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  1. Alaskan here, booked on Alaskan cruise 14 June on the NCL Bliss, SEA-SEA. The "token" foreign port on our itinerary was 5 hours in Victoria, on the way back to SEA. I'm waiting for the actual decision, but am anticipating the entire cruise to be canceled. Was "given" this cruise by Park West as an art VIP cruise. Interesting to see how this turns out.
  2. No argument there. But you were addressing the supposition that quarantining thousands of people together on the ship may have infected other healthy people onboard. This article someone else posted is of interest. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/14/escaping-the-coronavirus-petri-dish-doctor-lawmakers-seek-evacuations-from-quarantined-cruise-115143
  3. Agreed that it's speculation what the source is for any given person that's sick. But certainly, being confined on a ship with thousands of people, hundreds of which are sick, with transmissions happening multiple times a day, such as the delivery of food, increases the risk of disease transmissions. No stateroom cabin is a CDC-approved isolation facility.
  4. Oh, man. Having sailed on the Diamond only a year ago, I'm particularly saddened to have watched this story unfold. And that more and more passengers fall sick. It seems like quarantining everybody onboard has had the side effect of infecting other healthy passengers (and I assume crew) onboard. Continuing to watch this story.
  5. I am having trouble finding information about NCL Haven perks as they relate to laundry. We will be on a 17 day cruise, so going without laundry is not an option. In our past experiences, I know there is generally a time or two when they offer laundry at 19.95 per bag, which is helpful. My specific question, however, is - Does booking "HAVEN" suite entitle you to any laundry perks? Thank you.
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