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  1. Thanks. We are considering sharing w/my brother & I don't think the curtain will cut it for is when he rolls in at 2am or whenever...
  2. Just want to make sure I've got this right. We were in a GS on Harmony & there was an actual wall separating the living room and bedroom with a small curtain to enter the bedroom. From photos it appears that on Oasis it is one big room and I believe there is a curtain to pull that could separate the two areas. Can someone confirm this is the case? Thx.
  3. Yes, it is less than 2 BR GS. We have one room via casino, so two JS's wouldn't be an option.
  4. So, do you guys think a crown loft is our best bet? Doing this thru casino & would prefer a 2 BR GS, but they want too much $$ as an upcharge.
  5. Yes, that seems to be our best option, although I'm concerned b/c my brother, who would be sleeping downstairs comes in really late & I'm wondering how much light we'll get upstairs. Thoughts?
  6. Wondering....how "dark" does the bedroom stay when someone has the lights on in the lower level? I know this may sound weird, but we're considering sharing w/my brother & he's a night owl & I'm wondering if we'll get woken up every night when he comes in late. Thx.
  7. Just realized the aquatheater suite will def not work for us. Bathroom access is in bedroom area. Trying to find a suitable suite for 3 of us & it's proving to be difficult. The grand suite on harmony was great because the bedroom really was sectioned off from the living room mainly w/a wall. On Oasis it's a curtain. Ugh.
  8. Looking for opinions on which is preferable. Thx!!
  9. I just want to make sure I'm clear on this. My 5/10 cruise was cancelled. I opted for the 125% future cruise credit. Is it correct that if down the road I decide not to take another cruise I'd get my original amount paid refunded? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. Of course, the bookings I'm looking at were made prior to June 1, 2019.
  11. Can someone confirm that the required number of shares is 100? Also, is it combinable with onboard booking bonus and a perks benefit (e.g., 2 perks)? What isn't it combinable with?Thx.
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