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  1. I cancelled some excursions about 4 days ago and I see the refund pending on my card this evening.
  2. We are scheduled on the Mediterranean Odyssey on 3/20. The final port is Venice with us flying out of Milan. After yesterday's announcement on raising the threat level on this part of the world, I would be surprised if Viking doesn't come out with something soon about this cruise. American Airlines already has initiated no change fees if flying to or from practically all of the Italian international airports. This includes other cities on our itinerary; Rome, Naples, Florence (in addition to Venice and Milan). I am anxious about this trip, particularly since we were to fly to Barcelona a few days of ahead of the departure date. I do hope they make a decision soon as this is no longer something I am looking forward to. If they significantly change the trip, I would prefer taking a Viking credit and booking a cruise in the future.
  3. Look at the topic that I started about changes in procedures. You will see that Viking appears to be instituting quite a few precautions.
  4. Wondering if there are any new advisories coming from Viking. We are on Viking Sky for the Mediterranean Odyssey leaving Barcelona for Venice in a few weeks. Today, Italy is limiting activities in the Venice area (where we disembark) as well as the Milan area (where we are going and then will fly out of). So far there is nothing posted on My Viking Journey or through email as to itinerary changes. Of course this is very recent information but would love to hear if anyone going to this area has heard of any changes or cancellations.
  5. As passengers, we have always been cautious. I personally use precautions not only during vacation but also day to day as I work as a school psychologist. However, during our last cruise, our room attendant worked several days coughing and sneezing (as well as many of the staff members who were serving drinks). I will usually not order anything from someone who is ill and we will now be wiping down our room each day after it has been serviced (not only at the beginning of the cruise). It is not only passengers that pass around germs. Glad to see they are being more vigilant with the passengers washing their hands and I thank you all for the information. I'm hoping there are also provisions in place to relieve sick workers when they need it.
  6. We are boarding a cruise in the Mediterranean in March and are curious regarding what cleaning/health care procedures are currently in place on board to prevent the spread of flu, colds and the corona-virus. We realize that right now the corona-virus is primarily limited to China but there is no telling what the spread will look like in the future. Can someone who is either currently on board or just recently returned let me know if they notice greater precautions taking place or are things being left up to the passengers? We have been on two previous cruises and saw very little encouragement by staff for passengers to wash hands or use the provided "purell". It was available to use but it was up to each passenger to use or not. Also, sick (looked like colds with coughs) crew members continued to clean cabins and serve drinks. Current information would be greatly appreciated, particularly if you have cruised with Viking in the past and can judge if they have instituted additional procedures or not. Thank you.
  7. I wonder what Viking is doing to ensure the staff is well. When we boarded our last cruise (last year), most of the crew was hacking and coughing. Many were walking around with what I call "fever eyes". Within the week most every passenger on the ship was in the same condition. Hopefully, something has been developed to keep passengers well.
  8. I received an email late last night regarding this. (We are taking a Mediterranean cruise in March.) It included the part about the questionnaire. I am happy to see they are taking some sort of action but I must admit I still have concerns regarding my upcoming trip.
  9. I also found this strange when I tried it. However, when purchasing excursions I didn't have a problem using MasterCard. Sure hope they change this before I go. If it is not fixed on your account, you might be able to use it at the actual checkin for boarding.
  10. Thanks Peregrina. The drop off place still makes sense since tellus said the meet up place was Santa Croce and from there you walk back to the bus.
  11. Your information is helpful as we are in port 8 to 8 so the times you list make sense. I will also email tellus for this just to be sure. Thanks.
  12. We will be doing the Mediterrenean Odyssey cruise in March. We would like to take Viking transportation for the Florence On Your Own option. If anyone has taken this excursion, I would really appreciate answers to the following questions: When are you picked up from the ship to leave for Florence? How long does it take to get to Florence? Where do they drop you and pick you up in Florence? How long do you generally have in Florence? Thanking in advance.
  13. Next year we will be taking the Mediterranean cruise going from Barcelona to Venice. A few months ago I found a link to a wonderful review of excursions (by Viking and private guides). I am having trouble locating this review again. I have used the search engine looking for Viking Mediterranean Excursions and of course I get thousands of pages involving other cruise lines. I'm hoping the writer of the review, or someone who is familiar with it, sees this post and is able to appropriately direct me. Thanks so much.
  14. We have ended up with a room on deck 5 across from the laundry door. Previously we have stayed on deck 4 and the door is located at a different end of the laundry than that on deck 5. Has anyone stayed in a room directly across from the laundry door, and if so, were you bothered by any noise such as the door opening and closing or anyone congregating outside the door? Thanking you in advance.
  15. mhb1757's advice is perfect. We did the trip from Bergen after our cruise last year. We had fairly empty trains, bus and ferry. We understand the people who took the excursion were packed fully into every means of transportation. The people we met on the ship said they needed to rush from one to next just to make sure they had a seat. They were particularly upset with the lack of assistance for a friend that had mobility issues. Do the trip coming from Oslo and choose sometime else to do while in Flam. It is an absolutely beautiful area.
  16. The cruise looks to be the one K9Pal took (Med Odyssey) and during just about the same time. Sounds like it will be just fine. What kind of excursions did you take? The cruise heads in the Barcelona to Venice direction. We've been to Barcelona and the cities in Italy and know what we would like to do in those cities. However, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Corfu, and the two cities in Croatia are new to us. If you enjoyed any particular excursions either from Viking or privately we would be most interested. Thanks.
  17. I realize the only thing you can count on about the weather, is that you can't really count on it. However, I feel a little better about the possibilities of traveling in late March. Thanks all. Any recommendations on excursions in port? We usually try to schedule things privately but open to options.
  18. We are looking at taking the Mediterranean cruise during the "Quiet Season" of late March or April next year. Wondering who has taken this trip in the past and if they could recommend any of the paid excursions. Also, I'm guessing the label of "Quiet Season" really refers to less tourists during that time. However, I am curious what the seas are like during that time. Rough, calm, some combination?????
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