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  1. I haven't seen it offered for my cruise on 12/1 (Encore). Where exactly did you see it offered? This way I can go look at it further. I'm considering it - but probably won't get it.
  2. I have the 3 free dinning package and I just added a dinner reservation, which brings me to 4 reservations now. And, I added a complimentary show (Choir of Men) and I'm getting the same payment message now. Actually, nothing showed in my cart and I went to check out and it didn't show a balance. But it also didn't show that anything was booked (aka it went through). So I went and logged out and back in. Now it shows all the dinning reservations and the show reservation. But now it's also showing "it's on hold and they are awaiting final payment" - but this has been paid in full for a while. So either, because I added a 4th dinner and they are charging me - or it's a glitch. I'm not sure, but instead of making myself crazy I'm walking away for the night and will deal with it tomorrow instead.
  3. My cousin had adjoining balcony rooms on the Breakaway when we went in 2016. She has three girls. At the time they were 9 months, 3 and 9. The kids were in one room and her and her husband in the adjoining room. They kept the door open majority of the time at least during the day. I don't know if they closed it during sleep time because I wasn't obviously there. But when I babysat one night and the two little's went to bed, I closed their door partially to block out some light and kept the parents side open. The adjoining rooms worked out great because they were able to pass back and forth easily. They had extra room. They had two bathrooms. This year they are doing all 5 in a oceanview family room. It will be much tighter. But it looks nice. For the kids room, she kept the balcony closed and covered with luggage in front of the door. The 3 year old never realized it was their own balcony, the 9 year is literally a picture perfect kid and wouldn't dare open the curtains. And thankfully the baby wasn't old enough yet (this time, she'd be the one climbing over the balcony!). They used the parents balcony accordingly. So they didn't have the room steward open the two balconies. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for posting. I was wondering too. I'm like your wife - I want to be prepared with glow sticks and outfits. What is the dress up or not night like - is that a formal dress up or not? And latin night, did anyone dress in theme? 70/80's - I'm good. And glow party - thanks for the video!
  5. I was on this cruise - well the original one! But it got canceled, and now your week is the first Miami week instead. I can't wait to see photos! Can you please post the Odna menu? I'm dying to see what that is like. Thanks! Enjoy!
  6. I went in 2016 with my god-daughters. They were 1, 2.5 and 9. The 1 year old slept through most of the dinner. She was awake when we got there and didn't have her own meal. She shared some rice and then basically fell asleep. She is also one of the most chillest kids I've ever met, so she just chilled in her carriage before she slept. If it wasn't for the carriage at the end of the table (between her mom and I at the end) you would have never know she was there. The 2.5 year old loved it! The chef kept her entertained. She was so excited, she really enjoyed it. When he was done with the "show" and it was time to eat, she ate some of her food. But as a typical 2.5 year old, she didn't finish it. She sat the table and her and I talked or we colored (we're besties! haha). She's a fairly hyperactive child, but we were able to keep her attention throughout the entire dinner without the use of any electronics. I guess it's up to the children and how they behave. My god-daughters are very well behaved. Honestly, we had more issues at the buffet - because they could get up and move around and make a mess. In Teppanyaki, they were angels! Good luck!
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