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  1. we thought we were done but then the bank recharged us for dupes that both RC and BoA had posted. There was another $1000 we had to repay i won’t be booking anything till there’s a vaccine because the CDC will just keep extending till they have to start selling off ships
  2. Well I just got re-charged the taxes and port fees that got refunded last month. I had them down as possible duplicate refunds but it is still never fun getting a $350 bill you weren't expecting. My other two cruises will probably hit me up for $900 tomorrow since those fees were originally credited the day after. Gotta love RC accounting...
  3. Yes the initial deposits were refunded the day before the rest of the credits hit. Most of mine processed the taxes and ports fees second, and then each of the payments in date order. We tend to pay a portion each month till final payment, usually over the course of a year. I plan it to be the same amount every month but with upgrades, rate changes, adding guests, etc it never works out that way. All told it took 59 days from the time I requested the refund rather than the FCC to get all the money back. Still better than the 60-90 days some people are being told. My advice is to email Carlos and Aurora directly and open a dispute with your bank.
  4. Yeah 52 days for us. I guess "business days" doesn't always mean Sat and Sun off...
  5. So May 18th would be the earliest you could hope to see your money. 15 more days has been the average and what is on the website now so that would be June 2nd for them to process it and another 3-5 business days till hit hits your credit card. So June 9th is the most likely day
  6. We feel the same way. I escalated to Bank of America which backs the Royal Caribbean Visa cards we use for cruising and set up a dispute for each of the charges. After multiple calls we did get our refunds finally. The taxes and port fees were broken out so some of the transactions look a bit weird, eg. I paid $300 one month but the fees were $250 so that refund was done as $250 and $50 rather than a single transaction for $300. Best of luck to everyone still waiting. If you booked through a TA it is their fight. Demand your money back from them and let them battle Royal. If you booked directly call and email Carlos and Aurora directly on a daily basis and followup with your bank. I have found that being a squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be professional, be polite. Have your facts, follow all the instructions, escalate constantly and you'll get your money back.
  7. Got the rest of ours this morning. Taxes and port fees got their own refund even though we hadn’t made a payment in that amount. Still the totals added up I will rebook once cruising resumes, there is a cure, and prices come down... I may be waiting awhile
  8. Aurora is the lady who sent out the May 6th apology email. Carlos works for her Carlos Jimenez | Sr. Manager, Guest Experience tel: 954.628.9301 extn: 19301 | CarlosJimenez@rccl.com
  9. I emailed Aurora directly and then followed up with Carlos. I still don’t have my money but I have the specific list of the refunds and the cards they go to so I can share that with BoA. I got my $250 back today, now just need the other $4700 I also noticed that taxes and port charges are refunded as a standalone transaction, regardless of how you paid for them eg. I paid $264 one month but RC did the refund as $217.44 and $46.56-good thing I keep good records
  10. We got our refund on the deposit today-doesn't really make sense other than that was the first transaction for that particular cruise but the other $4700 is still in limbo. I emailed Carlos and Aurora again today and intend to continue doing so daily until this is resolved...
  11. Still nothing on the credit card Carlos says it is in their hands now opened up a dispute on all 16 charges i then called RC but hung up after 40 minutes on hold, never having spoken to a live agent
  12. we were expecting the refund at was supposedly processed 5/6 to hit today but so far nothing we have some charges unrelated to RC that are still showing pending so BoA may just be slow but it is frustrating when a charge can show up on my account in 3 seconds but a refund takes months
  13. the last email I got from Carlos said the 3rd cruise was done on the 6th and that it should hit my bank soon. The others were done on the 3rd and hit on the 6th so that means the 9th for this last one and because it is a weekend we should see it hit Monday morning. So far only one of the 3 cards has sent the refund to my actually checking account, and that one is still pending so I can't quite get to the money yet...
  14. The first credit card refund hit my bank today, the others will be Monday. No sign of the funds from the third cruise that Aurora said have already processed... I'll check back tomorrow...
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