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  1. Hopefully you are right 🙏 we are calling again tomorrow!
  2. I did too! All they did was move my reservation to the date I requested and showing balance due for the price difference insane resolutions say they are working on it? Who know what will happen at this point not totally even sure what is going on! I will keep all posted!
  3. I am having Tremendous problems trying to lift and shift from 9/4/2020 10 nights to 8/27/2021 9 night should be a no brained still working hard to get this handled as I know others have succeeded? If anyone knows the key to success please let me know. right now we are in resolutions department what ever that means they are supposed to call us back?
  4. Success! We where able to Flip to 8/27! Pain in the xxx but Finally made it happen... If anyone is having issues do not give up! Ask for resolutions department be demanding they are doing it just making you go thru management
  5. Keep trying if you already have not done anything we where able to flip and switch our 10 night Equinox (9/4)to the 9 night (8/27)! A lot of going from manager to manager but it happened and we are booked for next year. Ask for Resolutions department!
  6. Equinox 9/4/2020 ABC to 8/27/2021 Equinox 9 night missing the key. There is not another cruise ABC next year for the booked 10 day. Same boat, almost the same exact time? CRAZY.....
  7. I have to move our cruise from 9/4/2020 to 8/27/2021, all Celebrity says is "No". Waiting fa manager to contact me but wondering if anyone has had any luck doing this? Have 3 rooms booked with all four perks and really would love to Flip to the 9 night. Not sure they not allowing us to do this? The prices are up more than 25% and only 2 Perks. Totally not fair at all... not sure what to do next.
  8. Let me know if you are able to do that, I have been trying to all day... Was told no several different people now I am waiting for a manager from resolutions to call me?? They really should let us Flip to next year 9 night, for gods sake we are losing a day? Not sure why they are not being very cooperative? If anyone has any luck please let me know how you where able to do it?
  9. We are currently booked in rooms 1095, 1097, 1099... Looking to change to Hump rooms 1044,1046,1048. First question GOOD MOVE? Second question does either or both of these rooms have balcony opening access? Thanks for your help... Sandy
  10. Good day Steve, We purchased cruise insurance through Celebrity Cruise Line For a March cruise which was then canceled. We received credit FFC back for that cruise we have now transferred that FCC to a September cruise. We received our docs and the insurance has dropped to the cruise rate reduction after the FCC was applied. How is this going to affect the medical part of the insurance? If at all? I am not to worried about the value of the cruise credit due to the fact we can cancel anytime 48 hours prior to our cruise and receive full credit back from Cruise with confidence program. Just
  11. Thanks so much for your help! We have decided to stay where we are for now. Appreciate your help, like always cruise critic is such an awesome help🥳
  12. We are a party of 6 booked in rooms 1170, 1172 and 1174 looking to move closer to mid ship, want to be able to move across balconies and read something about room 1068 having a hang over and not being able to cross over to 1066? Rooms 1058,1060,1062,1064,1066 and 1068 open but not much information on any of these rooms. Does anyone out there have any information on these rooms and whether their location is good and if 1058, 1060 and 1064 have connected balconies and have good clear views? Just would like to know before I move up to mud ship? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂
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