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  1. Thanks for the info, that explains why I couldn't see them on the google maps satellite photo. I'm sure there half-decent snorkelling somewhere along that stretch of beach, maybe there is still some coral near were the bungalows were.
  2. Thanks I appreciate all your help. I have been studying maps, and reading everything I can find on that beach. Can I just check with you is it just the west side of the peninsular we can access? (I think the other side is the Intercontinental) I know you mentioned the point, can we walk right down to that, along the beach? Also I read that the snorkelling is quite good under the water bungalows of the closed Bora Bora hotel, up at the north end of the beach near the diving centre..... have you been to that end of the beach at all? Sorry for so many questions! I would ideally spend 2 days on the lagoon snorkelling, but mum doesn't snorkel. I'm hoping I can see some underwater life whilst she sits on the beach, even though I know it won't be nearly as good as out in the lagoon.
  3. Thanks very much. We have actually booked a rental car for day 2 now, so we should be able to spend some time here, and drive around the rest of the island as well.
  4. Could anyone recommend some beaches (hopefully public) where we could spend the afternoon, after doing a morning snorkel excursion? A beach that's isn't too far away from the pier, and has snorkelling would be ideal. I would love to snorkel all day, but my mum doesn't snorkel, so this is a compromise! Thanks
  5. Thanks very much for your advice Fletcher, that sounds great. We especially love beautiful scenery. Could you recommend any beaches on the south coast, that are not as far along as Lamomanu, a slightly shorter drive.
  6. We are interested in car rental in one, or both of these ports. Would love to hear from anyone with experience. or who knows the islands. If anyone could recommend car rental companies, or has information about the roads or what is best to see that would be really appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the advice, i'll give them a try
  8. I love to snorkel, but i'm travelling with my mum who doesn't snorkel & who isn't a strong swimmer. Could anyone suggest a private tour operator that might suit us both? We are on the Emerald Princess, so unfortunately there are going to be a lot of people on the island. Is hiring a car a good option for one day, I appreciate we may have to wait a while for a tender?
  9. Just wanted to day thanks very much to everyone for your responses, they were all very helpful. When we looked into it, there were not a lot of balcony cabins left on this sailing, so we did go for the one opposite the laundry. I don't think it will be a big issue for us, at least we have no excuse not to have clean clothes 😄
  10. Hoping some of your experienced Princess cruisers can help a newbie out please. We have taken about 20 cruises before but mostly on HAL, with a few on Oceania & NCL. 1- The balcony cabin we have been offered is opposite a self service laundry, does this cause noise which you can hear inside your cabin? 2- How is the Emerald Princess, compared to other ships in the fleet. Any particular positives or negatives?
  11. We will need to buy return train tickets from Brussels Zantentem airport to Gent. I have looked on the Belgium rail website, and it is just a standard return tickets we need. I have a couple of questions.... If we buy online, there seems no need to select the exact train before buying, so are they valid on any service that day (it's just a standard ticket) .... including direct trains, and ones that involve a change in Brussels Zuid/Midi? Also is there any advantage about buying online in advance, against buying on the day at the station?
  12. We were really disappointed, we only stayed an hour, then went back to the ship. The beach is also quite narrow, and not that easy to walk along due to the slope to the water.
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