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  1. My mistake....was thinking 2009. (Like I said, ship looks great for 10 years old 😉) Also looks great for 6 years old too! In either case, Great vacation and lots of fun.
  2. Got off 5 hours ago Pour House is super fun. Get there early for a good seat. Howl at the Moon and Comedians are great. Entertainment is very good on this ship. (Did not attend Rock of Ages....was tired that night) Food is subjective: Le Bistro was great. Ocean Blue - we were not sure.....side dishes and appetizers just OK. But the main course fish options were all awesome. Skip La Cucina. Teppanyaki is fun and a lot of good food. (Standard Japanese steakhouse) Breakaway is approximately 10 years old and does NOT show much wear. We had a great time.
  3. If this tactic is true, I agree that it makes me more inclined not to tip. However, main reason for my post is to comment on the difference between poker tables and table games. Poker is a game where the players play against each other and not the house. The house 'rakes' at a poker game in order for the house to make some money off the play. Table games like blackjack have a built-in odds advantage for the house.....that is how the house 'rakes' at a table game. In both situations, the house makes money. If you choose to tip the dealer, you should be tipping THEM (not the cruise line) for dealing you good cards that allowed you to win. It is the same at poker and blackjack.
  4. Quick question. We are Platinum. We are booked on the Breakaway in a couple of weeks in the Haven. We booked the 5 option package which included the beverage plan and 3 Specialty dinners. Those are listed on our reservation. What is not listed is the 2 dinners that one would get from Platinum status. At first, I was not worried about this and felt it would be added once on the cruise. But I also noticed that we do have the Latitude Internet bonus on the reservation. This makes me concerned that we might not have the 2 Platinum dinners on our reservation. Do I need to contact my travel agent? Will the concierge in the Haven fix this if it is not there on the ship? Wondering what others would do. Thanks
  5. Thanks to all. Especially appreciate the recent experiences of NWPacific and paulis. We did come up with a back up plan if there are delays. .
  6. Thank you FRANKnBEANS…..that is exactly what I was hoping to hear. If we are off the ship by 7:15, we will be good. Any other opinions would be great
  7. Travelling on Breakaway at the end of March. We are staying in the Haven and I know that we will disembark first. I thought I had planned my flight accordingly. However, I am learning about construction near the port/convention center and I also noted the fact that Carnival Dream will be arriving same day. It seems as if Breakaway is scheduled before the Dream, but arrival time is 7AM. Multiple variables at play; most notable being the fact that I thought arrival time was 6AM (not 7AM). I am looking for information on what time previous Haven passengers were off the ship in NOLA. (I don't want to say, but plenty will ask......I am presently scheduled on a 9:30 flight) PS: I am not looking for judgement about my flight plans. We travel light, we do not need assistance, we have been in the Haven before, we are seasoned travelers, and we have TSA. My mistake was thinking 6AM and not 7AM. And I am trying to get in front of this rather than being anxious for a week prior to disembarkation.
  8. Can you comment on disembarkation from Haven. I know you get first priority and get escorted down. Wondering what time that occurred for you as we are deciding how early a flight to take in April. Thanks
  9. Family of 5 including adult children aged 18-22. We enjoy Carnival, RCCL, and NCL. We generally like newer ships, but our favorite Carnival ship has been the Breeze. We are looking at Western Caribbean itineraries. Only difference is the Breeze stops in Costa Maya and Vista has an extra sea day (not an issue either way). Airfare to both Orlando and Houston is about the same. Fare is $1500 total more to go on Vista. Since new activities like SkyRide are not going to be a big draw for my kids, I am looking for opinions on whether the added expense is worth going on the newer Vista rather than another week on the Breeze.
  10. I realize this could be posted on a Port Of Call board, but hope to get answers quicker on the NCL board We are considering renting a beach villa or pool cabana when we visit Harvest Caye in March. Prior to doing this, we were wondering if there are any perks for Haven guests at HC. Thanks for any info
  11. Lots of variables for you. American is pretty good at LAX. And first class and TSA gets you to the gate quicker In general, Agree that LGB is best and closest if they have a late morning flight. In general, I would definitely fly into LAX. If price was similar and LGB not an option, my second choice for departure would be SNA. Agree that Burbank and Ontario are too far and there would need to be a significant savings to justify the drive.
  12. I agree that the glass will significantly reduce UV light/tanning. We will be on Breakaway in March. I would like more info on the closure issue. We have been on Getaway and there are plenty of loungers in the sun. Looking at the pictures of the upper part of the Haven, I can see that much of the top deck is under cover. How much room is there toward the front on the starboard side? Is it crowded?
  13. Thanks for the live updates. Can you give a little more info on the weather you have had thus far. My parents are on the ship and I was wondering. Thanks
  14. Let me start with the obligatory disclaimers: I am a loyal RC cruiser. We are Diamond members who love the new ships I understand that cruise prices are not much higher now than they were 20 years ago; thus cruise lines are going to look for alternate ways to increase income. And most importantly, don't play BINGO if you don't want to play BINGO With that being said, I believe that RCCL has far exceeded reasonableness with the cost of BINGO. Until last week, we hadn't played BINGO for 4 or 5 years. When we went down to play on the Allure last week, we were surprised to see various packages of BINGO cards ranging from $30-80 for one session. (they do offer a Buy 2, get 1 free deal) In any case, I would estimate that there were 150-200 people in the room playing BINGO. Reasonable guess is that that the cruise line took in ~$8000 for that session. In the past, a BINGO session would include 5 games of BINGO. This session included only 3. But the crazy part is the payoffs: $160 for the first game, $350 for second game, $510 for the last. Approximately $1000 total in spite of taking in between $5K-$10K. Even for the Final Jackpot Bingo, the jackpot was only $2000. I recall on our very first cruise in 1993, the jackpot was over $5000. There were a lot more players and the cost to play was probably $15-30. RCCL.....why are you skimming so much off the top? Make this more fun for all players. Play 4-5 games per session MORE WINNERS. Increase the payouts to something like say, 25-30% of income. MORE INTICING Drop the price slightly, MORE PLAYERS
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