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  1. I know i'm too late answering, but in case it helps anyone else, or you visit again, I like to stay in Bloomsbury. 15 min walk to Covent Garden, also walking distance to Picadilly Circus, Soho, Green Park. I even walk to Regents Park and Westminster from there, it's really central. Also I like the road that runs from Russell Square to Holburn, it has lots of little coffee shops, and feels fairly safe even at night. Good tube access too.
  2. I've worked at Heathrow, but I would choose Southampton too. Much quieter, less runway congestion, shorter distances to walk etc The only downside is in the unlikely event of any tech issues, or sick crew etc it's always better to be flying with the airline who's main base it is. For example depart AMS on KLM, and LHR on BA.
  3. I found the snorkeling good at Carambola Beach Club, I saw a large turtle, and a lion fish. In Curacao we had day passes for the Marriott, which also had good snorkeling. Bonaire is also good if you stop there. I think Aruba is too sandy to get good snorkeling from shore.
  4. Thanks for the info, did they ever pop up to 'book' on the app, because there are currently none showing for our Sep 23 Cruise
  5. That's great news, I wonder why Celebrity passengers were not allowed off the week before, but now it's okay
  6. Anyone know the latest please? https://www.irishnews.com/news/northernirelandnews/2021/08/20/news/-frustration-and-tears-as-cruise-passengers-barred-from-belfast-under-covid-health-guidelines-2423242/ They have had MSC and Royal Caribbean in this week, but I'm not sure what happened
  7. On the 'Journeyview activites timeline' for our cruise, there are now some activities, like trivia quizzes, and Art auction registration, but no mention of the the theatre shows Do these go into that section? Can we book them prior to boarding (or at least see what will on when)?
  8. Thanks, that's sounds similar to our experience for P&O a couple of weeks ago. Except we had a huge queue for CPS parking
  9. We have 11.45-1215 boarding/report time .... anyone had experience of how long that is taking to be tested? We really do not like waiting in the car, but have CPS parking included with the booking, so can't use anyone else to do walk in testing .
  10. Babby - i'll try and help with some of your questions The app you do not use until you are on the ship. All your pre-departure info you complete on the P&O website, under your booking. If everyone is in one booking, you will not need to log in and out. They ask you to print your health declaration, e-ticket and boarding pass. Although if you can't they can be done at the terminal. When you fill out the health questionnaire you will get an immediate online response saying clear, if you answer the questions correctly. They also ask you to upload a photo for each guest if you can (again not essential) It is essential you have the NHS certificate (not just the vaccination card) or the NHS app showing your jabs. Re entertainment, you should be able to book events in the main show lounge online now (in your booking)
  11. At the moment the app will only let me log in with the booking ref, full name , date of birth etc...... i'm not going through all that every day!
  12. From The Online Slang Dictionary -pants adj 1. inadequate, displeasing, or of poor quality. Possible origin: underwear, called "pants" in Brit
  13. I was only going to use one taken last month. If I took one yesterday, in my pj's with frizzy hair that would even less like I will on the ship .... hopefully 😀
  14. Are you allowed to order 2 drinks from the TV, one each?
  15. Thanks for the info, did you try ordering food or drinks from your in room TV at all?
  16. That's what I was thinking. it's a bit of a pain to be forever logging in and out!
  17. Same for us. There was no pint in doing all the health declaration online, they were not interested in looking at it, and asked everything again at the port!
  18. But then they should change the wording from '' 'Take or upload a photo to be used for guest identification '' To just Take .... and leave out upload!
  19. I had checked that, but it only offers me the option of 'add photos only' or 'none' so I guess I will have to take a new photo
  20. We have Princess Plus on our upcoming cruise. I have a smartphone, but my mum doesn't have one (or any other app device) I know using the app it's possible to order a drink, but I think just 1 per person at a time, on Princess Plus. Does this mean we won't be able to use the app to order 2 drinks on 1 device?
  21. Under 'Personal Information & Documents' it says 'Security Photo' Then it says 'Take or upload a photo to be used for guest identification ..etc' But when I touch 'Add Photo', it only lets me take a new one, not access my photos on my iphone Any ideas?
  22. How far in advance does the entertainment, like the shows, come on app please?
  23. I believe everyone was on freedom dining. When we embarked it was possible to dinner every day on the app, but only for upto 6pm ,,,,, after that it's just 'virtual waitlist' or turn up and get a pager
  24. The retreat was definitely open on our Aug 8 cruise, we spent 2 days in there! The thermal suite was closed. Definitely recommend the retreat, it's £25 a day, you book at the spa reception, and they give you a card to access it. I think a 4 day pass was £80
  25. It's interesting to hear about the different areas of the world the different cruise companies recruit from. We did find the service polite, but reserved. There was a couple of small issues (such as our cabin steward banging on the door and then ringing the phone .... when the 'i'm resting card was in the door) But nothing we complained about.
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