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  1. So, if you are a diamond and marry a pinnacle you don’t get the status? Which means they leave you to eat in steerage? Haha Or if You are a diamond and get married, you will have same status until you reach pinnacle, then they will be 70+points behind you?
  2. We met him last week and he is extremely nice! Haven’t had him as our CD yet.
  3. On the Serenade Carly B signed off today and Andrea Olivieri is taking over. Carly is coming back sometime in Jan I believe.
  4. Yes then I hurt my shoulder(after resting it all week after my day 1 shoulder injury!!) that’s great when and what ship? We got a great deal on an 11 day leaving Nov 19! Sooner than we wanted, but I’m in between jobs so may as well since I have the time the deal was too good to pass up! I am not sure after that...hopefully do a couple next year!! Love your videos!!!
  5. Love your videos! We were with you during your stand up flow rising(I think my brother started the go pro) even saw myself standing in line! Great cruise love the Allure! Have your next cruise booked yet?!
  6. I’m going to do this tour next week and take a few things...I’ll try to post next week!
  7. Hey guys! We need some advice about My Time Dining on the Allure. We have never used My Time Dining. We usually do the early seating, but with it being at 5:30, it may cut into some activities we want to do. However, we do like same table/ waiter. I have read in the past sometimes you can get that with My Time Dining, but obviously not a guarantee. Does anyone have any experience with this on Allure? Also, can you do My Time Dining one night if you have a 5:30 pm table? Thank you so much!
  8. Love your updates! That is so neat that they are filming on your cruise!! I believe that it is a Hallmark movie!
  9. Hi! Has anyone that is a diamond member been able to get a robe on the Navigator of the Seas lately? We heard on our last cruise they were phasing them out. If they don’t, my mom will pack a thin one. Thank you so much!
  10. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in such detail! It is greatly appreciated!!! -Lisa
  11. leftylisa24

    Rental cars

    Hi Everyone! We are looking at renting a car in Curacao. I have done some research, but need some advice. Is the Avis car rental place at port the way to go? Or can we walk to another car rental agency in town? There are a lot of locations on Priceline, but I just don’t know which ones are close enough. Thank you for any advice that you may have! -Lisa
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