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  1. At 7;30 am maybe 30 seconds.....at 9;30am maybe 5 minutes.
  2. It looks like only Discover Roatan is the only one offering Infinity at this time. shoreexcursioner is only offering Bananramma and paradise but not Infinity.
  3. Having sailed out of NY a couple times during the winter (living in the area at the time)...I certainly wouldn't fly there especially in the winter to sail out of.
  4. My experience is that Royal is somewhat less flexible than Celebrity when it comes to something like dining changes in their suite dining room. With that being said they may make some substitutions if asked but I wouldn't expect the same level of accommodation to dining request changes as you received in Luminae.
  5. A spaced and scheduled boarding process has been implemented with everyone’s health in mind for a smooth experience. Flexible Arrival allows our Pinnacle Club and Suite guests to check in at the terminal no earlier than one hour before the 30-minute arrival window you selected ahead of your sailing, or one hour after. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/crown-anchor-society/program-updates?ecid=em_12146856&rid=653874303&rcid=61762978&empc=RCIN_SPE_MBAnn_0921&emsc=RCIN_SPE_MBAnn_0921_CS_PROMOEMAILCAPTURE&empf=&emct=GOLD&lnkid=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.royalcaribbean.com%2Fcrown-anchor-society%2Fprogram-updates&ect=TAC&ecv=CS_PROMOEMAILCAPTURE
  6. The 2 bed aqua suite's yes...defiantly wow factor balcony.....but the 1 bed not so much on the older Oasis class ships...they did improve on it with Symphony.
  7. Have you looked at parking right at the terminal....Tampa is such an easy port. https://www.porttb.com/parking
  8. I'm not so sure I would consider a 1 bedroom Aqua suite an upgrade from a CLS.
  9. I just got the best kind of a Royal Up.. WATCH YOUR PRICING!!! I just found a massive price drop on my Dec Allure sailing specifically on an OS and CLS that just got me upgraded free of charge from a JS to a CLS.
  10. Having been on Oasis right after it's enhancement and Odyssey last month....like mentioned you can't go wrong with either. However I would give the edge to Odyssey...she is a gorgeous ship and for a brand new cruiser I feel like the ship might not be as overwhelming as Oasis can be to some. Odyssey is brand spanking new...staterooms are more up to date...overall the entire ship is more up to date. The 8 night itinerary is great and Cayman is going to get swapped out for sure....so you may end up have CoCoCay anyways. Crew is Wonderfull on Odyssey and the Seaplex will be the kids favorite. I also like the idea that you have a true enclosed solarium ...which is gorgeous.
  11. My last 2 post covid sailings were in junior suites....both let me check in no problem 1 hour earlier than my assigned time slot.
  12. It does.....My Allure check-in was today. I happened to be up last night....tried at 11:55pm...no good...tried again at 12:05AM and could check in. 11-11:30AM slot was available
  13. I have also seen the opposite....where the minimum bid is lowered.
  14. Had in club 270 on Odyssey in Sept
  15. From seeing local news this morning....it looks like they are using terminal 6 instead of Royal's usual terminal 3.
  16. Yes.....finally a ship has returned to Tampa! Yes...today is first sailing....think 5pm departure.
  17. US is opening boarders to international travelers Nov 8th....wonder if that is coincidence since everyone seems to say this is new and only for sailings starting Nov and beyond.
  18. This is all interesting cause they have been filling up suites with Royal-Up.
  19. Sailed 8 nights on Odyssey last month in a JS with only 1000 passengers and had people on both sides of us.
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