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  1. With social distancing i don't think more than 4 people would be able to use that pool at one time. If anything they need a bigger pool. I don't know what they were thinking about with a pool that size.
  2. I heard they r going in for 2 week retrofit...making changes already to the ship and creating a more "social distancing" friendly atmosphere.
  3. Finally just received a 25% refund that was due to us from our March 6 Silhouette sailing. This refund was a credit promised to all passengers from Celebrity due to issues that arose during that sailing returning us to Miami 2X.
  4. I spoke with Celebrity last week and they told me its in process....give it another 30 days....ughhhhh
  5. Still waiting on 25% refund that was promised on my March 6 Silhouette sailing that ended March 15.
  6. Was also on March 6th Silhouette and haven't received our 25% refund yet. Called Celebrity last week and confirmed that they are aware of the refund to passengers on that sailing....but still haven't received a credit to my CC.
  7. I was on Silhouette March 6 sailing that returned March 15.....all passengers were told we are receiving a 25% refund due to issue's on that sailing. Called Celebrity last week and it was confirmed and refund will happen....nothing yet.
  8. We just received new updated itinerary: March 10 Curacao 3;30-midnight March 11 Bonaire 8-8 March 12 Aruba 7;30-8 As previously mentioned it was very odd this morning....a couple walked off ship and left in taxi with their luggage. Fire truck and police cars on scene...all were laughing and joking and the couple last minute before getting into taxi to leave posed in front of ship and had member of fire rescue take their picture....on-watching guest were outraged and yelling in response to them.
  9. I have never seen in over 40 cruises something like this with medical emergencies. Not normal to be heading back to Miami from this far away.....I am thinking that with all going on with corona no-one is wanting to accept medical emergencies anymore...something not right. .
  10. Capt said we r going back to port....assume port Everglades...for sure back to FL. This is crazy that all the way from down by Cuba we r reversing back home once again. Starting to wonder that no port wants to accept medical emergencies anymore with all this corona virus stuff going on?!?! This is turning to a 9 night cruise to nowhere.
  11. We are headed back to FLL once again. 25% cruise refund and telling us 2 days onboard credit that must be spent by Sat. currently at 22 knts back to port....this is crazy.No more info given...cruise itinerary to be revised.
  12. I think lots will still continue to change in coming days. Any stop in Coco Cay or Nassau for mid week is wishful thinking at best. I also think that all East Coast ports being open Wed may be wishful thinking also.
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