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  1. Come join our roll call for October 17th. I’m assuming your screen name, you live in IL or went to U of I? Julie
  2. So do they(Princess reps) take your large bags in the baggage claim area? Or once you get bag outside near bus on the truck? I am asking for someone with mobility issues that can’t lift luggage . Just wanted to see what the procedure was at LAX for Princess transfer passenger.
  3. Princess transfer from LAX to San Pedro- After collecting your bag off the carousel, I am assuming you find the Princess rep somewhere in baggage claim, do they then handle the luggage for you out to the bus or do you have to get your own luggage out to the bus?
  4. NO it’s not a long walk from the curb to just inside the terminal. Almost immediately inside you will go up an escalator or elevator to the actual check in area.If you think your relatives will need a wheelchair you can request one that’s usually not a problem at all.
  5. I have parked in San Pedro several times,last time was January 2019. Family lives locally. Yes the last time there was two of us and we pulled up to the porters dropped off our big suitcases and then proceeded to go around to the parking lot ,parked the car and just brought our hand luggage in with us. Super easy -parking lot has plenty of spaces. Yes drop off family and checked luggage and go park. Google or look at a map for directions to the port. 100 Swinford Street, San Pedro.
  6. Thanks for all the information . I guess I will report back either in my review, a live from, or on this site once I have traveled what actually happens. I’m very through, I take notes as it happens. As far as the roll call,it’s very quiet. I don’t think anyone has been on a Panama Canal Cruise, we are all first timers. Julie
  7. So the 45 minutes that we stop at Fort Amador is to get off the bus to look at the scenery and hopefully use the bathroom/ facilities because the 1.5 hour bus ride back may not have those facilities.( the description says no restroom) Does not say we get or can stop at a Love’s/ Pilot version on the way back to the ship. I know “ they” can’t describe everything,but ....... The tour description definitely doesn’t say that we can eat or shop at Ft. Amador for 45 min. By the way I believe after getting off the train, that Ft. Amador Is 30 minutes the opposite way of where we really need to go to get back to the ship, so that’s why I asked what’s in FA to see or do. Thanks. i guess so far “ people” that have been on this tour are not seeing my post? i will try to do an in depth report once my cruise commences. Julie
  8. I kind of understand your response. But our ship will not be coming to the fort Amador area. We’re doing the partial transit. Yes I understand the drive from the fort back to the ship in Colon is 1.5 hours if all goes well. My actual question is why are we going to Fort Amador and we’re spending 45 minutes there ? What is there to do for 45 minutes? There is no explanation on the tour of why we are traveling by bus to Fort Amador which takes 30 minutes from the time we get off the train. Thanks.
  9. We are doing a partial Panama Cruise on Princess . We are taking the tour Panama Canal railway and new locks of the Canal expansion. One of the stops is Fort Amador and it says time spent there is 45 minutes .my question is why are we stopping there and what is there to do there? The actual itinerary says :depart the pier and transfer to the new locks which takes 30 minutes on a bus and then we visit the new locks for one hour. Then we board a bus for 45 minutes to the train. Ride the train to Panama City which is one hour on the train. After we get off the train we’re going to get onto a bus and it’s gonna take 30 minutes to get to Fort Amador. After the 45 minute visit at Fort Amador we’re going to get on a bus and return to the pier and it’s gonna take an hour and a half. it also says some of the bus transportation does not have a restroom on board. Anyone have insight on this especially the hour and a half return to the pier Julie
  10. No one will really be able to give a definitive answer except Princess,but... They bother because maybe enough passengers will read it and adhere to it,so it might help with over crowding and boarding. Julie
  11. What foreign currency if any should we take on our partial Panama Canal cruise. Our stops are Jamaica, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, of course going through the canal with Tours, & Columbia. Round trip from Fort Lauderdale. just want to see what other people have used and done. We do not plan on making any major purchases and if we did would probably use a credit card. Just wanna know is US cash acceptable or?? Julie
  12. Anyone ever seen a promo in the D.R. For wine? Like 7 bottles for $40. I am just asking for somebody on my roll call. I’ve never personally seen anything like that ,but perhaps I’ve just missed it. I can’t seem to do a search very well with this “new”Cruise critic forum. Used to be so much easier . Thanks. Julie
  13. We even ordered a whole flourless chocolate cake from the head waiter even though he was pretty hesitant about doing it. Of course we shared it with the whole table on night 2 or 3 who remembers exactly ,but I love that particular dessert on Princess.
  14. The flourless chocolate cake served usually in The dining room On the first evening of the cruise. Hands-down my favorite food on a Princess Cruise.
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