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  1. In our case we are actually hoping this is what happens. We have booked a return flight the day after our cruise arrives at Port but it is at 6 AM. I was not quick enough to get the 11 AM flights. Not looking forward to being up at 3:30 or four in the morning to get to the airport at our hotel. If they can buy in fights and most of the 11 AM flight I will be more than happy. I have to agree that Delta has been very good to us personally. Even when our cruise got cancelled due to Covid on a nonrefundable and credit only fair, I just called them to explain the situation and they refunded all of our tickets. This is one of the reasons we continue to fly with Delta if we possibly can.
  2. I will be sure to do so when we return. Right now we praying our Covid tests all come back negative and we have clearance to fly. So many hoops to jump through. I will be sure to report back with all the good, bad, and the ugly (hopefully very little of those last two) if we actually get on the ship.
  3. I have been talking to someone who lives in Curacao the past few days and they rely on tourism for their business. Both the Odyssey and a Celebrity ship (Summit I think) were there this past Wednesday after the policy was in affect. According to this person, the rule is for those flying into those countries. We are scheduled to be in Aruba on the 18th and Curacao on the 19th, if we get to board our cruise on the Odyssey on Saturday the 14th, so I guess I may have firsthand information for you after our trip.
  4. We plan to fly to Florida this Wednesday morning from Toronto and cruise on Saturday. I will be happy to report back after we complete our cruise. Now we cross our fingers and pray all our Covid tests come back negative. So stressful.
  5. We are booking our rapid test through Switch Health at Pearson. I called them and they said they are set up in a parking garage. Guess we will see when we arrive there. We are getting our tests done when we arrive at Pearson 3 hours prior to our flight. We will not have access to get them printed unless Switch provides a printout for us. Hopefully the digital copies are acceptable. We require the negative test 3 days later for our cruise, so that is the reason we cannot get our tests done prior to the day we have our flight unless we want to have another test done in the US, which we do not know how easy it will be to get with the number of Covid cases down there.
  6. So sad to hear this. We have our PCR tests booked for tomorrow to fly to the US for our upcoming cruise and I know we will be on pins and needles awaiting the results just like you were. Hopefully, you feel better and can get another vacation planned soon.
  7. I think a lot depends where you are located. Some people seem to be having a heck of a time booking a test and getting the results in the required 3 day window. I agree that for an inaugural cruise, it is basically crickets in terms of people reporting what it is like onboard. Hopefully, you and your fellow passengers report back here more often. I talked yesterday to someone on the Odyssey currently. He said that yesterday was only the 2nd time the bumper cars were operational in the entire cruise. We had 3 cabins in a row on Indy but when they moved us, the best we were able to swing was 2 next door to each other (for our August 14th sailing) and the 3rd one about 8-10 cabins away. This on a half empty ship. This is my biggest fear. My entire family is careful, masking, following rules, and as far as I know, entirely healthy. We are scared silly about getting our Covid tests early next week just in case one of our family tests positive and is asymptomatic.
  8. We did a 10-day New Year's cruise a couple of years ago on NCL. Port fees were about $60 if I remember correctly out of San Juan. It appears any cruise ship that touches the continental US gets hit with massive port fees.
  9. I have been talking the past couple of days to a vendor who lives in Curacao and she has been keenly keeping up with this new policy. She keeps updating us if there are any changes that will affect our visit to Curacao in August on our cruise. She keeps telling us that it does not apply to cruise ships, but only to those flying to the island. At this point, she appears to be correct because the Celebrity Summit and the Odyssey visited there days after this policy went into affect and passengers did not need a negative PCR test to disembark. We will be there in 12 days on our cruise, so I guess we will learn first hand if this is still the case. A lot can change in a few days the way things are going. I think you will be absolutely fine by October 2022 (we better be).
  10. From what I have seen, they will get you in the same type of cabin as long as they have enough of them on the ship you are being moved to. Since you are going to a larger ship, it should not be an issue. If going to a smaller ship, they need to get creative and I would be more concerned.
  11. We got the email for our August cruise weeks ago asking us to fill in the form for each of the six of us stating if we would be providing proof of full vaccination status, which I answered yes for all six of us. About 3 weeks later we got an email for one of us to arrange her PCR test upon arrival at the port. I called them and they apologized for the error. Someone had keyed something wrong on our reservation and they said to disregard the email and they look forward to seeing us August 14th.
  12. I can already tell you how that story ends. You’re back to back cruise in March 2020 was cancelledI can already tell you how that story ends. You’re back to back cruise in March 2020 was cancelled
  13. You and me both. We are still 12 days away from sailing, but I am sure there will be 5 or 6 changes before that day. I hope we both end up with outcomes we are happy with.
  14. We are booked on the Odyssey for March 2022, hopefully our 2nd time on the ship if all goes well.
  15. I am trying not to watch because I want to be surprised when I get to see it myself. With how much keeps changing, until I am actually on the ship, I will not believe it is going to happen.
  16. I think my answer should tell you exactly what you wanted to know. I booked the Brilliance for August 2021. When they moved that ship elsewhere, they moved our reservations to the August 14, 2021 sailing on the Independence (the specific cruise you are asking about). Then when the Indy got moved to Texas, RCCL automatically moved us to the Odyssey of the Seas. Currently we are set to sail on August 14, 2021 on the Odyssey. From our originally booked cruise, it is a massive upgrade. That said, the hoops we have had to jump through thus far have been exhausting to go on this cruise. We all just hope we actually get to sail on it and nothing else gets in our way of cruising on the 14th. I can also tell you that when the Indy got switched out, they kept the Aruba and Curacao stops. They removed Labadee and replaced it with Falmouth, Jamaica. About 3 weeks ago, they removed Falmouth and replaced it with a Perfect Day at Coco Cay.
  17. I am trying not to look at videos and photos of the Odyssey. If everything goes according to plan, we want to experience it first hand and be surprised 14 days from now. I still would love to see some cruise compasses though from the current 8-day sailing if anyone sailing right now sees this post and is able to share them daily.
  18. I just posted a final post on this issue in the main RCCL thread. Yesterday, I received a letter directly from the CEO's executive office addressed to me stating that my entire family is considered fully vaccinated and cleared to sail. We all have 2 doses of the same mRNA vaccine after the 42-day time frame that was being questioned. Another poster received the exact same letter and has posted it in a couple of the RCCL threads in case anyone is nervous and wants to take a copy with them in case they are questioned when boarding the ship. I hope finally getting a response from the top of the organization puts people's minds at rest about their vaccination status. It was unfortunate that the policy was stated on the RCCL website in such a manner that many of its supervisors misread it causing vast confusion. Hopefully, the wording of policies posted on the website will be vetted a little more closely to determine if the wording can be interpreted in different ways.
  19. As the individual who started this thread, I would like to post one final time to close this thread. The answer above is the one we were all seeking. Several people have posted Tweets here and on Facebook from Michael Bayley himself with the answer - thanks to all of you who have done this. I too received the same letter yesterday that is posted above. Personally, I feel much better and confident now though that I have a personal letter addressed directly to me from the CEO's executive office stating I am considered FULLY VACCINATED and welcoming me aboard. Twelve days until we fly from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale and 15 days until we board the Odyssey of the Seas. Thank you to everyone who participated in this thread and especially those who reached out to RCCL directly to help resolve this issue.
  20. Directly from the CDC website below - CDC considers us beyond 42 days vaccinated (and now Royal is acknowledging this as well after some initial confusion and permitting those beyond 42 days to sail if they received the same vaccine twice (mRNA). Interval between mRNA doses The second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines should be administered as close to the recommended interval as possible, but not earlier than recommended (i.e., 3 weeks [Pfizer-BioNTech] or 1 month [Moderna]). However, individuals who receive the second dose up to 4 days before or at any time after the recommended date can be considered fully vaccinated. That my friend is a mess and a bunch of whole different questions. I hope you can sail in November. I am sure some policies will align and work for you, but that is a lot of policies that will have to fall into place for you. Good luck. I got the exact same letter from a different individual at RCCL from the Executive Office. We are good to sail (again) on August 14th for us. Thanks for sharing this letter with everyone. I got the exact same response directly from Michael Bayley's office. As long as you have 2 shots, even after the 42 days, of the same mRNA vaccine, Michael Bayley and RCCL say we are clear to sail. I got it in writing directly from Michael Bayley's office. 2 doses of Moderna or 2 doses of Pfizer, even after 42 days are clear to sail as fully vaccinated.
  21. Absolutely true. We fall into that category of having a cruise booked 2 weeks from now, so we hope they make the changes sooner rather than later. What is frustrating is even the CEO of RCL stated publicly that RCCL considers those of us beyond 42 days fully vaccinated, yet the employees working under the CEO do not seem to acknowledge what their superior has publicly stated.
  22. not exactly. Those under 12 who are not currently eligible to be vaccinated are permitted to sail but they have to do all of the required Covid tests multiple times. RCCL will not charge if the individual is under 12 years of age (until those of that age can be vaccinated that is). If you are deemed unvaccinated (as it appears we are even though we all got 2 Pfizer shots months ago, they just happen to be a few days more than the 42 days RCCL is saying is permitted - otherwise THEY are considering you UNVACCINATED). You can still get on the ship BUT you have to pay for a PCR test before coming to the port and it has to be negative. You have to pay RCCL for them to conduct 3 tests on you for a cost of about $175. You must also pay for extra travel insurance and provide proof to them. You cannot get off the ship in most ports unless you pay RCCL and are restricted to their shore excursions only. And on top of all that, you are restricted on where you can go on the ship and what activities you can participate in. Basically it means even if you followed your country's vaccine protocols, RCCL is making you pay an extra $500 or so and limiting what you can do, even if the CDC says you are considered fully vaccinated.
  23. I know how you feel. We are FULLY vaccinated with a single accepted vaccine as well and are upset we are being told that they consider us unvaccinated. We cannot afford to pay for all those extra tests for a family of six, still to be treated on the ship as unvaccinated.
  24. At this point, unless they change their minds, you will be considered unvaccinated for all 5 of your cruises, be treated as unvaccinated, segregated an be corralled with all the unvaccinated people, and have to pay for all of the required testing and take out additional insurance policies...all for being double doses with Pfizer like Royal told us we had to. July 31st on the Odyssey. Inaugural cruise with paying passengers. They said if you are considered unvaccinated, you have to pay for all the testing and find supplementary insurance as well. Nothing was mentioned that I am aware of about a refund, but my understanding is you can still request a refund since they changed the terms of the initial agreement. That said, you are still out for flights and other non-refundable expenses if you take this option.
  25. Well, here is your daily update. The person I know sailing this Saturday from Florida just received a call after he was told this morning they were meeting to discuss the matter. They just told him (again) now that for this weekend's cruise HE IS considered UNVACCINATED because his Pfizer shots were more than 42 days apart. They say talks with the CDC are still ongoing. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere after Michael Bayley himself said that we are considered fully vaccinated, this happens...
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