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  1. I used to live in rural farming Ontario, absolutely full of farms FULL of dairy cows, sheep, pigs, beef cattle and other assorted critters. And yes ladies and gentlemen his girl could milk a cow, slop a hog and ride a horse 🐴. The joke always was that we had little to do so “COW TIPPING “ was a pastime 🤷‍♀️. I’m pretty sure that the joke was invented by “city folk” 😉 because cows do NOT tip easily 😜. But there you are. There were also things said like “Oxford County where the men are men and the sheep are frightened!” We live more north now and the saying here i
  2. The answer is that it is possible. If there are respiratory droplets and they are inhaled or get into the eyes. If they land on something that someone touches and later that same person touches their face also possible. This is a dangerous unpredictable virus. The medical professionals and scientists are learning more daily. It may not impact the majority of people, however, you can unwittingly bring it home to someone that it does impact.
  3. Meaford 😁 We used to live in Woodstock when dinosaurs 🦖 🦕 roamed the earth!
  4. Our darling oldest son gave us use of his Crave and Netflix subscriptions. Very sweet boy, glad we had him 🤪. Friday nights we watch Magnum PI and Hawaii 5 0 just for the scenery! I have been sewing cushions, table runners and whatever else I feel like. Next up a quilt for the new grandson due in September. Normally I have a very tight schedule! Preparing/packing for travel, returning....doing laundry....then re-packing for the next cruise/trip. Sometimes I shop for new luggage, try to find better carryon bags, search for great travel purses. Nanny misses Marsh
  5. Unfortunately for someone with a severe allergy causing anaphylaxis, that is a deadly suggestion. I speak from tremendous experience. I have many deadly allergies. At one point an allergist thinking he was a genius tried a minute trace injection of one allergen to see if I would gradually become immune. I went into anaphylactic shock! He decided it was best to stop trying and make sure that I avoided those allergens and carry Epipens.
  6. We live in mid-northern Ontario and get this numerous times annually driving through the hills near us. We call it “BUG RAIN “ . It’s a @$&#* to wash the little suckers off! 🙄 I feel for you!
  7. ALSO........Sorry if my other post was offensive! 🇨🇦🤪🤣😂
  8. Ding ding ding!!! 🇨🇦 We are almost definitely the MOST apologetic country on the planet 🌎 We also pronounce it in a different way than Americans 🇺🇸 do eh 🇨🇦😁
  9. Well, there will be many many changes to coverages going forward. I’m a 🇨🇦 Insurance Broker. We already have Covid19 questionnaires for most new policy applications. It could be a whole new world for Out of Country coverage when travel resumes. Dee
  10. Nope! Teaching teenagers how to replace a toilet roll!!! 🤷‍♀️
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