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  1. OK, got it. THANKS! Long-time cruiser, but first time in a suite for us, so trying to fully understand the perks ahead of time. We're flying in the night before & probably won't bother bringing water if we can get it in the lounge.
  2. Sorry, guys. One more question. We have an early flight after our Harmony cruise next week & I was wondering if suite passengers get any kind of priority disembarkation privileges if they're doing express walkoff, or do we just line up in the usual line?
  3. Thanks, Bob. I thought it was included, but I drink a ton of water & wanted to be really sure.
  4. Leaving on Harmony on Sunday & just want to make sure I'm clear on this. Will I be able to get unlimited bottle water all day in the suite lounge? We'll be in a grand suite. Thanks!
  5. But keep in mind that if the price drops, you will get the perks associated with that price at that time...you wouldn't keep all 3 perks unless the "new" price included all 3.
  6. Found them. Thanks so much, Tracey!!!
  7. Will be on a Harmony 7-day cruise shortly in a grand suite. Just wondering if the dinner menus in Coastal Kitchen change daily or if they get repeated. Tried to do a search but couldn't find the answer. Thx.
  8. Thanks everyone. Investigating. Looking at Hampton.
  9. Thanks! Haven't been on the RCCL board in a while...congrats on becoming a Host!
  10. Will be in a GS on Harmony this summer & have some questions. Do I need to make reservations for any shows? I think I read that I need one for the comedy show...is this the case? As far as CK, I can just make reservations onboard? Is there a menu of the drinks available in the suite lounge? Can I get bottled water in the suite lounge all day long? We'll be stopping at Coco Cay...what are the suite perks available there? Any other tips would be appreciated!
  11. Thanks, Bruce. Get the feeling Uber/Lyft will just be easier.
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