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  1. I had the same experience...my crossing in June on QM2 was cancelled in April and I immediately requested a full refund. I was notified that it would be processed within sixty days. This never happened and after waiting for a longer period, I finally got tired of waiting and filed a dispute with my credit card company which appeared as a credit within days. Cunard finally did issue the credit and the cc company just charged back the disputed amount. Quite different from this is a Viking cruise I had booked for this coming January. I received an email a couple of weeks ago tha
  2. Credit was finally issued to my Visa cc this week. I received the original cancellation notice email on April 23 and I opted for the full refund which they said would be applied within sixty days. Well, almost four months later it finally did get posted to my Visa card!
  3. The TA I had booked for last month was cancelled back in April via an email to me. I requested a full refund of what I had paid and should have gotten it within sixty days. I waited well beyond the sixty days and there was still no credit posted to my Visa card, so I filed a dispute with the cc company and a credit was posted to my account within two days. I wish I had done this back in April!
  4. I was supposed to be boarding this crossing today in LeHavre. I also requested full refund when this was cancelled on April 24. I've been checking my Visa card daily and still no credit posted. If it's not there by next week I may just file a dispute with the cc company. I probably should have done this back in April since the cc company issues a credit of the disputed amount within a couple of days. There is absolutely no reason why Cunard should take 60 days to issue the credit...it should have been done by them on the day it was cancelled.
  5. Did you let them know? And that they could expect a return of their over payment within 60 to 90 days?
  6. Finally had my credit posted to my cc account for the May 9 cancellation of the Summit to Bermuda. Although it didn't appear until yesterday, it was posted as May 13.
  7. Exactly! I was notified of my cancellation by Celebrity 55 days ago [March 24], requested a refund the same day I received the email, and I'm still waiting for my refund! Their cancellation email said that it would be refunded within 30 days. I had insurance for this sailing, notified the insurance company of the cancellation the next day, and received a refund to my cc account within a week. Seems Celebrity could have/should have done the same.
  8. I just emailed my insurance carrier thinking that they would issue a refund since Celebrity cancelled the cruise. Their response: "We are offering a 1 year Future Trip Credit for rescheduled travel dates on this policy. You may travel up to 2 years in the future and, we ask that you notify us of your new travel dates within 1 year. Please confirm so that we may annotate your policy. Thank you." Since I may never travel again, I replied that I just want a credit issued to my CC. As I see it, I am now paying $800+ for insurance for a cruise that will not
  9. I know that...all I'm saying is that X never notified me. I only know about it by reading the cruise forums!
  10. I'm booked on a May 9 sailing and have not yet been notified by X that a doctor's note is required...I would not have known if not for reading the cruise forums.
  11. It seems to me that if boarding is denied by the cruise line then that would be considered a cancellation by the cruise line, not a self cancel. Therefore, a full refund should be given to anyone denied boarding.
  12. I have not been notified of this by Celebrity...only know about it from what I read on cruise forums. What might happen if I show up at the dock and tell them I was never notified? Unless they might notify me before the sail date, which is in May and may be cancelled anyway.
  13. Same here...I'm also 70+ and on the May 9 sailing and never got an email.
  14. Which dates? It's sailing out of SJ five times in Jan. I'll be on the Summit in May and might book another cruise while on board.
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