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  1. I booked a Central Park Balcony room (Allure 2019) and received a bottle of wine and lunch for two at Giovanni's Table (or I could have chosen Sabor Mexican). I don't believe this perk is offered anymore.
  2. July 2017 - Explorer of the Seas - Alaska My favorite type of ship - has the Royal Promenade deck Great Cruise Director (Activity) staff - Silvia Pristavkova 👍 My favorite destination - Alaska (3rd time via cruise). Perfect 50 degree weather instead of July heat in California. Awesome Fourth of July party on the cruise.
  3. Isn’t the quality really good for an activity prize? Hopefully when cruising resumes, they have some room in the budget for these small items that get overlooked, but appreciated by guests.
  4. One of my favorite cruise souvenirs is this medal I received from playing cornhole (but I got 3rd place 😂). Not your usual cheap "prize" like a highlighter, keychain, hat, etc. Seeing it reminds me of my favorite cruise - 2017 Fourth of July Alaskan Cruise on Explorer of the Seas - and my favorite Cruise Director activity staff member Silvia Pristavkova (who moderated the cornhole game).
  5. I love the Quest! and this thread is not about it 😔
  6. My favorite 4th of July-related song:
  7. Oddly enough, I booked with a travel agent, but one day, after waiting too long for the refund, I decided to call Royal directly instead. I expected to get shut down because I purchased through a travel agent. However, that day must have been the perfect day because the wait time was only 8 minutes (this was in May), and the Royal rep was kind of enough to look into the account. It was the usual spiel of "it's processing" and "continue to wait", which was the answer I expected. Anyways, the full refund came a month later as promised within the refund deadline. So never say "never" about speaking with a Royal rep if you went through a travel agent. It could happen (as I see others have had that luck as well).
  8. Express button down shirt, skinny tie (with a tie bar), business casual pants, ratchet style belt, and oxford shoes. I use to bring a suit, but over time, didn't feel like packing it for vacations.
  9. Finally received 100% refund for May 10 - Allure - Mediterranean cruise Initiated March 24 Completed June 6 Called in early May for status update and was informed there was an "error", whatever that means
  10. I agree, Dazzles is a terrible venue with a very poor layout.
  11. I'm sure it's already mentioned in this thread, but Royal Caribbean doesn't really care if it's real or not. If it's real, great. If it's not real, you (or your family) won't win any lawsuit against the cruise line for a virus-related incident. After all, the doctor's signature was forged indicating the status of your health.
  12. I only recently became interested in karaoke the past couple years, as my coworkers got me hooked. So my experience with karaoke is limited. I'm in no way "good" and definitely not worthy of judging others. However, I've always thought, you don't have to be good, you just have to be entertaining. Because if I was good, I'd have a singing career haha I participated in karaoke during my Allure cruise last June. And I agree, the songbook was very limited. I'm best at 90s pop and R&B, and that selection was very limited. The Karaoke Spotlight room on Allure was quite small for its popularity. The room was packed for 5 of the 7 nights (the first and last nights were not packed). However, I am interested to see the Royal Amp refurb as that venue is going to be updated with two private karaoke rooms. I wonder if you have to pay to book those rooms. Probably. There was no karaoke competition on my Allure cruise, but I have seen it on other cruises.
  13. When I had the beef tenderloin on Allure last June, it was the best entree I've EVER had on any cruise. I'm going on Allure again this May, and I hope beef tenderloin is on the menu again! The only dish I didn't like was the minestrone soup. It was a stew consistency, rather than "soupy". That was really the only item I was truly disappointed with. My judgment is based on my past experience with similar items. For example, I've had minestrone many times in my lifetime, and the Allure minestrone was a failure. There may have been other items I didn't like the taste of, but that's not saying the quality was bad, but more of my personal taste.
  14. I was in Nassau with Allure in June, when there were six ships at port. Allure was delayed getting people off the ship and I estimate about 20K+ people around the port. It was crazy.
  15. My first cruise was in 1996 at age 12. I've had a love for cruises ever since. My life goal is 50 cruises. I have 13/50 completed so far.
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