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    Is the self-disembark really worth it? We return to Miami on a Sat. and have a flight out of Fort Lauderdale at 11am. I know, we're definitely cutting it close but based on past experience we've had good luck with early flights and in addition, it's a short flight for us and we won't be upset if we miss our scheduled and get a later because we have friends in the area that we could catch up with. So, having said all that, is the self-disembark option better than just getting the earliest disembark color or will we just end up standing in the same lines as the early disembark color group except we're the ones schlepping our luggage around?
  2. Hi all - I will be sailing on NOS out of Miami in Feb and am looking in to using Just Because of You, Inc to deliver a wine basket to our stateroom. On their price list, there is a disclaimer that says prices do not include "cruise line receiving fees per gift". I was under the impression that the total cost to me would consist of the price of the basket, sales tax and a $5 delivery fee. Is it possible that RCI will charge me a separate receiving fee and if so, how much? Thanks!