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  1. -ClevelandRocks-

    Excursion needed for Stingray City?

    Is this just a beach w/Stingrays or some privately run operation?
  2. -ClevelandRocks-

    Passport procedure

    Thanx much!
  3. -ClevelandRocks-

    Passport procedure

    This is the first cruise we'll be using our passports soooooo, what's the recommended procedure for leaving the ship? Do you take your passport or just your sail + sign and photo ID?
  4. -ClevelandRocks-

    Anytime dining

    We've chosen this option for dinner rather than the early or late seating. I know there isn't a time or table assignment but do they still assign a dining room? THANX
  5. -ClevelandRocks-

    Spa question from experienced cruiser

    I always use the free facilities (exercise, hot tub, steam room, sauna, etc) on all the ships. Just turn in your sail + sign for a locker key + it's returned NC when you return the key. It's also a great place to shave/shower/dress for dinner if you have several folks in one cabin. The view up there from the treadmills/ellipticals is GORGEOUS.
  6. -ClevelandRocks-

    Best Dunns River falls excursion

    Thanx for all the suggestions. Also, are special shoes required to climb the falls + is there any other way down besides sliding. After 3 back surgeries, not sure if a bumpy ride down the hill is a good idea.
  7. -ClevelandRocks-

    Best Dunns River falls excursion

    Any suggestions for a DRF tour operator outside the ship? One that packages another attraction might be nice. THANX
  8. -ClevelandRocks-

    Best Stingray City tour

    Goin in Jan + would like to do SRC this trip. Since GC is pretty tame, would like to book through a private vendor rather than the ship. Any suggestion for a tour operator? One that packages another attraction with SRC might be nice. THANX!
  9. -ClevelandRocks-

    Dining room questions

    Cruised Destiny last Jan + loved it so we're goin back this Jan 30th. Last cruise we found out you could wear dress shorts in the dining room, is that still allowed? Also wore Dockers in dining room on formal nite, is that still OK. This will be our first open seating cruise, anything we should know? Thanx in advance.
  10. -ClevelandRocks-

    Open seating dining

    Thanx much, I've always got them to work in the past but I'm using Firefox now. That must be the culprit!
  11. -ClevelandRocks-

    Open seating dining

  12. -ClevelandRocks-

    Open seating dining

    How's this work? Just booked my next cruise and they gave me a choice between early, late, + open dining. I usually request early, get late, and hate it. This anytime dinner seating ROCKS! Also, having trouble getting the countdown clock in my sig (Liberty 11/28/2009). I cut + pasted it exactly as it appeared under the listed cruises, but no go. Any suggestion?
  13. -ClevelandRocks-

    Steak every night for dinner?

    You just can't go wrong asking the advice of your waiter. Last cruise I ordered snapper but my waiter suggested salmon. He was right, the salmon was better (I know cuz he brought me both). The previous cruise I ordered quail and my waiter snarled. I insisted and HE was right, it was horrible. Fortunately, he brought a seafood platter along and quickly swapped plates. When in doubt, ask those who know and you won't be disappointed.
  14. -ClevelandRocks-

    Steak every night for dinner?

    We just sailed Destiny 1,31,09 and flat iron steak was offered every nite (along with snapper + a chicken dish). All 3 of us tried it on various nites and it was very good. I must say however the Destiny's food was the very best I've had on any cruise.
  15. -ClevelandRocks-

    Also just back from Destiny 1,31,09

    View was excellent, totally unobstructed. If you look at a picture of Destiny, you'll be right above the first life boat port side. Life boat is tucked under the balcony so it doesn't hamper the view. I also prefer the front of the ship for sailing but find myself in the back most of the time.