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  1. What will the cruise lines do with all the ships in Florida? How many can port at one time? Oh Wow! The poor cruise workers will probably need to stay on the ships. Must be dozens of ships that leave from Florida ports. Dont think 5000 passenger ships can dock just anywhere LOL!
  2. I called 8:15 this AM. Cancelled my TA on Meraviglia. Booked Seaside for November 2020 and Grandiosa for May 2021. Will received credit that will be applied to new cruises in approx 14 days. Did pay the required booking fee of $99.00 and $199 respectively because I wanted both of these dates and the cabin selected beforehand. My understanding is the cruise credit will be applied to the first one than any balance to the second. Also my insurance will be transferred.
  3. Okay I read this to mean, as long as you were healthy, (able to travel) (who decides that?)when policy purchased, you would be reimbursed if temperature was recorded over 100 at boarding
  4. Hi JB I am disembarking in LeHavre, need to travel to CDG. I will take train to St Lazare, but here it becomes complicated Am traveling alone with walker and suitcase, should I take taxi to CDG? Budget wise would a taxi take me short distance to RER B station Magenta? Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Loved all pictures especially "chocolate shop" thanks for including menus with prices. I will be on the TA to Kiel in April, starting diet now so can fuel up with goodies.
  6. I'm booked on MSC Meraviglia 20 day TA departing Miami 4/12. Have been planning for almost a year. I'm 76 with slight asthma, big decision to go or cancel. Meeting with doctor March 9th will see what she has to say at that time. Another 2 weeks maybe outlook will be better for travel. (hopeful but realistic)
  7. I am staying in hotel at CDG will take first shuttle of the day to Orly. Will check weather 2 days before if its bad will reserve a taxi in lieu of bus. Thank for the heads up
  8. A review made by a gentlemen that sailed on MSC Merviglia has said that they are comfortable and are not quite a sofa bed that we are familiar with. He tried to open it and could not, needed the room steward to do it because of the design . I am booked on MSC Meraviglia in a solo cabin for 20 nights. I will post my experience.
  9. MSC new ships have SOLO cabins
  10. Hello I have a noonish flight with Tap from Orly on 5/5. Is taking the train much better at 6AM-7AM or should I plan on Bus from CDG. Will be travelling solo with luggage and walker. Was told private car or taxi would be $75 or more😣
  11. Fiona, thank you very much. The information is just what I was asking for. Thanks again. 😁
  12. Hi sorry for confusion, I first upgraded and paid extra ? to "classic" from "economy" than paid $25 extra to be seated near the front of the aircraft. I was very pleased with the price.
  13. I paid $25 for seat 14A ( Extra leg room) on the TA portion in addition to "Classic" rate which includes baggage. Total for both flights $335.21 which I booked as Orly to Miami. Norwegian was $317 on the day i booked Tap. Tap flight#0443 and #0225 - 5/5/2020
  14. Yes I am aware of 3 hour layover in Lisbon. Dont mind getting a meal and restroom stop before 9 + flight. Norwegian was non-stop CDG to FLL but it was cheaper to upgrade for more comfort on Tap.
  15. I have been searching for cheap one-way from France back home to Florida. Was looking at Norwegian and Tap Portugal. Tap Portugal was the winner. Flies from Orly to Miami, not familiar with this airport.😓 Liked the 2-4-2 set-up. Because of my age and handicap could not sit Exit row. Chose window 14A for additional $25 and 3" leg room. Have not flown the A330-900 reviews say seats are not comfortable. am well padded hope I fit 😁 Any hints on travelling this route?
  16. Loved your photos. Pics I have not seen before of dining rooms and bars. Thanks for posting
  17. My documents were emailed to me immediately after full payment. Cruise date is 4/12/2020. MSC gave me the option to print now! I too thought would need to wait for the 20 day window.☺️
  18. Thanks Hank, the reasoning behind my staying near CDG is due to handling luggage plus a walker. I will be arriving at CDG and only staying 3 nights before flying out. Seems to make sense not carting my belongings through Paris metro. I do know "stuff" can happen anywhere, but with my age and traveling solo want to try and avoid issues where I can. I just might keep the Paris itinerary and hope for the best. Have a few weeks before decision time.
  19. Hi Lutece. I am 76 mobility using a walker, traveling solo. Debarking Kiel Germany on May 2, 2020. Plan to firm up my itinerary by booking hotels and plane requirements in January. Wanted to spend 4 days Holiday Inn CDG. Staying in this location seemed to make sense to me because of my mobility. Taking the metro into Paris and Disney seemed like a good plan. If the strikes continue until Spring would buses be an option from this location. Working with a limited budget need to purchase airfare back home to Florida no later than the beginning of February. Any tips would be appreciated. Sho
  20. Called MSC yesterday and told them I wish to pay for my cruise but wanted an answer for the match status. Transferred me and I received my 5% immediately. Since I already had a Voyagers number they did not assign me a new one, just upgraded my file to show "silver"
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