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  1. Was anyone successful in getting the airfare promotion transferred to their new sailing if you opted for the FCC credit? Thanks.
  2. @Ukigirl I read this thread a couple of weeks ago and it thoroughly put a smile on my face then. I just read it again and it brought so much joy in these dark days. For your creativity and amazing attitude, I say thank you.
  3. Going back through the historical data for the Service/Gratuity charge increases, this typically occurs in April of the last few years. Does anyone else think that this trend will continue into 2020? I currently have one sailing not locked in for the current year service charge rate, so just thinking I may want to do that just to get in front of any potential increase.
  4. I don't think the ingredients are unique to the water being in the can. I like Dasani and the "plastic" bottle has the same ingredients as the OP posted. However, since I have not tasted the product in the can before I will not dispute that the taste may be different than in the plastic bottle. "Purified Water, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, Salt" Minerals added for Taste.
  5. Just did this itinerary and ship in Sept 2019 and can't wait to go back. Very busy itinerary and long days, but worth every minute to me!
  6. @MadamG2U, I have a similar offer that came in my email, but it is R201RCL104/Variable. If it helps my offers were for OV-JS depending on the Ship and sail date. It also has a Trade in value so your offer could very well include both of the categories that you referenced. Good Luck
  7. Yes, sorry... We ended up crumbling it and putting on our salads. lol
  8. My "Thick Cut Bacon" was a "Thin piece of Gwaltney"... sad
  9. We had a similar experience on the HOS in July. Each cabin had to call customer service and give "permission" to have the other cabin/people linked. Once all of the affected cabins called in and gave authorization, we were able to book shows, dining, and excursions.
  10. Hi and thanks @mariemacdonald; sorry to ask, but how do I access the attached. I have also called them, but there system was not allowing her to send me the list at this time.
  11. Can anyone assist with finding sailings for this offer code? R191RCL1204 VARIABLE
  12. Not sure what the gratuity % is, but if the gratuity is 20%, could the math be $20x14= $280 * 20% gratuity to get to the $336?
  13. For Royal Caribbean, unless something has changed since July, 2019, as long as the heating pad has the "Automatic Shutoff" feature, you can bring onto the ship. You will need to contact special needs and have your cabin steward bring you an extension cord. I was able to do this on the Harmony with no issues. Just make sure that the pad is in your carry on. Here is the a copy of the email confirmation I received from special needs. (representative name redacted for privacy). I have not had any issues on Norwegian bringing onboard either. Not sure which line you are sailing with. Good Day, As we discussed in our phone conversation today you are allowed to bring heating pads onboard that have an automatic shut off switch, this must be indicated either on the heating pad or on the box that the heating pad come is in. Kind Regards, -Access Advocate Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara Club Cruises
  14. We departed for Barcelona in September on Thursday night for a Sunday sail date. We arrived in Barcelona around 9 Friday morning, which gave us 2 days to enjoy Barcelona. I booked our air separately for NCL, but two families in our group did NCL air, and we all arrived around the same time. They requested 2 day, but made sure to make it known that they wanted to depart on Thursday because of the time change.
  15. My apologies if I was not clear in addressing the T & C , which was addressed at the time of our meal with the server and subsequent manager. Ignorance of the Terms was "not" our issue. Your point is well taken with regards to the T & C and the inconsistency of applying, (which I addressed with the Manager) however, said Manager stood her ground and this was not the hill I choose to fight for my evening meal. At a point it was just an awkward interaction and not worth the energy. The next time I may try the approach of other posters and just order them and dispute if charged and avoid the question all together.
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