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  1. No criticism at all. Cruise Critic and pics were giving me fits! I did the best that it allowed. I wish I could go back and fix it 😞 Happy sailing, Jenna
  2. Since everything is now in the cloud, and on my computer, I now can post pictures properly. I hope to be done before you leave 🙂 Happy sailling, Jenna
  3. Hi Honey, I'm home, well, not quite home and now that I've dealt with a few emergencies I had here in FL, I am going to try and get back to this, if some are interested, though clearly a few aren't, but i guess they can just unsubscribe? I have a perspective to share and will try and do that. I head home to Maine and snow tomorrow, very big yuck. I still don't have great internet but it is better than on the ship and I will try and "Chip" away at the next 11 days of cruising, because, well, that's why we're all here, right? Where were we anyway? The day after Gibraltar was a sea day, Thurs
  4. Thanks! i’ve been enjoying our sea days and time with friends so I’m almost 2 weeks behind but I have lots of pics and stories to share, starting tomorrow as I get caught up on work and this log once I have “real” internet. Happy sailing, Jenna
  5. Seeing how there has been no Whispering Angel offered to me, and it’s a Rose as far as I can tell, not a bold full bodied red or oaky white that we drink. Here it is for 28 Canadian. Less than $22 USD at the first place that came up on Vivino. Happy Sailing, Jenna
  6. it’s pretty limited. No discovery menu and what Dee wanted yesterday was chicken soup, ginger and cracker and some sea sickness medication. All easily available with a quick call. None available by TV. Rob gave me an email address but even though I sent an email to the correct address they never received it. Heiki sent me an email so now they are receiving mine. Hopefully this helps. It’s still not easy when you change a dinner reservation 3 times in a day as friend join in or you’d like a latte delivered or maybe would like to see the menu for the evening in discoveries.
  7. I spoke with Heiki and the bird was removed and balcony cleaned. When our furniture was set up that morning, how did they miss it? Why do we need to ask the hotel director or guest relations or a striped officier for this? Our friends on other floors have told me there are people in the hallways. This is from mid-day today and except morning when rooms are being cleaned and evening when turn down is done, this is what our hallway looked like. I “called” down the hallway and nothing. An Officier did cone to our door a bit later as they most of noticed on cameras but I alre
  8. Here is the daily schedule for Malaga. I forgot to post. Here is the daily schedule for today, Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a small island with not so much to do. Jen and Toni had been there multiple times so we knew we could get a cab / tour on walking off the ship. We walked past the first few guides soliciting tours in the terminal and picked one outside the terminal. We negotiated for both a private tour with our guide Lester, so we didn't have to wait and to see the only runway in the world with an active road that crosses through the runway. The cost was 45 Euro per
  9. Thanks! I am having a hard time doing this efficiently. We are in tech, develop our own code and websites but find between the internet speed and Cruise Critic, the interface is unforgiving. I am sorry some pics aren't loading. I can't go back and edit or I would be happy to. Maybe I can get special permission to fix some of the previous posts? As far as wines go, I will try and get a picture of the list. It is the same list, bottles and glasses all over the ship. The nicest chardonnay for Dee is Kendall Jackson. Regularly $12 a bottle at Sam's Club. I'll look at the Cabs for me, bu
  10. Wow. A little defensive? We've been buying bottles and have no problem with that but selection is limited. Wines by the glass for purchase or with the ultimate package max out are about a $12 bottle of wine at home. They’re fine but; bleh. We’d love to try Cunard and will when the schedule and itinerary match up. We just expected more and are happy to pay for it. Our feeling is they don’t have room onboard for a lot of wine when they’re pouring 120 bottles of the daily. I’m simply sharing our experience. To each their own. Happy sailing, Jenna
  11. I am definitely behind. We are 5 days into the cruise but given that I try and post pictures and the speed of the internet to get them posted, it has been a real challenge. I was able to get some photos transferred and prepped to upload while at stop for lunch yesterday in Funchal. I am going to try and get caught up over the next sea day or two but I still have some pics from Funchal stuck on my phone. Our first full day of the cruise was a much-needed sea day. We had coffee delivered in the morning. D prefers decaf latte and I drink full test cappuccino. We had both delivered
  12. Thanks for the tip! I think I saw some on a lounge chair somewhere. Happy sailing, Jenna IMG_4467.MP4
  13. We’re obviously very fortunate. So far the cruise is very nice but the cabin while it has plenty of storage is not overly functional. Challenges like lack of 120v outlets by the bed. 1 full length mirror, metal balcony enclosure as oppose to glass, no storage in the bathroom, very deep sofa, lots of plumping into each other with narrow paths around the bed, make our preference remain deck 6 aft on M-Class Celebrity ships. See you tonight 🙂 Happy sailing, Jenna
  14. FINALLY! We're to boarding and the ACTUAL Cruise! Some posting on our roll call questioned where we were supposed to check in. Since I am a boater, I had already looked at where Journey was with a marine tracking app. After my fiasco I wrote about above, we were in our cab and on the way. We got a very nice, new cab. We asked our cabby to confirm where to go and were brought right to the correct terminal (E) to board. There was barely anyone there, so we dumped our considerable luggage and carried our wine in (the wouldn’t check it). Darlene being the trouper that she is car
  15. This board is giving me FITS trying to post this well, even when I edit it down and remove the pics, they come back. I am in technology for a living and this is ridiculous! All of the amazing pictures from above, should have the following captions. The little triangle is yummy goodness eaten in one bit. Otherwise you'll have a runny mess on your fingers. It tastes like a cross between chocolate, fois and hazelnuts and the dish is finished off with the mango. Both bites are needed for the flavor. The next dish may look and taste like cheese but it basically air.
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