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  1. Our problem on norwegian,just to give an example on 1 night,in the atrium,there was an event at 830,and anotger at 9. we got there at 745. Bot one seat in the entire area was available. We walked for 15 minutes, came back Still the same. Just not enough seats,so we missed 2 events.so that was our concern
  2. I have never been on Royal Caribbean. On my first 5 cruises,the passenger capacity was between 2000 and 3100. On my last cruise,I decided to try a larger ship and went on NCL breakaway with 4000 or so passengers. We noticed soon enough,that while there were between 1000 to 2000 more passengers,the venues such as theater and atrium were no larger than smaller ships.and especially in atrium missed many shows for lack of seats,even an hour in advance. Recently,we had been considering Independence of the seas,but were concerned, that with 4300 passengers,we could have the same issues,which for arthritic seniors would be a deal breaker. So could those who have been on that ship please let us know. Thank you
  3. We love Dan Dan too,but we are hopeful about Alvin
  4. On embarkation day, for the breakaway,besides the buffet and Osheehans,are there any other places open for lunch
  5. margincall


    Yes and after 50 i gave up
  6. margincall


    At great stirrup cay,can anyone tell me the cost for a clamshell And the cost for the hippo slide Thanks
  7. It has probably been asked before (maybe by me even-senior moment) But can't find it. I will be on Breakaway later this year. Can any of the OBC go towards the gratuities Thanks
  8. I called NCL I think they are negotiating the new contract
  9. We are 79 days out,and we notice 4 excursions listed for Nassau on NCL site,are still not listed on my ncl,including one my grandaughter would like. Is this unusual?
  10. Not gonna go without her Tryibg to find how much the crew help
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