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  1. Thanks, that's wonderful news! I got the Haven mainly for my wife, because she will appreciate the "small ship" experience. But out of all the amenities provided in the Haven, I am mainly looking forward to the Haven restaurant experience, and getting on the ship first.
  2. Thanks so much! I sailed last on the Bliss in 2018. I was hoping that NCL returned to serving lobster tail because there were none at all on the ship, not even in the specialty restaurants (I know many people are unimpressed with cruise lobster but I still love having it as an option). I don't mind the menu not changing as I'm certain I'll be able to identify at least 5 dinner entrees that will make me happy. In the old days, almost any topic could elicit a fiery exchange on almost any cruise board, so I try my best to focus on the positive comments, or at least the comments I can learn from.
  3. Thank you all so much! The last cruise I sailed on was in 2018 on the Bliss, and lobster was nowhere to be found. For the first time, we'll be sailing in the Haven, and hoping to see that on the menu.
  4. Hi all, I'm just happily anticipating (read: obsessing about) our next cruise on the NCL Bliss in the Haven (1st time in the full Haven with restaurant). I've often felt like there are some things I miss about the old school cruising (since 1997) and some things I like about the new way of cruising. I've been on 34 cruises, but only on the mainstream lines: Royal Caribbean, Princess, NCL, Carnival, Celebrity. My pros/cons are: Pros for the new school: Gratuities are precalculated and easily paid - I used to hate spending time on my cruise getting cash, making decisions, putting $ in envelopes, etc. Beverage packages abound - I'm not much of a drinker until I get on a cruise ship but I love the feeling of an all you want, inclusive experience. Even sodas were not usually part of a package. Food options: though they cost extra sometimes, it is nice to have a huge variety to choose from (yes, I'm a pig, but I enjoy sampling lots of bites, not necessarily eating a "Henry VIII" type cut of steak). Alternative dining for dinner used to be pretty barren. Now they approximate the main dining room meals, which was good for those who simply didn't want to spend 2 hours eating in the MDR. Cons for the new school: The ladies used to wear much more sequined outfits and the gentlemen wore tuxes - now, not so much. There were few specialty dining options, and now there are plenty but, the MDR meals used to be very special - Now it seems cruiselines just use the MDR meals as a reason to go to the specialty restaurants. Though today, most of us wouldn't necessarily dine with 6 strangers, I kind of miss discussing the shows (there was usually only 1 main show back then) with people at the dinner table. What things do you like about the new school vs old school cruising, or vice-versa?
  5. Thanks so much for this list! I can't tell you how much I love these kinds of things. I've already looked over the drink menus (from 2 years ago) and so far, I don't recognize many of these drinks even being on the menu. I will definitely be studying this one, LOL. On my last cruise, there were 2 couples making fun of me because they said I would only taste my drinks and then leave them at the table (I had the bev package and am kind of a lightweight). So, just to show them up, I drank a bunch of high end type drinks to finish off my night. I pretty much finished myself off in the process.
  6. Thanks, and certainly not picking a fight, LOL, just showing the other side.
  7. I'm laughing at the fact that you have to "step through a minefield" when discussing children in the Haven. We are looking forward to cruising for the first time in the real Haven (we were on the Star with partial Haven amenities) soon, and I can't wait for the experience. Frankly, the 2 amenities I care about most are the ability to board first (I'm like a 12 year old kid at Christmas when it comes time to sail), and having meals at the Haven Restaurant, where the food is, reputedly, the best on the ship.
  8. I completely understand your comments but, as a long time cruiser, I will repeat what someone once said: Not everyone orders 5 lobster tails on lobster night, but the fact that you can, sells a lot of cruises. I always like the lobster, and the ability for "All You Can Eat" makes it special to me. But frankly, even if I didn't like it, it's the mental aspect of feeling like you are on a luxury vacation with AYCE "delicacies" that drive many of us. I find it funny when so many jump into a lobster question only to say things like "don't order it", "it''s awful", "it's not real lobster", "you won't miss it", etc. IOW, people don't usually ask questions about lobster tails being served because they are expecting the best in the world. It's just a fun mindset. LOL, the people, I would imagine, that really hate the lobsters, are the people from the NorthEast U.S. I've been on 34 cruises and I now love NCL, but I do miss the lobster nights in the MDR, whether they were good or not.
  9. Very interesting. Did you happen to speak with anyone about whether NCL would return to serving lobster tails in The Haven or the MDR, or Ocean Blue?
  10. I will say that on my last cruise, Carnival had a bar called "The Alchemy Bar" (I think). What was great was that you could tell them the alcohol you liked, the color of the drink, and level of sweetness and they will create something for you. I did that and loved it! Most would never order like I did: strong alcohol (Idk what he picked), extremely sweet taste, and purple/lavendar in color. I am now looking forward to The Haven on NCL, and I've read that they have bartenders who will do the same. I can't wait!
  11. You know, I've always wondered why people have "home" bars? Maybe because I've never been much of a drinker (I'm only an alcoholic on cruise ships because of the bev package), so I don't quite get it. Even when I used to watch Cheers on TV, it seemed many of them designated Cheers as "My Bar". As long as you have fun, that's all that matters.
  12. I think you just broke my wife. She will NEVER be able to call me anal again... I have to admit that I love the teal colored sea days.
  13. We should all be that kind of OCD, because you may obsessively plan, but you also stated that you can just enjoy by the time you leave. Props to you! I don't plan quite as much as you but I do make a list on my pc of all the things I'm excited about.
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