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  1. We travel a lot. Flying and cruising. I have numerous deadly allergies and ALWAYS carry two epipens. When flying you put your meds in a ziplock bag. I carry eye drops and nasal sprays as well, all in the same bag. It’s best to pull them out of the-carryon and put it on the conveyor at security. The airline is no problem. I usually have my epipens in my purse when we board the ship. Hope this helps Dee
  2. We have only cruised RCI till recently. Have cruised Serenade many many times. The ship is beautiful, full of glass and it’s enjoyable to stand on the lookouts on multiple decks down into the centrum. Any cabins close to that area can be quite noisy in the evenings due to the entertainment. You will often see the doors closed leading to cabins in these areas in the evening. We have always booked either hump or aft balconies. Some extremely large aft balconies that are balcony cabins not suites on this class. Love them! The Diamond Club is located beside the Viking Crown Lounge. They usually expand into the VCL in the evening. You can use your 3 free drinks at bars or go to the Diamond Club. They typically allow you to top up and take drinks with you to dinner on all RCI ships. The lounge servers are typically very good and don’t want to tick anyone off. They have appetizers every night and they aren’t bad at all. The Diamond Concierge can assist with reservations, problem resolution and assistance with issues you may have on-board. Some are better at the job than others but we have had pretty good experiences with most of them. There is a coffee machine in the Club. Slow but not bad coffee. You always have access with your card. They do a continental breakfast in there daily which isn’t bad at all. The Concierge has regular morning and evening hours. It’s a nice perk! You will each have some free internet minutes (I’m D+ ), not sure about what it is for Diamond or a discount on a pkg. You should get a discount on laundry. Invite to welcome back and I believe top tier party. You will each get a buy one get one free for the first night in the specialty restaurants i believe. Sometimes they will be flexible with the nights and other times not so much. Make sure you go on the website and get logged in once you have a C and A number. You can put in your preferences and order freebies that will be in your cabin when you board or soon after. I’m not positive what these are for Diamond but we get a bottle of sparkling, coke and some bottled water. They always leave a plate of cookies. I have extensive deadly allergies and we are now trying Celebrity to see if they handle this better. The food has deteriorated throughout Royal ships over the years but you won’t starve. Breakfast room service is free if you go with the continental options. There is a charge for hot food. Not worth it! There is a $7.95 charge for ALL room service orders EXCEPT the continental breakfast. Boarding you will get some priority but so do many others. It all hinges on your timing as to how much quicker it gets you on-board. Disembarkation is a pain with most ships now. They want you OFF as quickly as possible. Our last cruise on Adventure (a larger ship with the promenade and ice rink......our favourite class) was a nightmare. This can vary by port we have found and also crew. Cabins usually open at 1 p.m. cabin stewards appear shortly before muster drill to see if you need anything and then to make sure you go to the drill. We’ve had phenomenal cabin stewards and crappy ones. Much more good than bad. You can each carry on a bottle of wine. I usually have bottled water that I carry on BUT you can get bottled water in the Diamond Club each night. Some ships the servers will hand out a can of pop/Soda here and there. I usually tip $1 per drink most of the time in the Club. We receive EXCELLENT service 😁. No complaints with the Diamond Club. They’re very good to us. It’s nice to chat with other cruisers and it is open each night including embarkation day. We usually do the muster drill and then go up for a drink then go to the cabin to check on luggage. 😃 That’s all I can think of for now. Dee
  3. Looking for information on Reflection Cabin 2A - 7356. I booked this cabin because it looks like a larger balcony. I would appreciate any information anyone can provide. Thanks in advance Dee
  4. We fly in on Sunday December 29 (points) and will stay at Marriott pompano beach for five nights (points as well). I do believe we are quite a bit older than you are 😉. Dennis travels constantly for work so we try to do two or three weeks at a time when we fly. This holiday is one of those times. It’s an excellent break after Christmas with kids and grand babes which is quite involved for Nanny cause she’s a sucker 😍 Hopefully we will meet! Dee
  5. EXACTLY! We’re just looking for fewer problems and less stress when we cruise. I’m hoping I don’t sound incredibly snooty and demanding. We are pretty patient and try to manage our expectations. Nobody and nothing is perfect. We have started telling cabin stewards to forget the towel animals, we’ve seen them all and it’s too time consuming for them. So save it for the newbies or those who like them. We usually stay cool till the problems reach serious or ridiculous levels. No matter what, we always seem to have fun 😀 Dee
  6. Anything broken is free of calories 😁. Just some helpful advice I found on the internet so it must be true 😜. I don’t know if the CBP has anything like Bailey’s. Not a favourite I like khalua , but I watched cruisers who had early seating on a cruise bring ice cream to the lounge to have it topped with baileys. I’m betting with the ice cream in the buffet on celebrity this might be amusing 😍. I’m hoping the list of alcohol that I have seen that included tia Maria and khalua is correct. It is missing the brandy required but hey I will rough it like camping! 😁. Those two make such a good boozey coffee! You guys are making a crappy work day a lot more fun! Dee
  7. Ok hands down the funniest thing in my day today 😜 Say hi to your friend for me 😉 Dee
  8. Our favourite ships have a promenade. But we looooove the aft balconies on Radiance Class ships. We did exactly as you described with perks. The rep, Annie actually suggested it for the first two cruises. Smart girl! We used to do nothing less than a JS years ago. Then the rates seemed to climb and forget it. The value just wasn’t there. We never strived to reach Pinnacle on RCI. We do so much land travel now it never even appeared on our radar. We will see how we like Celebrity and may continue with the line. But highly doubtful we will pay the difference for a suite. We were bitten a few times with horrible cabin stewards in suites on Royal after paying a premium. It’s annoying if you pay a reasonable amount but it’s incredibly annoying if you pay through the nose for a suite. Royal is rarely helpful when it’s just poor service in our experience. We like variety. I’m enjoying the comments on here and the Celebrity boards about what to expect. Hoping we like Celebrity and have a good experience. Dee
  9. On Royal it got to the point where I was much safer in the WJ. So sad. I go by “when in doubt don’t!” I rarely try anything offered on a platter. Servers often think its safe if it isn’t touching an allergen on the tray but soooooo not true. No worries I’m pretty sure I won’t starve 😁 We are on Reflection January 3 and 10 , 2020. Are you? Dee
  10. It may be nice to try glasses of other wines rather than needing to purchase a bottle. Can you suggest a “grease amount” to receive VERY GOOD CARE vs good care. We typically tip $1 per drink in the lounge on Royal. The service we received in the lounge on Adventure was positively OUTSTANDING! The second week found many many newly minted Diamonds in the lounge who arrived at 3:30 and didn’t leave till 8:00! They were very snotty with the crew who were 3 of the funniest, kindest, most accommodating crew members we have ever experienced in a lounge. YET there were soooooo many complaints against them. They did their damndest to keep everyone happy. Last call was 7:45 the week before, yet they were still trying to catch up most nights the 2nd week until 8:15. The three of them had to go to work in another bar immediately after they left the lounge. We tipped them extra the last night. We tip well but ONLY when warranted for good service. We always start out tipping for drinks in the lounge. I had to ask them to slow down on Adventure. One night I realized wow that was tooooo many glasses of champagne. They NEVER let my glass run dry! By the way a friend taught me years ago to drink champagne/sparkling on the rocks. Tall glass full of ice topped up with champagne. NO HANGOVER!!! With those adorable servers I had to start counting the number of glasses and shake my head no when they looked at me at times. I was always the one with the tips 😉. Dee
  11. I will definitely follow your advice. We aren’t wine snobs per se but we like what we like. So it will be interesting to see what is available. We were drinking Reislings from Germany when in Pompano in January. Neither are available in Ontario where we live. So sad! We purchased Reislings when we returned home that were far more expensive yet not as good. Sometimes price matters (like my favourite Moët et Chandon) but at times it doesn’t have any bearing on the taste. My oldest son introduced us to a phone app called Vivino. You can input a name or take a picture and it almost always provides a rating and a review. I have an iPhone but I believe the app is widely available. It has helped us to be adventurous finding good prices for wines that appeal to us. Dee
  12. I will definitely follow your advice. We aren’t wine snobs per se but we like what we like. So it will be interesting to see what is available. We were drinking Reislings from Germany when in Pompano in January. Neither are available in Ontario where we live. So sad! We purchased Reislings when we returned home that were far more expensive yet not as good. Sometimes price matters (like my favourite Moët et Chandon) but at times it doesn’t have any bearing on the taste. My oldest son introduced us to a phone app called Vivino. You can input a name or take a picture and it almost always provides a rating and a review. I have an iPhone but I believe the app is widely available. It has helped us to be adventurous finding good prices for wines that appeal to us. Dee
  13. I haven’t done the footprints up the back for a long time 😜. I used to run till arthritis and a broken knee stopped that activity. I usually just say “on your left” or pass when there is a larger spot. No worries. We we love to people watch. Dee
  14. I’m having visions of two oatmeal raisin cookies with ice cream in between 😍
  15. They actually have a kids area in the buffet???
  16. Too funny! 😁 We don’t like a lot of the fancy smancy food. Good food YES, cooked properly YES but I need lots of veggies and something I like to go with it. A good source of protein. I’m excited......obviously it doesn’t take much! Dee
  17. You're safe with the loungers with us ! We sit on the balcony and read. We loved sitting at the one cafe on the Promenade on Adventure etc. to drink a coffee and people watch. Looking forward to checking out the layout of the EQ and RF. I read something on these boards about the changes, but it won't really make sense to us till we are on a ship to see the layout. Speaking of reserving loungers. Are the loungers on the deck with the track? On sea days especially we use the track (I could never get Den to work out on a machine) and on Royal the loungers are all around the track with people getting up or walking slooooooooowly exactly when you need to get by. They used to put the loungers in the middle of the track. Many many accidents. Now the loungers are tied to the rails, so a little better. We usually book 5 nights or a week at the Marriott Pompano Beach Resort and Spa prior to a cruise out of Fort lauderdale. There have been major complaints every year in January/February who maintains a spot by the pool and would leave her book, towel or whatever to hold her spot. If someone took the spot she would give them the evil eye. We aren't sure if she is there just during the winter or if she lives at the hotel. Originally she would give people a hard time if they took her spot. The next year the staff would put towels on the chairs around the table to reserve it. This year it cracked me up to see a reserved sticker on the top of the table so that NO ONE could invade her space unless invited. She acts like a queen holding court. It's pretty funny. Talk about a chair/table hog. We go for the beach so no worries. You walk out the back gate of the resort and voila.......beautiful beach. We walk the beach each day for 1 - 2 hours and often walk down again and go for dinner along the strip. Heaven! The beverage package opens up many options for us since we can go to the Happy Hour or not if we choose. We like wine or a drink prior to dinner, wine with dinner and then maybe a nightcap or wine after dinner. Me I love my champagne! Dee
  18. We loved Quest before it became a crazy free for all. We won many times years ago with friends we travelled with. So much fun. Not a fan of it in the Ice Rink! Too large, too impersonal and now with the beverage packages helping with sooooo many inebriated pax, too crazy. Don't get me wrong, we have the pkg on Celebrity, it came with the price of admission though, so we don't feel like we need to drink X amount per day to get our moneys worth. Yes I do realize it is included in the cost of the cruise, but it is small compared to paid gratuities or a $300 obc. Dennis Looooooooves the Love and Marriage show, he never wants to miss it. Our first week in January on Adventure the man of the older couple (65 years married) started an argument with the CD. It looked like he might hit the CD. It was wild. It wasn't a great show, but the one the next week was incredible. Absolutely hilarious and full of good clean fun! Dee
  19. This is absolutely brilliant!!! We are new to Celebrity so new to the menus as well. Sometimes mac and cheese or tomato soup is exactly what the Dr. ordered!!! Thanks for this! Dee
  20. Sounds great! What time is the buffet open till? Are there other places open for a dessert or snack later at night, if so what time? We will be on Equinox and Reflection. Dee
  21. We don’t use the water slides 😉. We absolutely love kids! We have grandchildren and will cruise with one of them in 2021. BUT when traveling on our own it is no fun to be on a collision course with strollers 😳. Our last cruise had 500 children and I swear that most were on our deck! The young parents don’t always have a good handle on discipline yikes. People on scooters were grabbing officers to help them get on elevators because they were clogged with pushy parents with HUGE strollers. I’ve never seen so many young babies on a ship in my life! So many times the elevator doors would open and people on-board would say “no room” or “get the next one”. We waited, but others piled on. A lot of grumpy people that week. Thanks so much for the information. Greatly appreciated. Dee
  22. We love pizza! Dennis loves when they have the pasta bar in the MDR for lunch so this will be nice. I can never have the tutti salad or the pasta bar because they always have shrimp and use the same pans etc. Options are good. We don’t always like going to the dining room. We’re not always that hungry after eating in port. The food has been so disappointing in the MDR on Royal that we started eating more in ports. Pretty sad when i feel safer eating in the islands than on the ship! What time is the buffet restaurant open till? Dee
  23. Sadly that’s usually a deal breaker for me. They always put a variety on the tray and ultimately there is either mushrooms or seafood of some kind on the tray so I’m out of luck. That’s ok. I usually stick with wings or cheese and fruit in the lounge. I don’t eat anything on nights when they have shrimp available.
  24. It’s sounding better and better. Thanks so much! Dee
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