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  1. Cancelling and rebooking. My DD has type 1 diabetes, with recommendation from her doctor, we decided to cancel/postpone. The idea of possible quarantine, although unlikely, has severe implications as well.
  2. Maybe not applicable, but, the night we are scheduled for the steakhouse on our upcoming cruise frog legs are offered as an appetizer in the MDR. Any chance of asking for the frog legs as an app?
  3. We sailed on the Starward in 89 and 90, both out of San Juan. first time having a port hole. Our first cruise was on the Southward for our honeymoon, we had an inside cabin. Our ports of call on the Starward were Aruba, Curacao, Tortola and St. Thomas for both cruises. I would have to say that those two cruises were our most memorable. We were invited to dine with the Captain on both cruises. During the 90 cruise we went though a tropical wave and "the tiny ship was tossed" and we had to bypass Tortola. People were really scared and several had their life jackets on. I talked to the first officer and he told me how high the seas were running, just don't remember now what he said. The best thing about those cruises was the size of the ship, so small, you really got to know fellow passengers as well as crew. The captain on our 90 cruise was a relief captain, he was on our flight out of San Juan, we chatted with him at the airport.
  4. I didn't know that we could wear snorkel mask in the serenity hot tub, that's going on my to do list 😆
  5. We cruised on the Southward as well for our Honeymoon, August 24th, 1986. We had an inside cabin on the Boat Deck (inside cabins and suites). Really enjoyed the small ships of the time. You could meet so many people and the crew and staff were so approachable. We also sailed on the Southward out of LA for our last cruise before kids.
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