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    Rome Cabs vs. Rome Cab

    Last June we also used Romecabs (Stefano Costantini) for our Rome to Civitavecchia trip. Our driver, Gianluca, promptly picked us up from our hotel near the colosseum (Hotel Paba) and drove us to the port. He was very courteous, friendly and gave us his very interesting insights on Roman daily life through our one hour trip to Civitavecchia. If you want reliable service, go with Stefano's Romecabs! Ariel

    Volcano in Iceland

    With the Travelex policy I purchased April 16 for our July 1-16 cruise, the policy clearly states "Inclement Weather: means any severe weather condition that delays the scheduled arrival or departure of a Common Carrier." Hi Terry, Based on Travelex' website, they will cover claims due to "ash cloud travel disruptions" but only for policies purchased on or before April 14, 2010. Click on the link below, then click on "Iceland Volcano Eruption." http://www.travelex-insurance.com/ Ariel

    Warnemunde info

    Hello Heinbloed, It's me again. I have planned our itinerary based on your very helpful posts. We're thinking of leaving Warnemunde before 09:00 so we might have more time in Schwerin and Rostock. Can you please take a quick look at it and point out any mistakes I might have made? 1. buy single tickets (S-Bahn) at Warnemunde ticket machine for trip to Rostock. 2. buy Landerticket from the same ticket machine at Warnemunde. 3. dep 08:22 Warnemunde arr 08:43 Rostock hbf 4. dep 09:07 Rostock hbf (RE train) arr 10:14 Schwerin Mitte 5. Using your walking guide we walk to Schwerin Castle and explore the city. 6. dep 15:48 Schwerin Mitte (RE train) arr 16:51 Rostock hbf 7. buy tram tickets (also using your guide) and explore Rostock. 8. dep Rostock hbf 18:51 (S-Bahn) arr Warnemunde 19:01 Is there a train schedule for the S-bahn between Warnemunde - Rostock (and vice versa)? Thanks again in advance, Ariel

    Warnemunde info

    A very big thanks to you Heinbloed!

    Warnemunde info

    Dear Heinbloed, We're arriving at Warnemunde (NCL Sun) on 7 June 2010 (Monday) from 7:30 am until 10:00 pm; and we need help with our train itinerary: We plan to leave Warnemunde around 10 am and go to Schwerin. We'll probably need around 3 hours in Schwerin. On our way back from Schwerin, we would like to stop at Rostock for a few hours ( 2 to 3 hours). From Rostock we go back to Warnemunde. There's 3 of us (2 adults and one 14 year old daughter). Thanks in advance for your help. Ariel

    Just back from London

    Thanks, and yes I'm aware that I'll have to stop at London Victoria Coach Station and get another bus from there to Heathrow. I'd like to know how early I can get off the ship so I could make my Heathrow 4:35 pm flight. If the ship arrives in Dover at 5:00 am, do I have enough time to make the 4:35 pm flight using National Express? or should I simply get the NCL shuttle straight to Heathrow? Ariel

    Just back from London

    We used the National Express Bus to get us to Dover and Back, and for the 5 pounds a person price, it was the best bargain we had. Len Hello Len, We're going on this cruise next year (NCL Sun, June 2010) and like you, are planning to use National Express from London to Dover and back. The NCL Sun returns to Dover at 5:00 am and our flight out of Heathrow is at 4:35 PM. If we do self disembarkation (we're planning to travel light), how early can we get off the ship? Is there a special procedure we need to follow to do this? Are taxis to Dover bus station readily available from the cruise terminal? Thank you, Ariel