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  1. My apologies if I was not clear in addressing the T & C , which was addressed at the time of our meal with the server and subsequent manager. Ignorance of the Terms was "not" our issue. Your point is well taken with regards to the T & C and the inconsistency of applying, (which I addressed with the Manager) however, said Manager stood her ground and this was not the hill I choose to fight for my evening meal. At a point it was just an awkward interaction and not worth the energy. The next time I may try the approach of other posters and just order them and dispute if charged and avoid the question all together.
  2. This must be ship and server specific as this was not my experience on the Epic 3 weeks ago. Our Cagney's server started our service with an announcement (unsolicited) to the table that under the SDP we were allowed 1 app, 1 salad, 1 entree and 2 sides and 1 dessert. This was not a platinum meal nor did she ask. Then only other specialty restaurant that we visited was Teppanyaki and we have not had any inconsistent experiences, Starter, salad entree and dessert. So I am not sure what makes the dining experiences different but that was my experience on board that particular ship and sailing.
  3. Just thought I add that on our Epic Mediterranean a couple of weeks ago, we were only allowed 1 entree, and 2 sides at Cagney's with the Specialty Dining package.
  4. I think we will err on the side of caution and go with the long pants.
  5. I understand no shorts, but I call what the picture of "man" on the left long shorts.
  6. I found this picture on the internet regarding dress. I am really interested if someone could help me with what the men in our tour group should wear to visit the Vatican.
  7. Who knows... maybe that is the point. They get the raise cabin prices across the board for everyone whether the opt for air.
  8. I looked there as well and only have a 20% off offer and that is usually only $100 for me.I feel like the air is really pushing up the cabin rates at least for the sailings I have looked at.
  9. i can’t remember the last time I saw an OBC promotion. Have they offered this in conjunction with the air at all?
  10. Just off of the HOTS in July on a Western Caribbean itinerary and booked a Port Side Cabin. The ship backed into every port including Coco Cay so we ended up not having any port views. Since we are taking an Eastern sailing on this same ship next year, I asked if this was a feature of the ship because of size. Several workers said it varies based on the current of each sailing. I left my current cabin selections port side for the upcoming sailing and will hope for a different outcome next time.
  11. This was operating hours for Western Caribbean on HOS last week. This did not match the hours that were on the app.
  12. I had an occasion when I arrived too early to check bags at the airport. It may be a good idea to make sure that this is not an issue.
  13. I will definitely be on the lookout. I wish that CC still had a way to PM... 🙄
  14. Hi Trish, It looks like we may be on the same sailing and I am also new to RCI Casino comp and sailing Sunday on HOTS in a comp Jr. Suite for the first time with them. Although I haven’t sailed with them yet, I am supposed to be receiving the drink card and benefits of Prime status with the internet. I called about the rate and was told told it is 30% off the ship rate (whatever rate that is) but if I wanted to book the sail rate in my profile and if the rate onboard is cheaper, that I could cancel the first day and purchase at the lower rate. Unfortunately I actually need to do some work on this trip I will need access, so I purchased the Voom and will see if what I was told pans out. If not, no harm no foul. Because I normally do CAS on NCL, I am still trying to get the lay of the land with their program.
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