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  1. Except maybe sailing? We dislike dispensers, or have, but the idea has grown on me, because compared to all that plastic, so much better. Change is hard but this is one change I am onboard with (pun intended). It will be in every luxury hotel eventually, or maybe refillable bottles out of metal or something else, but plastic is, unsustainable. We've had some nice Elemis products over the years that we had used in the spas, and even purchased, it’s decent enough but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it luxury. Bvlgari is nice, but there are many formulations and can vary in quality. Laboratoire Remede was very nice at a hotel we stayed in recently,I’ve tried Moulton Brown and it’s nice too. We like Acqua Di Parma but our favorite, by far for hotel toiletries is Asprey. Love everything about Asprey products. Plastic straws is a a no brainer. I can’t even believe this is a question onboard or most places. Paper straws are different, when and if you actually need them, but once you’re used to paper, you won’t remember that synthetic plastic straw. I am getting very good at ordering my beverages “no straws please” and don’t bully those with me too hard to do the same. Right Jen? Finally, I work in an industry where water bottles are sooooo prevalent but quickly being dumped. There are alternatives like pouches, boxes, and best of all reusable options (cups, bottle, bags). In the long run, dumping plastic one time use bottle would save the cruise line money. Give one bottle out per cruise, and install filling stations. Lost bottle? No problem, you can buy a new one. There is a lot of space and weight saving too, plus shipping and moving all that water, since the ship makes its own water from already running power plans that’s good savings too in shipping fees. After 3-4 fill ups per passenger per cruise in one year the savings would be there to pay for the dispensers, plus of course that memory from looking at the bottle after taking a bottle home. I received a reusable bottle I loved on a dive trip in Bonaire (aluminum) and another in a hotel on Nantucket (plastic) which looked nice but wasn’t. In 5 years there will be little discussion about all this plastic. In a generation we'll look back and wonder what we’re we thinking? Happy sailing, Jenna
  2. As someone said, there is more to this than one side. My guess is two sites were used because each site would only allow one cabin. Of course I could be wrong. Nevertheless, and knowing full well these boards are monitored (Hi Bonnie), my advice is to not trash a business you are negotiating with. I’ve been an “influencer” here and elsewhere and would never publicly trash an organization I’m wanting something from. After the fact I would certainly share my story publicly and objectively as possible. I don’t have much experience with Azamara but I have my fair share with Celebrity whey gets many of the same complaints as in this thread and have found them always reasonable and accommodating when something wasn’t right. So far Azamara has been similarly accommodating including recent itinerary changes and accommodations they made before Cuba was cancelled. Regards, Jenna
  3. Is Azamara trying to cancel both suites, or one? It sounds to me, like maybe you booked the last / same available cabin, twice? Did you choose two different cabins or was it a guarantee? Happy sailing, Jenna
  4. There is a nice Seabourne Cruise on Odyssey we looked at also, pricing is a bit more if you’re in a regular cabin but if you’re in a suite may be similar or even less that includes lots small Caribbean islands most cruise lines don’t visit AND it’s 21 days! Happy sailing, Jenna
  5. Sent you a txt, and as you now know this is Sirena on Oceania. Of course you can say this here. It’s a cruise critic board, not Azamara. The topic is just primarily Azamara and Bonnie works for Azamara, not Cruise Critic, which is owned by Trip Advisor. If they start censorship of that nature I’m out, lots of other places to discuss cruises but Cruise Critic doesn’t want to lose (more) traffic as traffic is there revenue stream for this site and its already declining. Happy sailing, Jenna
  6. I think you still could. Lots of cabins available at attractive prices I think. Happy sailing, Jenna
  7. I wish there were options to stay in Bermuda longer. Other ships do: Just not in town in Hamilton, there is also St. George. I know the experience onboard will be better, based on our previous experience with Celebrity and these shenanigans, but so far this is disappointing. We're working on options. Happy sailing, Jenna
  8. I spend far too much time in FL and even Miami (no offense, not my thing anymore) to want to stop there. Bermuda overnight would redeem this itinerary as half day stops in Gilbrator and Bermuda is far from the immersive (if a cruise can be) experience we enjoy. We’re likely to cancel. Happy sailing, Jenna
  9. I’m not surprised they’re not supposed to, or that they did it for us. It was a longer cruise in an upper end suite so there was more incentive to bend the rules I guess. Happy sailing, Jenna
  10. Well, we were able to have a friend who is sailing book for us. We received a reduced fair and extra OBC. We're very happy. Happy sailing, Jenna
  11. I tried searching for this, but wasn't sure. I know on Celebrity someone can book a cruise for someone who is not on board. Sometimes it's harder to do than others. Can someone book a cruise for someone else who is NOT on board? Has anyone actually accomplished this? Basically we have close friends who will be on board and would love to get the extra OBC. Happy Sailing, Jenna
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