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  1. Wow....ridiculous. Eclipse cruise in October (7 days) is up $300 with 2 perks instead of 3 (with NRD).
  2. Thx for posting. Will have my dad call credit card co.
  3. Thank you for posting. UGHHHH...I booked my dad on a WOW flight in May.
  4. Thanks. It's the Eclipse. LCG is the only specialty we like, so if we downgraded to balcony, we would just stick w/MDR. It's only a 7-night cruise, so not a big deal. I think we're going to stick with aqua for now & would only downgrade if the price differential becomes too great to pass up.
  5. That's my dilemma. Frankly, I'm not all that impressed w/the specialty restaurants (except Lawn Club), so wondering how much I'm going to prefer Blu over MDR, if at all. We are not Persian Garden ppl & frankly we're fine w/the buffet for breakfast. This all being said, I guess we won't know til we try it. Appreciate the responses.
  6. Thanks, Alsmez. That's my dilemma. We're at just over $25pp per day as the differential. Just not sure if it's worth it.
  7. Just curious. Have never cruised in Aqua class. What is the most you would pay for that upgrade on a daily basis?
  8. OK, thanks everyone. The rep eventually said the same thing...that I could take advantage of price drops.
  9. If you choose a non-refundable deposit & there's a price drop prior to final payment, can you still take advantage of the drop or are you "locked in" to the rate once you do a non-refundable deposit? Oddly, I'm on the phone w/Captain's Club & they're not even sure.
  10. We just stayed at the Cambria & it was fine. Shaq is the manager & he was great, so see him if you have any issues.
  11. Thanks, DENIE. I'm not overly concerned! If we eat there twice, that's fine w/us!
  12. Thanks, Denie. Do you remember what the discount was for Lawn Club? Interesting that they gave you a discount a day in advance! Honestly, I'm not all that worried...the 3-night pkg for our cruise is 129 online & at 45/night (full price), that's 135 for 3, so there's zero incentive for me to book a pkg ahead of time.
  13. Funny, I did read your post about regretting buying 6...forgot that was you. Also funny...we were on the REF TA & bought the 4-night pkg & somewhat regretted that b/c, like you, we found the MDR to be particularly good. We agree that Tuscan has gone downhill.
  14. Thanks, Turtles06. Yes, we love the Silhouette & Lawn Club is the only specialty restaurant we'll eat at, so we're quite familiar! Since they screwed around with the package pricing, it dzn't even make sense to buy it ahead of time, so I'm holding out.
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