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  1. Someone named Bird travels posted a bunch of menus from The Encore. Teppanyaki has two signature cocktails on the menu: Shaku-Shaku $11 Sake, Chartreuse, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup Wasabi Cocktail $11 Sake, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon juice, fresh orange juice, grenadine So I have no idea whether or not they sell warm sake by itself, but I would imagine they do, if they feature a couple of cocktails that have sake in them.
  2. From google: Seamless, formerly known as Seamless Web, is a food delivery service that's part of the Grubhub brand. Offering an app and an online service, Seamless offers food from nearby cafes, restaurants, and popular fast food locations near your specific area for pick-up and for delivery.
  3. I apologize in advance, but I think I'm going to steal this line from you when I address my group... I think if I say this in the appropriate tone, it would sound almost "Breaking Bad - like" because the implication would be that "I am the one who knocks!".
  4. I only do the planning for our cruises because I'm anal-retentive and a big kid, so I'll gladly do all the preparation. The only exception being for our very first cruise, back in 1997. My wife dragged me,... kicking, biting, and screaming onto our first cruise ship. I couldn't understand why we were spending so much money to be on a boat for a week. I then proceeded to have the best week of my entire life, and I have dragged my wife onto 33 more cruises (and to be clear, it's all her fault, so it serves her right), with 1 more coming soon.
  5. Can you assure me, and I mean with 100% certainty, that we do not have the exact same wife and kids?
  6. I am already ashamed of you. I've got the much more sophisticated palate of a nine year old and would never order the kids mac & cheese, unless it was made in the soul food style. However, I vehemently agree with you; to each his own. When the OP stated at a certain price, there were lots of michelin rated restaurants and 5 star hotels available, another might say: "Yeah, but those are not necessarily floating hotels that take you from destination to destination, that have your entertainment 5 minutes away, etc."
  7. I'd like to second that point, in addition to adding one more: value is a subjective term. While our next sailing will be our first experience in a “full-fledged” Haven, I expect my wife will genuinely appreciate the higher level of service, food, and exclusivity the Haven provides, while I will appreciate mostly the large ship aspects of a 4000 passenger vessel. As a big kid, I enjoy the water park, water slides, buffets, incredible entertainment options, etc, in addition to the upgraded service and food in the Haven. So in my opinion, this “best of both worlds” experience is actually worth more than a typical elite 7 Day cruise on a luxury ship, simply because we each have different desires!
  8. I, literally, went to an online chat with NCL, and they said YES, but it's for the "premium-plus" pkg.
  9. I agree with Phillygwm. Ultimately, it's $35pp per day. Just pace yourself. Don't try to be a hero. I'd be willing to bet that I have a lower tolerance level than you, and I'm going for it. My best friend is a sommelier (or so he says), and he will make comments ~ I can taste the berries, nuts, wood, etc. When he makes me taste wine, my comment is usually "I taste grapes and alcohol", so I really don't have the pallette for it. To give you an idea of how obsessive I'm being over the upcoming cruise, I saw a list of upgraded wines and, other than Inniskillin and Moet, never heard of any of these, so I googled each bottle, just to see what was supposed to be most expensive, to try to get my money's worth. Challenge very much accepted.
  10. Not to be pedantic (I know, it's too late for that) but I have no idea how to pronounce "vuhv". I would have rhymed it with "dove", but apparently, that's not the right way. Can anyone think of a word that rhymes with it in English?
  11. Damn, I'm just gonna use my finger to point to the menu...
  12. I'm okay with Veuve meaning "widow", as long as Clicquot doesn't mean "maker". In that case, I'm out.
  13. I think you nailed it when you said "I would be happy without the premium pkg" because I certainly would too, but the added element of the premium-plus pkg (even though I see it as just another $ grab by cruise ships) is making me anticipate the sailing even more. And paying up front is just another way the cruise "feels" like an all-inclusive event, even if they are going to make a nice profit from me.
  14. Oh boy, now I've got 3 different pronounciations to worry about. I think I'll just say "May I have a glass of the most expensive champagne you have?", or "Gimme the most expensive champagne this upgraded card will buy". Actually, maybe I should just give up and pronounce it "Mo-ay"? Knowing me, I'll just ask the bartender "How do YOU pronounce this champagne?", just to avoid looking like a 60-year old teenager with a fake id card, and roll with that.
  15. I will be shocked out of my gourde if you can't have the higher level of champagne in your mimosas! That's one of the reasons why I've decided to upgrade. I have 2 favorite drinks on NCL - glacier blue and blackberry bourbon thingy (in the Maltings Bar), and I could not love those drinks more. But outside of those, I'm going to ask for the premium plus level drinks in everything else. This means Veuve Clicquot (BTW, I read that it's pronounced "Vuv", not "Voove", as most people say). I will try it by saying "Vuv", but if the bartenders look at me like I'm an idiot (probably rightfully so), I will then pronounce it "Voove". I also plan to ask for Patron anejo in my margaritas. Of course, they will be able to put anything in my drinks and I won't be able to tell the difference, but a man can dream and pretend...
  16. FWIW, someone nicknamed Bird posted some menus from the Encore and I noticed on The Local menu: ENERGY $5 Red Bull Red Bull Sugarfree Red Bull The Yellow Edition - Tropical
  17. I am sooo mad at you, even though I don't know you. Do you have any idea how excited you just got me? I am a pig, who loves to go on cruises (34 so far) so that I can eat all day. I'm looking forward to our first experience in the "full" Haven early next year. I've been searching for the newest menus, and you posted them! I can't thank you enough.
  18. I'm finding it interesting that so many enjoy a filet, as do I. But it seems every single video I watch, with various chefs, insist the best steak is a ribeye. I enjoy virtually any steakhouse but, weirdly enough, I actually enjoyed the steak at LeBistro even moreso than at Cagneys, go figure! Ofc, I'm not mad at either restaurant.
  19. Oh, I assumed that the room service menu was the room service menu! Are you saying that if my daughter orders something from room service, it can be made in the Haven restaurant, or are you saying that they could have different offers from that restaurant? I already knew we could have room service delivered during meal times from the Haven (which my wife and I will never do, but my daughter might!)
  20. You just reaffirmed my logical thoughts for the Haven. I think my wife will greatly enjoy the exclusivity and service, while I will greatly enjoy the amenities of a big ship. Frankly, I am mostly looking forward to getting on the ship early, and the Haven restaurant.
  21. You have absolutely no idea how happy you have just, inadvertantly, made me! We have been on NCL's older ships where the Haven was only a partial experience because there was no dedicated Haven restaurant. We also sailed on the Bliss a few years ago, in a non-Haven cabin. We love that ship! The one caveat was that there was no lobster available anywhere. We will be sailing on the Bliss soon, in the Haven (because of a huge celebration), and I was hoping that NCL returned to offering lobster. From your post, it appears they did, and I'm escstatic. Thanks for contributing to my already over the top excitement and anticipation.
  22. I guess I'll have to change my rating criteria to "retch" or "not retch" 😂. This may get me killed by the true wine/champagne connoisseurs but, honestly, I would normally prefer a Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante over any champagne (Oh, stop your booing) but, like I said, Big Papa wants to feel special, even if he has to fake it...
  23. How about an opinion from a (relative) non-drinker? I will imbibe from time to time during the year but I am NOT a sophisticated drinker AT ALL. I promise you I could take a blind taste test of the "bottom of the barrel" rot gut, supermarket, unknown brand of tequila and various upscale tequilas like Patron Anejo and Don Julio, and I would only be guessing at the "higher quality" brand. The same goes for champagne. There is a financial consideration as well as an emotional consideration. Most don't "need" the premium plus package. Financially, I can easily rationalize the cost by saying I'll drink 2 glasses of Veuve Clicquot (@$35 each) with my breakfast to make it like a daily Sunday Brunch. My wife enjoys Patron Anejo (@$25 each). The added cost of the premium plus package is $58 per day for both of us, vs. the separate, non premium package drinks cost of $60. The financial investment decision is easy to make. Then there's the emotional consideration: In my case, I've never ever been afforded the opportunity to drink an unlimited number of high end drinks, and though I'm a lightweight (even at 6'3" and 250 lbs.), I just want to feel like a King for a week because we are celebrating a huge event. The premium plus package has already been ordered, and I will not regret it, despite the fact that I have never tasted Veuve Clicquot. I did see a list of the premium plus drinks and noticed they had Inniskillin (Ice Wine) on there, and THAT I know I like! LOL, "worth it" is such an incredibly subjective term. I'm sure you could ask the same question about cabins. IE Is a balcony, or suite, or Haven cabin worth it? You will get a million answers, and that's part of what makes cruising, and lots of other things, great!
  24. I will definitely try your strategy.
  25. Thanks, that's wonderful news! I got the Haven mainly for my wife, because she will appreciate the "small ship" experience. But out of all the amenities provided in the Haven, I am mainly looking forward to the Haven restaurant experience, and getting on the ship first.
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