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  1. First of all here are a few demographics. My boyfriend and I are both in our early 20's, both students, from Georgia. We chose this cruise because of the price and the itenirary. We booked with a TA, he got us an upgrade from an inside to a 5A, which was ok with us, we were happy to be anywhere on the ship. Precruise: We flew in a day early and stayed in at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan. Nice hotel, I don't really have any complaints, for the price I paid (I was able to get it via an internet bidding site) it very much exceeded my expectations, we were able to get a newly renovated room as well. Embarktion: A breeze. We got to the terminal a little before noon since our check out time was at 11 AM. We walked in, was checked in within 20 minutes, and we seated in a large waiting area. There is a nice duty free store for liquor, and they give free samples. When you buy liquor, they will flat out tell you to put it in your carry on and you can consume it on the ship. My cashier even helped me in repacking my carry on to accomodate the bottles, and he bagged the wine and water separately, since those items can be carried on. Around 1:20, (the wait was not bad, we struck up conversation with a lot of people around us, and we were in zone 2). We went through security and was on the boat. Even though the doors were closed to our deck, we found our steward and he let us drop our carry ons in our room. I requested ice from him, and after that there was always ice in our room. We went up to the lido deck, lunch and was out by 2:15 to go around San Juan. Word of advice: Get in before 1 or later than 4 for embarktion. When we left to go back out to San Juan, the embarktion line was horrendous and out the door. We came back around 6, and there were practically no lines. Forgetting it was Mother's Day, we found out practically all the stores were closed and we ended up just walking around till we got back on the ship. Ports: St. Thomas-Did a shopping/beach tour with Godfrey, which was nice and relaxing, a pretty good deal for the price we paid. He's a very nice and friendly and accomodating to all his passengers. Dominica-Booked with Beno, but since he was full, he let his friend Joseph do our tour, which was also wonderful. He's also very knowledgable and friendly, as well as a wonderful guide. We saw much of the island, and loved it. We did get to talk to Beno a lot during a few of the stops and he seems to be a very nice guy as well. Barbados-Booked with Silvermoon II Catamaran. LOVED this one! It was my favorite, Barbados was my favorite island, hands down. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, and crystal clear water. It stopped at the turtles and the shipwreck, with lots of drinks and great food. We were the only ones from the ship, most of the others were British, and we had a wonderful time with them. St. Lucia-took a slow and relaxing day at the Rendezvous Resort. Lovely place, nice grounds, and awesome staff. Antigua-Did Eli's Eco Tour, the tour guide, Francis, was wonderful!!! He knew so much about the island and was very friendly, encouraged everyone to do the hiking and the climb to the smaller islands and Hells Gate. Antigua is also a very picturesque place and beautiful. The only thing I didn't like was the constant harrasment of taxi drivers when we got off the boat. We couldn't go 15 feet without asking if we wanted a driver or someone to take us to the beach. We ended up just going into shops to avoid them. Ship: Condition-The ship is in wonderful condition for her age, and the amount of people she accomodates. We had a full ship, since it was Mothers Day week, lots of honeymooners, and a good mix. LOTS of people from the mainland, as well as Canada, England, and Puerto Rico. The food was ok. The only dishes I could rave about was the lamb and the souffle. I wasn't too fond of the melting chocolate cake, and most of the shrimp and the lobster I had was overcooked. Beef and steak dishes were ok. No bad food, just not too outstanding, but this is expected from the masses of people they have to feed every night. Service was WONDERFUL. These people work so hard, to make sure everyone has a good relaxing time! Always clean, always someone cleaning somewhere on the ship. Debarktion: We booked an excursion through Carnival for the Bacardi factory and the city tour since our flight was at 4:30 in the afternoon. This is actually a good deal since they will give you the tour, transport you to the airport after the tour, and they will hold the luggage for you. When we calculated it out how much of a difference it would be we figured it was actually cost a little less and not be a hassle. We went to the Palladium lounge at 8, was out by 8:45, and was on the tour by 9:15. Another note: You cannot book this tour if your flight leaves before 3. A couple got on the bus with a 2:45 flight and was told they could not do it because of time constraints and was switched to just the city tour. Our tour even stopped at a local food joint (as in no tourists at all) before we went to the airport. If you're not adventurous with your palate you won't like it, but I'm a foodie, so I loved it, and my boyfriend did as well. All in all, it was a wonderful cruise, I'd definitely do it again. This is a port intensive cruise, I'm very energetic and active, and even I was tired from all the different excursions. Best thing is to schedule beach/relaxation days and not to overload yourselves. No complaints, there are the usual rude people, but just ignore them and do your own thing, it's bound to be a good time! If you have any questions, just let me know!
  2. I am flying out next week for my cruise :D and I had a question about the carry on limits in airports...for those that are annoyed, I already did a search and was unsure of where to post this. I haven't flown since they had all the liquid restrictions. I wear contact lenses, and for those who wear the disposable types, they are packaged in small plastic containers in a little bit of saline solution. I am leaving from the Atlanta airport, which is pretty tight on security. The contact lens package does not say exactly how much liquid is in the container. Will I need to put this in my checked baggage, or is it ok to put this in my carry on? I would prefer to have it in my carry on. I would really appreciate any help and information!
  3. gatreveler

    Destiny cruisers- how much on excursions?

    There's only 2 of us, here's what we're planning (so far) St. Thomas-Godfrey ($20 pp)=$40 Dominica-Beno ($45 pp)=$90 Barbados-Silvermoon II catamaran ($90 pp)=$180 St. Lucia-Rendezvous Resort (Appox $45 w/ cab)=$90 Antigua-Eli Eco Tour ($90 pp)=$180 Total is $580 w/o any tips. This doesn't include the night tour we have booked in San Juan ($30 pp), as we are also planning on a nice dinner and some drinks while we are there. We're aiming for $750-$800 budget since there are so many ports. Besides, how often are you really down there to do all these things? While you shouldn't go overboard on the $$$, it is a vacation, you're supposed to do things and spend money on things you can't do at home.
  4. gatreveler

    Driving in San Juan?

    My bf and I were considering renting a car in San Juan since we will be there a few days pre-cruise, and the cost would actually be lower than taxis. My question is, how is the driving there? Is it comparable to big city driving (ie, LA/Atlanta) or is it more laid back? Also how hard is it to get around in the area?
  5. gatreveler

    What are the odds?

    First of all, I can't think of anyone who deserves everything more than my parents-hardworking (lol my dad is very reluctant to take days off) and very giving and thoughtful of everyone around them. I started planning a cruise and talked my parents into taking one themselves. (this is their first cruise as well) The Celebration just docked this morning when my parents called me, very very excited about their trip, for the following reasons: 1)they booked an inside guarantee and was upgraded to a window, midship 2)my mom won the diamond/emerald ring that they raffled away for diamonds international 3)my dad won $$ in the casino slots 4)here's the ringer: my dad also won the 5 day cruise from playing bingo. I mean really, they had an amazing time and my dad is already planning to take another week off for another cruise! I'm so excited for them and am so happy that my dad finally was able to relax (he is very go-getter and even other trips in all-inclusives was hard for him to be away from work)! I'm just so happy for them I had to tell someone! He was very doubtful about Carnival's reputation and now he is sold!:rolleyes:
  6. gatreveler

    My PVP laughed at me!

    Tenga, My brother was tech alum...I myself went to UGA (just graduated actually) and I live near little 5 pts in the highlands. I still prefer Athens bars to the ones here...more laid back people and more "southern" men haha. Did you ever go to General's in Athens...the dixieland sweet tea in the mason jars were awesome! Guess I'm a little more mainstream and "commercial" as I still prefer my beer in a frosted mug than a mason jar. Hahaha small world, have fun on your cruise!
  7. gatreveler

    Parasailing in St. Lucia

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get some more information on parasailing. I recently read a review and someone mentioned they had done this on the island and really enjoyed it, and my boyfriend and I are still trying to decide what to do on this island. Anyone have any sort of information they could pass along? I've tried to search threads and google this, but no luck. Thanks!
  8. gatreveler

    How bad is SPRING BREAK on Carnival for 4-nighters?

    Most college spring breaks are within the first 2 weeks of March, so there shouldn't be a big college-age crowd. That's more kindergarten-high school spring break, so it'll be likely that most of them will be with their families.
  9. gatreveler

    Southern Caribbean!

    psbcap we're booked on the same cruise. i've been doing a lot of research on the boards, those two threads are really helpful; we've actually already reserved spots on silvermoon because of the great reviews. :-)
  10. gatreveler

    Summary of Winning Bids on Priceline, Hotwire, etc.

    Caribe Hilton for precruise 5/12/07: Bid $70-ACCEPTED! With fees/taxes $23.39=$93.39 (I'm new at planning trips and a youngling-22-who's always trying to save $$$-so I'm really excited!!!)