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  1. Did you go to buffet? Love the photos
  2. Thanks for the photo. I am also booked for April transatlantic. Side note to all you Canadians, my ancestors arrived 1750 and 1752 Lunenburg. Spent my summers as a young girl on family farm in Blockhouse (Northwest) My Dad and other relatives are buried there and Mahone Bay. Did a Regal Princess cruise in 2018 with drive by cemetary on way to Lunenburg.
  3. Thanks Captain for being "ageist" I will be reading your review before booking next Spring.
  4. Thank you for the correct information. Glad to know what I need to do.
  5. Hi Em, yes I know but MSC hasn't changed my booking. Can I just walk off with luggage?
  6. Hi cruising on MSC Meraviglia April 2020. This is TA and I booked solo cabin Miami to Kiel. Called MSC today and asked if I could leave ship in LeHavre. Answer I received was they would put a request in. What does that mean? When will I know if I can book hotels and airfare for different dates in Paris? I dont care if they reimburse port fees if that is the case.
  7. skings

    Why do cheap?

    Tapi loved your review of Meraviglia. Do you have photos to share?
  8. Okay I will be sailing Meraviglia transatlantic next April. Have "easy drink" pkg. Fruit juice and vodka are going to be separate. How would I order to mix my own "Bloody Mary" Glass of ice/ Shot vodka/ tomato juice. I would like tobasco and lime. Is it allowed to do this. Just asking LOL.
  9. Booked directly with MSC for MSC Merviglia April 12, 2020 sailing. Payment due 12/24/2019- 110 days out for cruise over 15 days. Merry Christmas
  10. Hey mom2tcdx2 we are member of the "insiders club" LOL
  11. Okay have looked at affordable hotels in the Paris Metro area until I'm dizzy. Believe my decision to book hotel at CDG will be right for me. The 3 places that I wish to visit are a train ride away. Hotels are modern and have elevators. Probably will make deposit with Holiday Inn. I know not much charm, but at age 76 modern is okay LOL!
  12. Thank you Captain, for this in depth review. Enjoyed the food pictures, yummy. Commentary was excellent. I will be sailing solo cabin Transatlantic next April. Will have to suffer the crowds and main dining room because cant afford Yacht Club, but hey get to cruise for 21 days LOL! Looking forward to reading the October Transatlantic reviews that will be coming up. Hoping someone from the lower decks LOL! posts a favorable report.
  13. 20 days on cruise requires different outfits Right? LOL! I use a mobility walker and am traveling solo. A friend suggested shipping suitcase home from Germany before travelling to Paris and London. Luggage services online are pricey ($200) Both UPS and FedEx ship from Germany. Has anyone used this service?
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