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  1. I have an inside cabin booked on the Horizon but have decided to upgrade to a balcony. Looking at Cabin 10273 which is aft, about 6 cabins from the pool area. I am concerned about the noise from the pool area as they are usually playing loud music all day. Has anyone stayed on this deck and can you hear the music on your balcony? Would Deck 9 be a better choice?
  2. SantanaTto

    Can you bring pop on any more

    We just brought 12 cans of Coke onboard on our 2/25 sailing in a small suitcase and it went thru with no problem...
  3. Thank you, Seadog, for the fantastic review! We are sailing on the Anthem in 12 days doing the 12 day Southern Caribbean sailing. I have just one question.. At CoCo Cay, how cold was the water? Could you walk right in or did you have to baby step your way? We have been in March and the water was very cold!! Just curious...
  4. While working, 2-3 a year. Now that we are both retired, we seem to do 2 a year because we go to Siesta Key in Florida every June now for around 10 days. Plus, I visit my daughter out in Kansas City 2 weeks a year and my son in Michigan for a week or so. We also squeeze in shorter vacations, like Cape Cod, etc.
  5. SantanaTto

    Carry on case of soda

    Curious to know if you were able to take the soda on the ship.. We are sailing on the Anthem in February and I would like to bring 12 cans of soda onboard too!
  6. SantanaTto

    On the oasis now. Any questions?

    I would like to know how much a can of soda is...or a glass.
  7. SantanaTto

    Beverages/ Drinks prices?

    You only got an entire can of soda when you took it out of your room fridge.. Sent from my SM-T310 using Forums mobile app
  8. SantanaTto

    Beverages/ Drinks prices?

    Soda was around $3.47 a glass...$2.95 plus taxes and gratuity. Outrageous... And they didn't even give you the can!! Sent from my SM-T310 using Forums mobile app
  9. SantanaTto

    Sapphire Beach - Update

    Can you tell me how cold the water seemed to be? We will be there in 2 weeks. Last March, we went to NCL's private island and the water was freezing !! We will also be stopping for a day in St. Maarten also.
  10. SantanaTto

    # of days till your next Norwegian cruise?

    10 days until we leave on the Gem for the 5th time!
  11. SantanaTto

    Favorite Restaurant OSJ

    We always eat at El Jiberito on Calle Sol.... Nothing fancy but, great food and atmosphere!
  12. SantanaTto

    Does the Gem feel like an old boat?

    Will be on the Gem for the 5th time in February... We were on the Breakaway last March. I found the ship too big and way to loud! The noise level was horrendous, especially in the buffet and Atrium. I definitely prefer the Gem!
  13. I just booked the Gem sailing on 2/27/17 out of NYC. I picked the dining plan and 250 free internet minutes as my free bonus. When I received my confirmation, it also included all of the following....addl 100 internet minutes, casino money, 10 free photos and free phone calls! I was totally surprised!!!
  14. SantanaTto

    # of days till your next Norwegian cruise?

    We were booked on the Breakaway leaving today out of NY but, I had to cancel yesterday as my sister-in-law passed away Friday night ...
  15. SantanaTto

    Breakaway Hurricane News 10/9

    We are sailing to Bermuda on the Breakaway next Sunday.. Right now, I have no idea what to expect! But, if we are rerouted someplace else, I don't really care, I've already cruised to Bermuda 5 or 6 times..and been to the Bahamas another 5 times. I am just happy to be cruising..period!