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  1. They seem to make any changes harder than it needs to be. I won't use them again either.
  2. The only time I was declined, was because I was attached to a group. My Vegas has become VERY restrictive. Almost to the point of NOT worth it anymore .
  3. You get them on a CD or Thumb drive and walk off the ship with them.. You can alaso download them directly yo your email account.. It's rare that people order prints any more
  4. We were on the Ovation in October and the Harmony in December. Both cruises were Junior Suites. AT NO TIME were we turned away from Coastal Kitchen. We dined early, we dined late. I am puzzled by all the differing issues..
  5. Funny, we just got off the Ovation of the Seas. We were in a Jr Suite and ate there nightly. All we had to do was make a reservation.. Hmmmmm
  6. mbayley@rccl.com explain your situation to him. He should be able to get the ball rolling.
  7. SEVERAL years ago, we were summoned to the naughty room. They had mistaken my facial astringent for alcohol. They wanted to confiscate it. I asked them to smell or taste it. I told thrm to keep it, but the ship woild buy me a new bottle at the Clinique store on the ship. They finally leyt me keep it..
  8. I've seen this video. I was looking for someone with "firsthand experience" in the room, on the OVATION.. Thank you for sharing the video though..
  9. They are doing the same thing you have, Bill, PAYING FOR A PERK. I am not sure what your fuss is all about. I am Diamond Plus, but I don't feel in anyway offended....
  10. We just upgraded to this cabin. Has anyone had it before, and does anyone have a review they would like to share??
  11. Thank you.. They did permit it, and other cabanas had more people than we did. Gotta love the "Rules Police"...
  12. It's nice to know you ASSUMED I broke the rules.. Common sense ditates you should PRESUME that it was ok with the ship's excursion desk, BEFORE stepping off the ship... I asked prior to booking the cabana. I confirmed it onboard. Perhaps, you should take your attitude elsewhere....
  13. I have to disagree. We have had 10 people in our cabana, everyone got a wrist band. 9 adults and 1 child....
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