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  1. With the name "Coney Island" included, I would imagine that the inspiration for that is Coney Island in Brooklyn!!
  2. We had 800 in my graduating class. I wasn't one of the popular kids or one of the jocks...but had my own group of friends. There have been too many deaths....illness, drugs, motorcycle accidents, etc. My best friends were in the year after me, so none will be at the reunion. But for the last 5 years one of my classmates has been running a "Any year reunion" in Florida, he calls it "Points South" since so many of us moved from NY to Florida and then another guy a few years younger is running a "Any year reunion" at the beach in the town we grew up in....so we have been able to re-connect an
  3. "Now Hiring" signs are everywhere here in Florida too. We just got the most amazing "convenience store" with 125 pumps called Buc-ees. They are starting people at $17-19/hour. That's the bottom rung of workers. But even so...most restaurants are short staffed....they have to cut back the days they are open because they don't have enough servers/cooks etc. I don't know what the answer is...but somethings gotta give.
  4. Thanks I plan on it! I hope we don't have to wear masks! 😷
  5. I graduated in 1971 and I'm going to my 50th Reunion next week! Yikes!!! How did this happen? 😳🤔😉
  6. Good question! Was introduced to it when we were in Chile prior to our last cruise...so good!
  7. I didn't think I would like the Dirty Banana but I ordered one on the Coral last year and it was soooo yummy! Probably a million calories! LOL!
  8. Interesting. And maybe I am mis-understanding... Last year, after we got off the Coral princess where we had several passengers die, it did not appear that the CDC investigated. So many of us got off the ship and then tested positive but neither Princess nor the CDC contacted us.
  9. You do realize that you don't have to apply those FCCs until YOU want to? Our TA "froze" them for us so we can apply them where and when we want. Will do it closer to final payment. I'm afraid if we do it too early and the cruise is cancelled we will have to wait months to get them back again!
  10. How about the reverse? We have a 7 day California Coastal Wine cruise booked prior to our 28 day LA>Tahiti cruise and got the Princess Plus for both. Now I'm wondering if we should just go for the regular fare for the 7 day? Wonder if they will they let us "downgrade"?
  11. Finally got the last of my Princess Gift Cards today. Got two about 4 days ago, one two days ago and one today! Coulda saved the postage and sent them all together! 😜
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