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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do all of your reviews. They are so entertaining & helpful when I plan my cruises.
  2. Oh no! Now I am nervous. We are taking a tour with the same company in 1/30 on the breakaway except we are doing the dune buggy. My husband has a bad foot & can't walk far distances. What would of happened if you went right to the parking lot instead of your long journey? (I know you didn't know where it was just asking for us) Did you have to tender?
  3. Still waiting to hear what you did in Cozumel lol.
  4. Can you reserve the clamshell from the app or the touchscreen when you 1st get on board or only thru the shorex desk?
  5. I can't wait to see what you decided to do in the ports.
  6. I was on the Escape in Aug & everytime we went to Spice H20 all those chairs were empty any time of the day. I couldn't figure out why they were there
  7. @Victorious8 I too hope you finish your review. It is very entertaining
  8. Haha so we had a weird sense of humor. Its officially called Fu Nan Fu Nu. But we call it the FU game. It has 2 chinese babies riding dragons on the top of the machine & if you touch them they jump & giggle. This is above the actual game
  9. This was on the Escape Aug this year. Was only in the casino about 5 mins when I hit the 3K didn't even get my 1st drink yet. The thousand I hit about a hour later. All week I was winning came home with over 7K
  10. So 2 ships pull in a port lol We are on the Breakaway & going to Harvest Caye on Jan 28th with the Escape. Same exact times 8 to 5 So is it the 1st ship in wins the dock space?
  11. I have received my free cruises thru my land based casino. & I don't need to enter any tournaments or gamble a certain amount of money
  12. We went on the Epic & of course I wore flip flops lol. My son gave me his socks to put on. One of my sons was under 18 so he had non alcoholic drinks & they were actually better than the ones they served us! I tried to get them to put vodka in them but they wouldn't
  13. I'm confused. I am booked on the 1/22/20 Breakaway & under my entertainment it shows Rock of Ages & even on NCL website under ships it shows the same.
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