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  1. We had a group that we formed from CC on a Princess Med in 09, cruise that included Turkey and Egypt. This was all before all the Mid East turmoil when everything shut down. Had a ball and there was a travel agent on board and on the CC role call. she arranged some private tours for our group that wound up saving us a ton of money compared to the Princess prices. We'd meet up at the same bar most nights. There were enough of us to fill 3 buses. By the end of two weeks everybody knew everybody. We still talk about it.
  2. Now looking out to Feb 2022, Just got a discount brochure from Princess.
  3. Our cousins in Australia says their borders are still closed within the country.
  4. Snow? let me answer that. Snow is the reason for the cruisen season. to be poetic.
  5. I guess a cruise with limited ports is what's called a casino cruise. But don't touch the cards. Stand every 30 minutes and get sprayed down. Last time we did a don't get off at port, we slept late, ate late, watched "TopGun" and "Casablanca", had popcorn . Still no room at the pool. We're book Feb 7th Carib. Princess Ft. Laudredale.
  6. I've had the same thought. The closer it gets, the less likely it seems like it will happen. If the ports are closed, then NO. If they impose the guided ship tours only rule that's even harder. Most of the Caribbean ports I've been to so many times that we just go to lunch or a bar for a drink and stroll around. My question is if no cruise, then what to do in February?????
  7. we had an October California and waited . Then Canada closed ports last week and Princess canceled. I called 6/5 and moved the double FCC over to another cruise in February that I had already booked. Wasn't sure if I could use the FCC on top of the one I used to book Feb. in the first place. Seems to have gone through OK.
  8. Funny, we got our offer back in February $300 plus wifi, tips, drinks. We always get some offer on a regular basis. This was for all destinations. Booked 2/7/21 cruise. Looks like they're really pushing the Casino deals, guess that's where the money is. we always book a mini, there was no room included but our Players Club discount on any room.
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