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  1. Good luck. 🍀 You do know that if and when a vaccine is available, it probably won’t be available to most of us at first. Think of all the healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers and the list goes on and on .( a large number to be offered the vaccine at first)I’m sure there will be some sort of a system in the USA and other countries,but too many unknowns at this point. ( I am a retired healthcare worker) I doubt the vaccine at first will be sped up to give to all of us that just say that they want to cruise or go on vacation ,not happening. I think this post has totally gone off-topic -as the question was posed :will you cruise in January or February 2021 .
  2. we have a cruise booked January 2021, our new final payment date is in November 2020 not October,but I don’t think we will cruise January 2021. Too many unknowns right now. ( Will we be required to get a Covid test before boarding, will we have to wear masks all the time ,will we have to take ship sponsored shore excursions, etc. none of that sounds like a fun vacation to us )Our cruise if all goes as planned would be the 3rd or 4 th voyage for that particular ship,so time will tell.
  3. We used the restroom / bano in the Juan Valdez coffee shop. Julie
  4. Don’t have a Cruise booked for quite a while. But as far as what’s happening in Arizona or Phoenix ,Arizona. Like most states restaurants that are open are take out or delivery only, grocery stores are open, Target that sells food is open and Walmart is open ,home-improvement stores are open, dollar tree is open , Banks are open, appliance stores open, Big Lots is open, At Home store is open, office supply stores open. Closed are hair salons,nail salons, Gym’s,department stores, and small retail. On May 4 on a voluntary basis retail stores can open for curbside or delivery. And May 8th retail stores can open for in store shopping with limits on how many people in the store. Restaurants might open on May 12 for in restaurant dining but at the moment that date is subject to change. We had a stay at home order from the governor that was to expire April 30 and it was extended till May 15 ,so not sure how that works with retail opening basically on the eighth. I have been to the grocery store about once a week and still really no toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, Lysol or Clorox wipes or that type of cleaning solutions available. So if the shelves are being stocked people are just cleaning it out. Even though the empty shelves say one item only. So far I don’t need any of that but when it comes time to buy toilet Paper again it would be nice to know that there’s gonna be some on the shelf but… Hope to cruise again in 2021 as we booked that cruise quite some time ago.
  5. I see now where the passengers have been confined to their cabins ,but perhaps now that’s changed. Seems as though they actually might be getting food now ,not sure if it’s being brought into their cabin or out and about the ship. I did see Mr. Abel’s videos( hope authorities have as well) and while I feel for everyone on that ship. Seems like things are being updated minute by minute and changes are being made as they go along. Still can’t believe that passengers medical concerns on the ship have not been addressed. Very concerning especially if you’re made to stay in your cabin. Let’s hope passengers can get out of their cabins and eat normally as they do. Even though they’re confined to a ship .
  6. Where did you see or read that the passengers are confined to their cabins? Maybe I missed something. I think they’re just confined to the ship. They may have been confined to their cabins for a short time so the medical personnel could check everyone.
  7. Someone was asking in an earlier post that’s cruising on the sky soon, is Roatan local time and ship time the same? Apparently they have a tour outside of Princess that they’re trying to coordinate. I show that Roatan is 9:35 AM local time right now.
  8. My mom bought EFFY on the ship. Hopefully no problems on Saturday.
  9. Woobstr112G- Bob, same thing happened to my mom yesterday when in transit with her EFFY purchase. ( the medallion alert)Always her understanding that EFFY made in the USA and returning to the USA has no duty to pay ,so why is the medallion alerting customs ?my mom says she wasn’t happy with that at all. They “ customs” made her feel like she did something wrong.And obviously it’s probably gonna happen again Saturday when y’all disembark. Julie
  10. Have you run into my red headed mom yet? She frequents EFFY onboard often. If you see her,say hello. She is also from Cali. I am Enjoying your photos and your Live from,thanks. Julie
  11. Following along. Beautiful photos. I happened to catch the princess WebCam for the Sky -actually leaving St. Maarteen and agree -sunset was beautiful. Julie
  12. I cannot remember if I had some in my carry-on and some in my checked luggage or all of it in the checked luggage ,etc. No note by TSA and no problems. Of course that’s not to say that somebody else won’t have a problem. But I bought quite a bit of coffee one or two kinds in each port. Good heads up though for somebody else, I’m long back home from my trip. Julie
  13. Well apparently Havensight is where they are currently docked. I just know they took a tram into town. So they must’ve not felt like walking so that’s why I said it was the furthest ,but I’ll retract that. Sorry for any confusion. They are generally walkers but the tram must’ve been good for them today. Julie
  14. Just spoke to my mom on the phone who is on the ship and she says Havensight. They just got off a shuttle that took them into town .I believe four dollars each way but not sure on that one. They are at the dock that’s furthest from the town. Julie
  15. My mom who is also on the ship but not me says they are docked at Havensight. The furthest one from the town. Just got off the phone with her . Julie
  16. Wait until you retrieve your luggage off the carousel in Miami. Since you have a Princess transfer just have your luggage tags handy and there will be “ Princess reps” somewhere in the baggage claim area ( they will have a sign)and they will assist you with securing your baggage tags. They have tape and Or a stapler. Since it’s your first flight ever ,pack your patience and allow plenty of time. Your 9:30 am arrival flight is great. I am assuming Miami transfer to FT. Lauderdale/ Port Everglades. Enjoy. Julie
  17. Bike Treker- Pics beautiful pictures. I’ll be following along. There’s also another live from the sky,but it also includes the following week February 1 to the 8th from Woobstr112G. If you see any redheads from California Onboard say hello -that’s my mom. She is on Cruise critic,but since I’m not onboard she did not attend the meet and greet. Julie
  18. woobstr112G- Thanks for the live from the sky princess. my mom and her husband are onboard -back to back as well. They are also on Riviera deck- one of the aft balconies ,that’s about all I know. So say hello to all the redheads that you pass by -that’s my mom. She’s on cruise critic ,but since I’m not onboard with her she doesn’t attend the meet and greets . My mom is also from California like you. Great information so far. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. Julie
  19. Absolutely no problem.
  20. No we did not get any lunch in the walled city. We stopped at Juan Valdez to buy a bag of coffee to go. We honestly grabbed a taxi after we ate breakfast on the ship. And found that we didn’t need to spend that much time in the walled city as we originally thought. Number one because we were hounded so much about buying anything and everything and I mean hounded. ( and our Spanish is pretty good so it definitely wasn’t lack of communication )So we were back on the ship and had lunch. We did bring water and a few little package snacks with us but we didn’t need them on our walk.
  21. I’m sure it’s possible to walk but yes it is hot and humid and I didn’t see anybody walking. But that’s not to say you cannot. We were not interested in any other tours either that’s why we did it on our own with a taxi. But once you get to the walled city doesn’t matter if you’re with a tour group or on your own -the locals hound you over and over -so just be prepared. But we found by taking a taxi and telling them no tour just drop us off in the walled city was the way to go for us but they wouldn’t take no for an answer about the tour. They did drop us off in the walled city but the tour guide that hopped in the car with the driver expected a tip and we did not give any of them a tip. I thought $20 for two people that speak fairly good Spanish and telling them no tour at the beginning was enough. We enjoyed our free time in the walled city . I just thought it would take us a lot longer to walk around the walled city but we saw enough in a couple hours that we were done and ready to go back to the ship. The buildings are beautiful and the only place that we didn’t get hounded to buy something from the locals was in one of the churches with the fan blowing on us so we sat and “prayed. “ By the way cabs at the port and near and in walled city are in abundance. And they also want to wait for you but we told them no we didn’t want to have to rush but I can see how some people would say sure wait for us to meet back at the spot but we didn’t want to do any of that . Obviously great if that works out for you but I just wanted to do it on our own on our own time and it worked out .just wanted to warn others about our experience. May not be your experience when you go but…
  22. I bought Juan Valdez balanced that’s not suppose to be bold- but I have not tried it yet. i also bought sello rojo in vanilla and canela ( cinnamon) which is the only one I’ve tried so far. I am happy. I bought coffee in every port almost. i purchased the Juan Valdez in the old city at a coffee shop,they grounded the whole bean for me. The sello rojo I bought at the port shop. Can purchase a cup of coffee to try at JV.
  23. We just did the train via Princess,so Tours still out there. We enjoyed our tour. Tour guide made it fabulous . we went Colon to Panama City.
  24. Reporting back- our partial transit we took small US dollars and were absolutely fine in every port.
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