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  1. Next year we will be taking the Mediterranean cruise going from Barcelona to Venice. A few months ago I found a link to a wonderful review of excursions (by Viking and private guides). I am having trouble locating this review again. I have used the search engine looking for Viking Mediterranean Excursions and of course I get thousands of pages involving other cruise lines. I'm hoping the writer of the review, or someone who is familiar with it, sees this post and is able to appropriately direct me. Thanks so much.
  2. We have ended up with a room on deck 5 across from the laundry door. Previously we have stayed on deck 4 and the door is located at a different end of the laundry than that on deck 5. Has anyone stayed in a room directly across from the laundry door, and if so, were you bothered by any noise such as the door opening and closing or anyone congregating outside the door? Thanking you in advance.
  3. mhb1757's advice is perfect. We did the trip from Bergen after our cruise last year. We had fairly empty trains, bus and ferry. We understand the people who took the excursion were packed fully into every means of transportation. The people we met on the ship said they needed to rush from one to next just to make sure they had a seat. They were particularly upset with the lack of assistance for a friend that had mobility issues. Do the trip coming from Oslo and choose sometime else to do while in Flam. It is an absolutely beautiful area.
  4. The cruise looks to be the one K9Pal took (Med Odyssey) and during just about the same time. Sounds like it will be just fine. What kind of excursions did you take? The cruise heads in the Barcelona to Venice direction. We've been to Barcelona and the cities in Italy and know what we would like to do in those cities. However, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Corfu, and the two cities in Croatia are new to us. If you enjoyed any particular excursions either from Viking or privately we would be most interested. Thanks.
  5. I realize the only thing you can count on about the weather, is that you can't really count on it. However, I feel a little better about the possibilities of traveling in late March. Thanks all. Any recommendations on excursions in port? We usually try to schedule things privately but open to options.
  6. We are looking at taking the Mediterranean cruise during the "Quiet Season" of late March or April next year. Wondering who has taken this trip in the past and if they could recommend any of the paid excursions. Also, I'm guessing the label of "Quiet Season" really refers to less tourists during that time. However, I am curious what the seas are like during that time. Rough, calm, some combination?????
  7. We will be taking this cruise at the end of June. A few of the days we will do on our own. Does anyone know if shuttle buses are provided at the Edinburgh port and the Tromso port or if we will need to take public transportation of some kind? Thank you in advance.
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