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  1. We did about a half hour ago. I have no clue why I never invested in CCL before, with as much as we cruise Carnival it just makes sense! Excited to officially be part of the family 😉
  2. I just rebooked last night, we were originally on the 15 nighter so our price was big- I got FCC of about $1200 - which I put toward an 8 night cruise in 2021. It was definitely not based on our last cruise which was only 5 nights 🙂 For us the discounted price of the new cruise was about 70% off the listed price, with the 25% discount from Mardi Gras
  3. My daughter is on board and told us several tender loads had already left when they announced the change. She thought people were already on the island but I think she was just guessing that based on what time the tenders started departing. She said seas were calm.
  4. For the 25% discount and $100 OBC it says “when you book any sailing within the next 60 days”. Does that mean we have to actually sail within those 60 days or is it just making a booking they require?
  5. I’ve spent hours today perusing this 😄 Great info!! Thanks!
  6. We'll be on a Sky Princess TA next September and I was wondering what to expect on the long stretch of "at sea" days. Are there many activities going on to keep you busy? I'm generally content with a book and a cocktail but I think my husband and brother in law may get a little antsy, so hoping there's stuff to keep them busy. Also am I correct in understanding there is no piano bar on this ship?? We're typically a watch one big show, a few comedy shows- and the rest of the time the casino and the piano bar people- I'm sure we'll find plenty of nightlife but is there some popular a
  7. We are saving over $2000 on our TA- and that’s after the slight cabin increase and loss of OBC!!!! I can’t believe it!
  8. TA just told me our increase is actually $300 less than princess originally quoted. I also found out the free WiFi is per guest so 2 devices, increasing those savings to $300. net savings going this route is $2070 for us!
  9. This worked out great for us!! We are on a 15 nt TA and by rebooking under this code our cabin was about $700 more, and we lost $400 OBC- so about $1100 more. Drink package $2123.00 Wifi $150 Gratuities $435 Which saved us about $1608 total
  10. Hello!!! So excited to join this roll call! We booked yesterday :-) My husband retires from 30 years of duty in the Coast Guard on Sep 30, 2020 so obviously we had to get him on a ship ASAP 😂 We will be traveling from VA, we are experienced cruisers in our late 40s, and are totally excited about this ship and itinerary!
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