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  1. I forgot to update my post after I did this last year. It was such a cool experience! To begin with, I don't know if any other cruise lines offer price match except CCL. I usually sail on NCL and RCCL, and I never saw that. CCL will do a price match as long as the excursion from a third party is the same as what CCL offers, which I believe there may be several tour companies that offers it. I played it safe, I believe, and went with the recommendation that was posted. The excursion with CCL was exceptional. To begin with, we went with our 9 and 8 year old sons. They weren't good swimmers, but we figured they have the vest and helmet on, and they should be ok. They were a bit scared throughout the whole process, but THEY LOVED IT SO MUCH! We did keep a very close eye on them at all times and the tour guide helped us as well as they were the only kids in our group. Once you get off the ship, there are signs everywhere to show you the meeting place. You are then on an air-conditioned bus (we were there in June). The guide tells you everything you need to prepare. Once you get there, they give you a locker to put your bags in (I forgot if we had to pay... everyone was running around like a maniac trying to get their stuff in the locker, put on the vest, get helmet, etc). Try not to bring too much stuff in the bag because the locker is small, and you can't bring them on the excursion anyway. I recommend just sunscreen, bottle of water (they do give you one for the trip), and a towel (you can share with the family because by the time you are back on the bus, you are pretty much dry). Do bring credit card and keep it on you if you want, otherwise I think it's pretty safe in the locker. You may want to buy the pictures when you are back. Don't forget to bring your Go Pro if you have one. You just have to be careful but we took some really awesome videos and pictures! Once you are suited up, you start the tour. You will be carrying a bottle of water that they give you, and you will really appreciate that you brought that. We actually brought another 2 bottles for ourselves and we needed it. It was really hot and tiring going up the mountain. You will have to finish all of the water before you start the descent (when you start jumping off the cliffs). The first one is the tallest and probably the scariest one. It's probably more than 30 feet tall? They show you this little spot to jump into, and next thing you know, you are in the deep cool water. It feels really good once you get over that initial shock. After that, you go through various natural water slides and falls that you've seen people posted. Take the time to take pictures if you can, but please do not hold up the line. There are a lot of people on these tours. One thing to keep in mind, please listen to the tour guide on how to position yourself when you go down these slides. My son got scared and swung his arms out... and got a big cut on his arm. Didn't look pretty, but there was first aid station really close by, so he was well taken care of quickly. We tipped the bus driver and the tour guides. It's up to you how much you want to tip. I think we gave more to the tour guides than usual because they were helping us with the kids. We also bought the video with the pictures they took along the way. We felt it was a bit of waste of money when we actually viewed it at home... there were almost no video and pictures of our family. I think it cost us $40 or so to purchase it. We got such better quality from our Go Pro. Hope this helps everyone!
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