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  1. Was on the water today and got close up shot.
  2. 2 fatal crashes in one week involving Taquan....not good
  3. Play safe all the way around and go with 10:45 with 2 hr layover.
  4. I would go by the official updated revolution list...I wouldn't put lots faith into that FB discussion.
  5. Just found this post in the july 26th Ovation roll call
  6. Not on cruising power...the dates don't show up....look at the cruise dates showing...they skip right over those dates...something isn't right. That doesn't happen for sold out sailing...they would still show.
  7. Don't think...like those dates aren't even showing anymore.
  8. Does anyone know why both the Ovation's July 19th and 26th 2019 sailings seem to have have disappeared?
  9. It sometimes depends on the promos you are booking with....I actually have got cheaper pricing sometimes NOT using my diamond plus discount. Actually just went through similar to the OP where there was recently a price drop on Harmony for next March....took me a half hour on the phone disagreeing with the rep on pricing....then we finally figured out why my pricing was coming up cheaper...when they took off the C&A discount the price dropped to what I was seeing.....go figure.
  10. U are correct...sorry...posted this before coffee this am....LOL
  11. Go Better package is 2 perks. The Go Best is 3 perks. The package you have shouldn't effect you wanting to upgrade. As long as you are willing to pay you can upgrade about anything....it's just a matter of price you want to pay.
  12. The nightlife I am sure varies from sailing to sailing. I was on Radiance in May of 2012 and there was always a good amount of people in the club till closing....usually around 2 am every evening. Since in May darkness hours are very limited...I remember the sky getting light almost every evening while either leaving the club or just getting back in the cabin. I remember saying this is Alaska there will be no nightlife....I ended up out parting every night to my surprise.
  13. For some reason this doesn't seem to be the case for Oasis class ships. I have defiantly been on many sailings where the itinerary time was local FL (ships departure port) time and Island time differed. Not necessarily....March is when we changed the clocks (daylight savings)...so some sailings in March in the islands may have had a 1 hour time difference where others had a 2 hour time difference for the same port in the same month.
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