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  1. Does the Hilton Moorea still do day passes? And how much please? Is cost in Francs or USA $? What is included in cost please? Can you use pool, beach, restaurants, bar etc? and can you use cash for drinks there as well? Do you need to book or just turn up? I'm going there for the day via cruise ship. And is it easy enough to get taxis there and back from the cruise ship? Thanks very much. :hearteyes:
  2. strawberrypatch81

    New Carnival Itineraries?

    I had a look on there but didn't see anything. Thanks anyway. All good. I am just impatient and want to see the cruises. Lol. :)
  3. strawberrypatch81

    New Carnival Itineraries?

    Thank you
  4. strawberrypatch81

    New Carnival Itineraries?

    I was wondering, when will the new Carnival itineraries be released? So far it only goes up until April 2017. I am looking at cruising on Carnival Vista in July/August of 2017. Thanks :) :)
  5. strawberrypatch81

    New Ship Coming To P&O oz

    What is the name of this new ship? Do you know where it will be leaving from?
  6. strawberrypatch81

    Mobile phone charges

    Thanks will do. As I said using it for an alarm and the time, NOT CALLS OR SMS. Thank you. :)
  7. strawberrypatch81


    You mean fitness classes or Zumba?
  8. strawberrypatch81

    Which is a better ship?

    Wesome, thanks for the helpful advice. :)
  9. strawberrypatch81

    Mobile phone charges

    Thanks heaps. We have decided to put on our phones into aeroplane mode and only use phone for time, alarm, music etc
  10. strawberrypatch81

    Mobile phone charges

    My fiance and I aren't using our phones when on our cruise. If we use our phones to know what the time is, do we get charged if somone rings or sms's us? We do not ant to use our phones for calls or anything. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks
  11. strawberrypatch81

    Which one to book

    My sister did the Beachcomber island tour and she loved it. Her photos looked great
  12. strawberrypatch81

    Pacific Pearl questions

    Great! We will definitely be there early to check in and hope we are on earlier than 4pm. Thanks. :)
  13. strawberrypatch81

    Xmas Cruise

    I went on a Christmas cruise, 9 years ago. It was fantastic! I don't remember there being a special Christmas day lunch. I think it was just normal food. But it was great. Christmas decorations all over the ship and a Carols by Candle light up on the top deck and a Santa for the kids. Was very special. You will love it. :)
  14. strawberrypatch81

    Pacific Pearl questions

    Thanks. Yes definitely will be getting there early. I will book dinner for about 6pm I think, so we don't miss sailaway. and I will book Salt grill for sure as well. I loved it last time.
  15. strawberrypatch81

    Which is a better ship?

    After my honeymoon cruise I am looking at going on another cruise. I love P&O cruises and have always had so much fun! :D I was wondering how do the other ships compare to Pacific Jewel, Pacific Pearl? I was looking into Voyager of the seas or Carnival spirit from Sydney. How does the food and entertainment and the ships themselves compare? And the friendliness of the staff? I love the food on P&O and all the wonderful shows and the service has always been wonderful. Would you stick with P&O or choose another cruise? Thanks. :)