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  1. We will be sailing on Celebrity Equinox in June. Carnival usually has a special at least once during the cruise where you can fill a laundry bag and have it done for $15. Does Celebrity have anything similar?
  2. Are there any chairs there, or just a standing area?
  3. We will be on the Sunshine next week. Can anyone tell me the movies currently playing on the big screen on the Lido deck? Thanks!
  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS INFO - Is this on most ships on the first night? How many martinis do you get to taste for $20? Will there be other tastings on an eight night cruise?
  5. Details please: Price? Do they have this on the Sunshine?
  6. This will be cruise #15 for me, but I've cruised on different lines, and I can't remember where we did this. Does Carnival Sunshine have Margarita or Martini Tasting Parties? (Where you pay a certain amount and are served several different drinks for tasting).
  7. Will someone please direct me to a link or post a picture? Thanks so much!
  8. Does anyone have a recent bar menu with prices? Major interest is mixed drinks and beer. Thanks ! (We will be on the Carnival Sunshine, but I assume prices are the same throughout the Carnival line.)
  9. Tell me more about these cakes. Anyone have pictures?
  10. 1) Embarkation Day Lunch - Can you eat Italian or go to the dining room? 2) BBQ - Is there Guy's Pig and Anchor? Thanks!
  11. Where can you get hot chocolate on the Solstice? Does the Classic Beverage include the specialty coffees and hot chocolate?
  12. We have two celebrity cruises booked. On one we booked the go best and got premium beverage packages. On one we did a choose two and got the Classic. What does it cost to upgrade from classic to premium?
  13. Thanks to you all! We've already booked C class for two upcoming cruises, so the decision has already been made. Just wondering what to expect, and you all helped a lot. Now - to hijack my own thread - I have points with RCI and have called and they took my info. How might that help me? I previously have two 7 day and one 9 nine day cruises with them.
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