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  1. Thanks Hank, the reasoning behind my staying near CDG is due to handling luggage plus a walker. I will be arriving at CDG and only staying 3 nights before flying out. Seems to make sense not carting my belongings through Paris metro. I do know "stuff" can happen anywhere, but with my age and traveling solo want to try and avoid issues where I can. I just might keep the Paris itinerary and hope for the best. Have a few weeks before decision time.
  2. Hi Lutece. I am 76 mobility using a walker, traveling solo. Debarking Kiel Germany on May 2, 2020. Plan to firm up my itinerary by booking hotels and plane requirements in January. Wanted to spend 4 days Holiday Inn CDG. Staying in this location seemed to make sense to me because of my mobility. Taking the metro into Paris and Disney seemed like a good plan. If the strikes continue until Spring would buses be an option from this location. Working with a limited budget need to purchase airfare back home to Florida no later than the beginning of February. Any tips would be appreciated. Sho
  3. Called MSC yesterday and told them I wish to pay for my cruise but wanted an answer for the match status. Transferred me and I received my 5% immediately. Since I already had a Voyagers number they did not assign me a new one, just upgraded my file to show "silver"
  4. I have Samsung 8+ maybe I will upgrade before my TA on Mervaviglia next April. Would save room not packing DSLR Your review with photos is entertaining and informative. Thanks for posting 😀
  5. Looking forward to your review of Meraviglia. Spot on review of Miami. I live on the Gulf Coast side of Florida and our Beach prices are high from December to April. This is when most retailers and resorts make their money.
  6. Aero Awesome! Love it! Loved seeing your snow😁 Keep it coming
  7. It is wonderful and appreciated that MSC is offering a status match program. Wish other cruise lines would match.🙂
  8. Hi all😉, just contacted MSC because payment is due this month for my TA. Seems😚 MSC is running behind with approvals and status matching, was told that thats true about 2 months behind according to the very nice young man. I was assured that my 5% would be given as on board credit if payment date has passed. 😂 Any comments?
  9. I used my cane at Disney last week. As long as I used it in the cane position no problem. I did open it for one of the parades and was asked to please not use it as a seat. Seats are not allowed. I will not bring it to Europe, will stick with my walker.
  10. skings

    HAM to CGD

    Thanks Zach. plan to stay 4 nights in Paris than hoping over to London on Eurostar. After 3 nights in London, Norwegian Air to Tampa (hopefully LOL)
  11. skings

    HAM to CGD

    Thanks I intend to do that! My worry is booking air in January than ship arrives late. So I am going to book a flight late in the afternoon to relieve the stress factor.
  12. My thoughts too on being "Silver" but after TA cruise in April, I may decide to stick with MSC
  13. skings

    HAM to CGD

    Thanks both Wow and hall. I did mean Hamburg for 2 hour. Okay hope ship arrives on time and my connections are good. I dont want stress LOL!
  14. Hi "family" I am also "gold" on Carnival 39 points. I sent my paperwork in October and have not heard from MSC. How long did it take for your approval? Sent picture of Carnival page with name and id# with list of cruises.
  15. skings

    HAM to CGD

    Hello off MSC Meraviglia in Kiel May 2, 2020. I am elderly traveling solo and use a mobility walker. Plan a flight on Air France Hamburg to CDG. Would I be able to book a 2:00 flight? Do I really need to be at CDG 2 hours before flight? If I am off ship at 9AM take train directly to Hamburg airport, am I taking a risk? Thanks for any info.
  16. Hi Select, I did read October financials that Norwegian seems to be sound for 2020. I am waiting until January to purchase, dont know if I would be comfortable holding off until February for a May 10? flight. However, Norwegian is back on my list because of price and convenience. Yes, TPA (Tampa) and MCO (Orlando) are closest to me other than my home airport RSW (Fort Myers)
  17. Maybe we will need to find laundromat in Ponta Delgada LOL😅 The clothesline in my shower will be filled with my giant undies. I am on the Meraviglia sailing with copper
  18. Thanks for the feedback. I will stick with the rollator and not bring the cane. Sister though the cane would be better for easier access to tour buses and standing in lines.
  19. Thanks again for the excellent info. Dont have enough points with Delta, used them over the summer. From the feedback received, better to purchase with Delta / Air France from CDG to MIA and book return to CDG about 70 days out.
  20. Hi, I use and travel with a rollator . My sister has suggested that I also bring my cane-chair on MSC Meraviglia TA to use in some ports. Have any of you ever used this type of cane? Would I be allowed to open it and sit? Tried it at Disney and not allowed to sit. Would it be considered a regular cane on airlines? Thanks for any info😊
  21. I have posted a similar question before so please dont rat me out.🙄 Need to purchase airfare from either Paris or London back to Florida. The dates are probably May 10-12. I am on MSC Meraviglia TA and will be making final plans in January. Question If I buy Norwegian Air flights is there still a chance of failure 4 months out? Believe they received money to last until Spring. Is May still Spring? Would really like to fly🧓 Virgin or Delta and not use return to Europe portion, but I use Delta USA to visit family and dont want a mark against me.😆
  22. Thanks Mettins I will check to see if I kept any Sign and Sail cards. Its been a few years since my last Carnival sailing.
  23. Have a question on status matching. I have spread my cruising around different lines but I am "Gold" ( 38 points) on Carnival. When filling out application for MSC it states photo of card with status is required. Dont believe I ever received a card from Carnival. I took photo of sign in to with my member# VIFP page showing points and status and sent that. Do you think it will be enough?
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