boat, transportation included, adequate facilities, decent equipment, right on Carlisle Bay and there is a restaurant on site too.
  18. We have 1864 booked for an 8 day cruise on the Adventure for March 2020. The panoramic cabins are great but the larger ones have twice the amounts of windows. You will love them. Definitely one of the little "secrets" of knowing which cabin to book and booking early to obtain them.
  19. That is the exact area we snorkeled when we did Cosol's tour (twice). We saw neat stuff, but nowhere near the amount of amazing stuff that you took photos of. We did not have too long there on the Cosol stop, so maybe you had more time to search or maybe my eyes are not as good as your eyes. Like I said, I will have to dive there next time.
  20. Buy 2 in each port on the first leg of the B2B, turn them over to security when getting back on the ship each port, get them delivered to your stateroom on the final evening of cruise #1, enjoy all of them on the 2nd leg of the B2B.
  21. We will have to try Long Bay Beach next time we are there after your glowing endorsement of it (the reason we went to Blue Kay in Costa Maya and loved it). I know you can catch the #33 bus in Antigua from the East Bus station and it will take you out there for $1.50 per person each way. A really economical way to travel. I will also have to take another look at where you did your snorkeling in St. Lucia. I have done that there twice and never saw one-tenth of what you had in your photos. I would love to scuba dive the Pitons next time we are there. As for both your comments and those of the others following this thread on St. Lucia, we found the vendors close to the port to be extremely aggressive and we did not feel comfortable. The further away from the port, the less aggressive they were. That said, we walked to the market last visit and I assumed we would be mobbed and basically accosted there because we were tourists in an area I thought they were very aggressive. We actually really enjoyed it there. Got amazing deals on cheap (and tasty) spiced rum and fresh fruit. Loving the review by the way...
  22. These are the two beach we went to our last 2 visits to Antigua. Just to clarify...the first photo above here (with the water toys IS Darkwood Beach). We went there a couple years ago and there were no inflatables in the water when we were there. The beach when we went was pretty quiet, other than by that beach bar in the 1st photo above. We went further along Darkwood and it looked just like the 2nd photo above. We spent our day there. The 3rd photo is condos by the name of Tamarind Hills. You can walk along the boardwalk you see in the centre of the 3rd photo. Tamarind Hills looks incredible if you check it out for a week long stay. If you walk the boardwalk around Tamarind Hills, you end up on Ffryes Beach, which is the last photo above. We found that beech to be nice but too busy for us. If you keep walking to the right when facing the water, you reach Little Ffryes. It is much more remote and quiet. We spent our day there this past March and enjoyed it. A question for you. I was told to try a beach on the far side of the island opposed to the ones we have visited before. Looking at a map of Antigua, I think it was the beach at the Pineapple Beach Club. Is that the first beach you visited? The location looks familiar to what somebody told me.
  23. I have been waiting as well to see those 9 day sailings since Caribbean sailings - part 2 were released almost 2 months ago. RCCL never gives an answer to why they are missing - they have guessed...maybe it is chartered - all 4 of those sailings, maybe it is going in for a short drydock - 4 separate times with 5 day sailings in between each drydock, they will be released in the next week or so - that was 6 weeks ago. Clearly they have no clue why they have not yet been released.
  24. March 15th is the week of the Ontario school break week. Cost to fly to San Juan is not much more than Florida, so we found lots of people from Ontario on the Freedom the same week this past March, when we cruised that week on the Freedom. Guess you can blame us Ontarians for producing limited space on that sailing for you. Freedom out of San Juan was awesome by the way.
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