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  1. Doesn’t work for Cruise Cash, but you can use it to pay on an existing reservation. I usually only pay $500 on Amex, then pay the rest on my credit card that has travel insurance. If you don’t have a PVP, the website allows split payments.
  2. Elite is the Cheers package. Anywhere on the ship, including the coffee bar. Of course, you’ve probably already paid for it if you’ve been invited on an Elite cruise 😂.
  3. I’ve also had this happen on comped cruises, but I still submit. It’s totally hit or miss. I just received OBC this week for an Elite cruise scheduled for next month.
  4. You should get it as long as the cruise was not free (free meaning you only paid taxes plus small deposit which is refunded as OBC).
  5. I have used this “type” of offer multiple times for Carnival. Historically, it can be used to make a payment to an existing cruise. Payments for both new and existing cruises show up on your bill as “reservation”. BTW, I have this on my Amex business card, but it’s $225 statement credit instead of points. Depends on the type of Amex card.
  6. Cozumel has two different cruise ports. Carnival is Puerto Maya and the other one is downtown.
  7. Dream class, continental breakfast on deck 5, Ocean plaza. Never, ever crowded. Also, as stated previously, the lounge areas on deck 5 are sooo relaxing. Great viewing spot when entering or leaving ports.
  8. I just tried to book this for the Breeze for 2/26/19. Unfortunately, it was sold out. One boat only, maximum of 6 people. Trying to find alternatives. What day are you planning?
  9. Always send an email to the Player’s club for your wife. I do this for my husband who doesn’t play much. They usually give him $50 casino credit.
  10. Your review is awesome! My SIL, nieces and nephews are on your tour. You are allowing me to travel with them, albeit long-distance. I’ll be making my 7th trip north in a couple of weeks! Definitely hooked on Alaska.
  11. Southwest’s new schedule will open up on May 31st. I’ve found that flights are usually at their lowest on the first day they open.
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