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  1. We enjoyed Gumbalina in Roatan. For sloths you can contact Boded Tours, they are right on the pier. Chankanab is great for dolphins if you've never been or just Los Cincos Solas if you want to shop in the port area in Cozumel. Costa Maya was a bit weird when we were there but I have read some good stuff about Maya Chan Beach although we have not been there. Feel free to check out pics in my signature link
  2. I still can't believe they bought Leighton's Flaming June for $110. It must be worth millions now...
  3. log in on Royalcaribbean.com then click: My Account-->Settings-->Preferences Click the little check box for email
  4. We had this on our last cruise as well, makes a whole lot more sense than having a room service guy check every single room every day. There's no more "well I didn't know the M&Ms were $14" and you get exactly what you want and it fits in the little fridge.
  5. We found, just like the website, there was something wrong at least once a day in the ap, whether it be a venue incorrectly listed, the time of an event got changed, or food not available. The worst was a coffee venue on Deck 12 that didn't actually exist and I went looking for coffee at 5 in the morning when I should have just gone to the CL
  6. Does Radiance of the Seas still have Rita's (either Cantina or Crab Shack for Alaska)? Or is this Samba Grill now?
  7. I did the math and we'll be Pinnacle when I'm 98
  8. Sure it makes more money for RCI but the original post asked “what’s wrong with just using RoyalUP?” and my response referred to the fact that another benefit was being taken away I won our bid on the last cruise to a Crown Loft Suite which listed for over $10K which I would never have been able to afford otherwise so the UP program has good points, just not as good as a free upgrade after 20 years of loyal cruising
  9. Well one of the benefits of C&A was the upgrade fairy, RoyalUP eliminates any chance of a free upgrade
  10. They have to opt in to the marketing email section in order to participate and many who have opted out aren't eligible for the RoyalUP program.
  11. It is sold out-they just shuffle rooms as things change
  12. No because if they overbook and can juggle rooms up for more money it covers any cancellations or no shows
  13. The wine and beer were available but not free outside the happy hour times on Symphony
  14. The L2’s are in the back typically and the L1s are on the sides
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