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  1. We have used an HDMI and universal remote in the past. Most of the time we have been successful. Only one time it did not work and that was because we could not get to the HDMI
  2. So glad you got a response! We used Greyline in Brazil a couple of years ago and the tours were fine. Just a few more people on them than we prefer!
  3. One of my group have them booked in Puerto Montt also. She told me she used WhatsApp worked much better!! Re our group from Santiago, yes I think we got one bus as we are all at the DoubleTree.. Try WhatsApp
  4. We found our room steward much more friendly and helpful last time than the butler. The tip at the end reflected this!
  5. Perfect and thanks so much for the reply!!
  6. I booked my group of 12 for the transfer and tour. It did take two emails but they responded. Since we are on the same sailing I cannot review them yet!! !!
  7. For those who have stayed there is there a supermarket close by?
  8. We were given specialty dinner, drinks etc!!
  9. Is this based on cabin or PP? Just wondering. We did a suite once and left approx the same but the butler had the 150 and concierge 100. This was because we felt the butler was more on point!
  10. Hi We were given 3 of these from NCL as our cruise cost dropped dramatically after full payment. I have looked all over and these do not say non refundable. My question is may I use them towards the gratuities? Thanks in advance
  11. that is great to know. I could not find that information anywhere and we fell in love with them on the Pearl! 14 days will go very quickly on them!!
  12. Hey, Saw your note on the Spa. Does it have the heated loungers now? We loved them on the Pearl and the Breakaway. We are taking the Star for a South American cruise in Feb and wondering if we need to get Spa Passes. Thanks in advance
  13. Thank you for the information!! That is good to know!
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