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  1. and this one appears to only be cruise ships....http://www.thecruisevillage.com/live-cruise-ship-tracker.phtml
  2. This website shows where all ships are. You will even see private ships/ferries, etc if they are registered. http://www.***********/cruise-ship-tracker/ Becky
  3. This is exactly what we did, as I was waiting on our new passport cards. I checked in online with my birth certificate and then edited it later when the passport came in. I did the check-in early for the same reason mentioned....so you can choose an earlier check in time. However, if you are doing FTTF it won't matter, you can go whenever you feel like it. Becky
  4. Good tip! I will do that and if they do it correctly, they too will get a good tip! :-) Becky
  5. I'm good with that, I just really want to room access faster so we can set down our carry on and head up to the lido deck. Becky
  6. :):ship:Thank you everyone! I logged completely out of my carnival account, then logged off my computer and then restarted it. I was able to get the boarding pass with the logo. I think my computer just kept opening a cached version of the document, that's all I can figure, but I have the FTTF logo on my boarding passes now. :-) Becky
  7. Thanks, I will do that, just wanted to make sure that there was supposed to be some sort of designation. Becky
  8. They didn't change. It did generate a new tag, because the small date in the corner indicates the print date, but it doesn't say anything about FTTF on it. Maybe I need to try from another browser. Becky
  9. I actually have a couple questions. I purchased the FTTF AFTER I checked in on line. I see a boarding time on my documents for 12:30-1:00pm. I've never used FTTF so I'm not sure, do I also get priority boarding, meaning I don't have to wait until the 12:30 time. Also, how will they know to get my luggage to my cabin faster, my luggage tag does not designate FTTF on it. Sorry if these have been answered before, I did try to search but found info that did not address these 2 items. Becky
  10. I totally agree with this statement. After each cruise I say I am not going to go again because I can't deal with the sickness afterward. Of course, it's like pregnancy, you forget it and go another round. This will be cruise number 8 for us. Incidentally, several years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor on the cranial nerve the controls balance, this probably makes it worse for me. Becky
  11. Its about a week for me. I once read that if you are susceptible to it, it will get worse with each cruise, but that has not been the case for me.
  12. The 10/21 sailing for the Conquest is out of Port Everglades, not Canaveral. Everglades is very easy! Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk
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