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  1. If you know a beautiful Ukrainian girl named Liia that works as an assistant waiter in the dining room, please give her our love and tell her we hope to see her soon.... THANK YOU
  2. No, Caribbean, if it makes any difference..
  3. We booked standard balconies. The guy was apparently new, and didn't quite "know how to do his job". In essence we got screwed. We have moved past it, and know better now. Just as easy and beneficial to book when we get home..
  4. When we booked onboard in October, we were not given a choice about deposits, it was non refundable or nothing, and definitely NOT cheaper deposit. $250.00 per person, per cabin. Booking a cruise for 10 people, got expensive in a HURRY
  5. On our last cruise, you had to be 21 or older. I don't know if it was just that cruise, or standard policy. May want to check on age restrictions..
  6. Hyatt Place, near the Embassy Suites is fantastic.. PLenty of shops and places to eat.. Not to mention Top Wine is a short walk away..
  7. You do realize, that you aren't in the Country of Haiti, per say. You are on a PRIVATE island owned by the cruise line.
  8. It was worse than that on the Freedom TA in October.. We are not appreciated as we once were.. Sad...
  9. 2018 is on Crown Princess 27 January, 6 days, 5 nights. You should join us...
  10. Sorry we will miss you, but I have to say "Go Cocks"!! CAN'T wait until football season again. Hoping Muschamp can build on last year's successes...
  11. 6 days / 5 nights on the lovely and luxurious Crown Princess! More than 4 days..
  12. Are you aware that they have another one January 2018??
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