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  1. Shame there are no self-service iron or washing facilities on board RC ships. P&O have a laundry which you can use at your leisure. It's really just another money making exercise for RC!
  2. I'm on this cruise too, just planning what to pack and trying to decide quite how formal to go on the formal nights. I am trying to decide between suit and tux, I assume suit is allowed in the MDR.
  3. We have requested Kosher meals in the past but as we're happy to not always eat meat we are comfortable with vegetarian or fish. I do find that it's in the Windjammer that things get more difficult, by and large in the main dining room they are very good.
  4. That's good to see. I stick to a Kosher diet so can not have any of the meat and only certain fish are permitted so food can sometimes be a challenge. My particular gripe is when it comes to dessert and whether or not items contain gelatine. A lot of the staff onboard the various lines we've cruised have been a bit clueless around this, but in fairness RC seems to be the best of the lot (Princess were excpetionally bad in this regard!).
  5. Following this keenly as we sail on Indy straight after you on the 27th.
  6. Ah ok, sounds good. Did you add photos for your whole party via the app? I added mine but as the others weren't with me at the time I couldn't add theirs and there's no nowhere to add them via the app (seems I can add them via the website checkin though). Just wondering if lack of photo for all of us will slow things down.
  7. We're on Indy at the end of July (27th) so following this with interest. We have expedited boarding and I am wondering how good it will be. We're planning to arrive around midday (driving down from the Watford area) so not sure what queues will be like at that time anyway. I ready that you get expedited boarding so long as you check in via the app. Wouldn't most people do this if offered? Really excited for our first time on Indy
  8. Hi all, I know RC generally put a room aside for a Friday night Jewish Sabbath Service but I'm sailing on the Explorer in a few weeks and wondered if they also did this on sailings which start on a Friday. Does anyone know if they do or not?
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