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  1. I am having trouble finding information about NCL Haven perks as they relate to laundry. We will be on a 17 day cruise, so going without laundry is not an option. In our past experiences, I know there is generally a time or two when they offer laundry at 19.95 per bag, which is helpful. My specific question, however, is - Does booking "HAVEN" suite entitle you to any laundry perks? Thank you.
  2. Thanks, this all doesn't surprise me. Darn. Was hoping I could get the family apple watches, and then walkie-talkie to each other around the ship.
  3. Thanks, Paul. So the Walkie Talkie function doesn't just function device-to-device over a Wifi network, but actually requires outside internet to work?
  4. Thanks, Pam! The Apple Watch can (at least new models) connect to Wifi, even when the paired iPhone is not present. Yes, you're right, the initial phone pairing is via bluetooth, and then after that, the devices communicate with each other via bluetooth and wifi. https://support.apple.com/en-ae/HT209071 I notice it does say in that support link that you can even choose which wifi network the watch connects to, if you have watchOS 5 or later. But the last paragraph states: I'm wondering if Princess's network would indeed be one of these captive networks, for starters. The idea would not be to access the outside internet via Princess@Sea, but rather use the Princess network as a LAN, with the Walkie Talkie function, for multiple Apple Watch owners to be able to reach each other over the LAN. In the past, on Princess, I have noticed that the LAN function (i.e. looking at the daily calendar) is fast and reliable. Obviously worlds different from accessing the internet.
  5. I'm very interested in the topic of Apple Watches and cruises. I'm thinking it would be fun to buy the family Apple Watches for our upcoming Princess cruise. Searched the forums, glad to find this thread. So for Apple Watch users, what I'm specifically wondering is, if you've been able to use the Walkie Talkie function while wandering around the ship, over the ship's Wifi. Was it with your iPhone constantly being with you everywhere on the ship? Or did the watch function on it's own over Wifi? Apple indicates the watch may not connect to some Wifi networks if they require sign-up logons.
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