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  1. I've done both. Freedom was my first RC ship after reaching platinum with Carnival on quite a few of her ships, including Glory. Freedom opened my eyes to the huge difference between the two brands. It is so different, in a good way, that we regretted not trying RC long ago. I would ALWAYS advise to go with RC over Carnival. We are booked for Celebrity Summit in February. We are beside ourselves with anticipation of what that brand is going to be like.
  2. 2285 on Magic was intolerable. The smell was so so so bad. I spent most of the trip looking at the ocean thru the window. I couldn't bear to sit on the balcony because of the poop-deck smell.
  3. So is boarding underway for today’s sailing? All is well, I hope.
  4. No answer for you on the timing of your plans except to say if your ship sails at 5, you HAVE to be back by 4. That's the cutoff.
  5. There are several youtube videos of the 1As. I have the Oasis 7730 booked for next month (if it's fixed in time). I'll do a review upon my return. It looks to be a very big room and a different layout than the picture posted above. Just google oasis 7730 and you'll get a hit on the videos.
  6. Okay. That wasn't a very nice response. If you have said it a million times, it's the first time I've paid attention to see it. Please do not presume the casual reader here knows anything about your previous discourse on the subject.
  7. It still needs to make it across the pond and I doubt they would do it empty.
  8. We are sailing in the "1A," last balcony cabin on the starboard side on deck 7. So the damaged balcony is the area right next to us, I think. Just looking at the pictures and going hmmm. Sailing on the 5/26 trip out of Barcelona.
  9. Yes, except the Fascination is about 100 years old. I did the Freedom of the seas for just a small bit more than what Carnival is charging for Fascination. And it's night and day better!
  10. I agree. I've been on 2 Royal ships and quite a few Carnival. Carnival's food is so much better!
  11. Off topic but if you're on Costa Deliziosa, plan to go somewhere to eat. We almost starved on that ship. The worst food we've ever had in all of our cruises. Just be prepared.
  12. 7,000 points? Does that equate to spending $7,000 in the casino?
  13. We had just a bit of movement last night. Over the course of the night, things settled down. It’s a gorgeous day in Nassau! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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