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  1. Sounds like a $2000 pp room for two. We always get a casino drink card which varies with your level. They keep the perks close to the vest. We only get a room discount 10 , 15 % etc. Still a deal. Plus this cruise has a big. Obc
  2. Have to use your players card, then if you are rated at a casino like Caesars diamond, you can actually call NCL and get a room. Lots of local casinos have cruise giveaways
  3. On one trip we friended a couple at the casino who were $1 slot players. They got an invite for an all inclusive dinner in a private room and they invited us. Drinks and everything. POW . It all depends.
  4. It's all varies depends on what your play is. A free cruise can be anything from an inside cabin with option to upgrade on up. We get a free inside on Norwegian when ever we want to go except Hawaii.
  5. You get a drink card,, entrance to slot tournament s , reception party. Usually chocolate strawberries in your room. The big reward is a another players cruise . Some people are getting a similar offer but with $150 play. You also get a reduced room rate, 15 percent 20 percent etc. . We took the deal.
  6. We took the through the canal trip and it was a disaster. They said that the lake level was down and we had to follow a cargo ship through all the locks. Once you've been through a lock or two, they're all the same. We ended up getting back to the ship way after dark and about an hour after scheduled departure time. We were the last folks let into the dining room and the last to leave. Sitting on a bench for 8 hours is not fun. On our first trip we stayed on board and went through the locks in and out of the lake. had lunch, took a nap. etc. All in A/C comfort.
  7. On the same Oct. cruise. This is our first VIP cruise but we were even getting the nightly gifts from the casino on our other trips. Strawberries, Champagne etc. . I would go up to the bar for drinks and tip $1 . they got real glad to see me. It was a cruise out of London, some groups don't tip much if at all. So I guess we would be eligible for the spring 2020 cruise, whenever that might be.
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